Brain Unsolved Mysteries - Brain Research | 10 Breathtaking Secrets

Brain Unsolved Mysteries - Brain Research | 10 Breathtaking Secrets

Human Brain Unsolved Mysteries:

When it comes to the human brain, we may know what foods promote mental and how it plays a complex role in our overall human brain health. However, there are some of the best secrets of gray and white material with 3 pounds of quality between our ears, which makes the nerve scientist at a loss. The last of the 10th unresolved human brains in the last time of All-time 10s really reminds us of billions and billions of neurons.

Why do we get DéjàVu?

DéjàVu Most of us, at one point or another, got the feeling that we had gone through for some time. This strange feeling is still cognitive neuroscience cannot explain. Scientists are hard to learn because of the momentary and unpredictable nature of feeling.

9. Why do brain cells die from Alzheimer's disease?

Scientists suspect that a protein called "tau" - accumulates in nerve cells - is responsible for the death of these patients' brain cells. It does not know exactly how tau can attack the traumatic brain injury.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is caused by sudden brain injury. At the root of the trauma, TBI can open or close the head injury.

8. Why does music trigger emotions?

When we listen to a song, we tend to associate it with some kind of emotion, occasionally moving our body according to the beat. Scientists know that music is not good for survival, but it still tries to trigger human emotions and physical reactions. The theory includes music that imitates human speech or physical movement.

7. What is awareness?

Consciousness is the ability of our brains to handle information, so we can experience the world around us. However, this does not explain why our experience is subjective.

6. How does the brain's expertise integrate with each other?

We know that certain parts of the human brain have specific focus areas. Do not know how the brain binds these elements to provide us with a single view of the world.

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5. why do we dream?

Scientists have a theoretical dream that will enable us to solve the problems we face on this day. Others suggest that dreaming will help make our minds psychologically.

4. How does our brain understand the time?

Although the sound spread faster than we are dealing with the speed of vision, our brains are still able to synchronize both. Once the scientists understand how we do this, it can help us solve the disease, such as reading obstacles.

3. What is intelligence?

It is still a mystery how the human brain's neurons can solve the problem. The storage and manipulation of knowledge are a mystery, including why some people are smarter than others.

2. How do we simulate the future when we plan?

We used to study the human brain's technology focused on now. We can not understand how we can reflect on the future of the event.

1. How do we store and recall memories?

Every time we learn a new fact, the human brain undergoes a physical change. However, there is no explanation of how we can recall the information at will.

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