iPhone X Full Features | A Leap Forward for Apple | Centramic

iPhone X Full Features | A Leap Forward for Apple | Centramic

iPhone X

Apple vision has always been to create a full screen for the iPhone. Now iPhone X is here. An immersive device itself disappears inexperience. And so smart, it can respond to a faucet, your voice, and even at a glance. Using the iPhone X, this vision is now a reality. Say hello to the future.

Design and display

All is the screen

Super retina display

Using the iPhone X, the device is a monitor. The new 5.8-inch super-retina screen is full of hands, so that eyes dazzling.

Innovative Technology

The display uses new technology and technology to precisely follow the design curve, until the elegant fillet.

OLED designed for iPhone X

The first iPhone screen that meets the iPhone standard, with accurate, stunning colors, true black, high brightness and 1 million to 1 contrast.

TrueDepth camera

A tiny space accommodates some of the most advanced technologies we have developed, including the Face ID-enabled camera and sensor.

New design

Familiar gestures make navigation natural and intuitive. Instead of pressing the button, a single slide can take home from anywhere.

Intuitive gestures

Familiar gestures make navigation natural and intuitive. Instead of pressing the button, a single slide can take home from anywhere.


Design and display

How do you create a deep intelligent device whose chassis and display are single uninterrupted elements? That's what we first designed for the iPhone. Using the iPhone X smartphone, we've already implemented it.

The purest expression of the iPhone.

In order to create a continuous surface, there is nothing to hinder your experience, we use the new and familiar way to replace the Home button to navigate.

Intuitive gestures make it easy.


A slide from the bottom will take you home.

So much technology. In such a small space.
The TrueDepth camera system allows you to take amazing pictures and enable Face ID. It is located at the top of the display a small space, and this miniaturization module is some of the most advanced technology we have developed.

Introduce Super Retina Beauty through Engineering.

Ultra-retinal high-definition display OLED panel is not just any OLED. It is customizable according to our strict standards, allowing HDR to display contrast, high resolution, and brightness with a range of 1,000,000 to 1, extensive color support and industry-best color accuracy.
5.8 "
Super Retina HD Display 1
2436 × 1125
Per inch of pixels.


Brilliant to the edge.

Using innovative folding and circuit stacking technology, OLED panels follow the curve of the device to the farthest corner. Then it uses a process known as subpixel antialiasing to adjust the pixels to obtain a smooth, distortionless edge.

The best color accuracy in the industry.

Super Retina HD display of advanced color management system is the best in the industry. This means that your content uses any color mode - P3, sRGB - iPhone X will be automatically displayed in that format. So the color you see is the color of the director or designer.


For a more comfortable viewing experience.

TrueTone technology uses the advanced six-channel ambient light sensor, cleverly adjust the white balance on the screen, so that the surrounding light color temperature match. As a result, the image on the monitor looks as natural as the printed page, reducing eye fatigue.


Now play on iPhone for the first time

iPhone X mobile is a true high dynamic range (HDR) display. You can watch movies and shows in Dolby Vision and HDR10. Your HDR photos will look even more amazing. You can view HDR titles from iTunes, Netflix, and so on.

The most durable glass in smartphones.

Front and back are glass, which is what we do the most durable, strengthen the depth of the layer is 50%. The seven-layer ink process allows accurate hue and opacity, and the reflective optical layer enhances the color. The oleophobic coating can easily wipe away stains and fingerprints.

Wireless charging wireless world.

We have always wanted the iPhone to be a truly wireless device, and do not need to charge the cable and headset lines. With a glass back and embedded wireless charging system, iPhone X is designed for wireless future.

Surgical grade stainless steel.

Packaging and strengthening the iPhone X stainless steel belt is a special apple design alloy, both durable and more pure, and beautifully polished. For blank grayscale, we use a process called physical vapor deposition to precisely match the color of the stainless steel strip to the color of the glass.

Prevent water, splash, and dust.

The iPhone X is precisely designed at the micro level to prevent water, splash, and dust.

Face ID

Understanding the revolution.

safety certificate

Your face is now your password Face recognition is a new way of unlocking, verifying and paying for security.

Face map

Face ID is enabled by the TrueDepth camera and is easy to set up. It projects and analyzes more than 30,000 invisible points to create an exact depth map.

Apple pays

Face ID is very safe and you can use it with Apple Pay. And check it immediately.


Face ID

What is more natural than touching? Look at it. That is Face ID, a powerful and secure authentication system, more convenient than the Touch ID. It makes unlocking and paying fast, simple and intuitive.

The unbelievable technology behind the incredibly simple.

The TrueDepth camera system consists of a variety of innovative technologies. They work together in real time, using your face's detailed depth map to instantly identify you.


Your face is your safe password

With iPhone X Face ID, will only unlock when you view it. It is designed to resist cheating through photos or masks. Your face map is encrypted and protected by security vulnerabilities. And certification occurs immediately on the device, not in the cloud.

Once you know, it knows you

A11 bionic chips use machine learning to identify changes in appearance. Wearing glasses and wearing a hat. Leave a beard. Your friend may not know you but the iPhone X will be.

So smart, only when you want it to be effective.

For additional security, Face ID is worth noting that this means that the iPhone X can only be unlocked when your eyes are looking at the device. This means that the face ID can also display notifications and messages, keep the screen on when reading, or reduce the volume of alarms or rings.

TrueDepth camera

positive. Forward-thinking

Portrait mode of self

Create beautiful self with sharp prospects and cleverly blurred backgrounds.

Portrait lighting

Beta version

Portrait mode of a new feature, portrait lighting produces impressive studio quality lighting effect.



TrueDepth cameras analyze more than 50 different muscle movements to reflect the expression of 12 Animoji. Show your inner panda, pig or robot.


TrueDepth camera

Can you adapt to a tiny space with how much innovative thinking? Quite a lot, it turns out. The TrueDepth camera system includes complex camera and sensor, only for iPhone X new features.

Great innovation in a tiny space.

A powerful system of powerful technology is used with A11 Bionic, which can use face recognition, portrait mode self-timer, and Animoji.

Face ID.

Your face is your safe password

The revolutionary authentication system in the iPhone X begins with the data captured by the TrueDepth camera. The sensor reads the unique geometry of your face and compares it with information about the security exploits of the A11 bionic chip. If there is a game, iPhone X unlock.

Portrait mode.

For the real depth of the self.

Shoot your own scene effects so that your face focuses on a clever blurry background. The TrueDepth camera captures photos with A11 Bionic chips and creates this effect by tapping your finger.

Portrait lighting

For the studio effect of the self.

Inspired by the extensive study of portraits of art and science, the new portrait lighting uses sophisticated algorithms to calculate the interaction of facial features with light. And then use the data to create stunning lighting effects.


Studio lights

A clean look, your face lit.

Stage lights

A deep black background on your face.

Stage montage

Like the stage, but in the classic black and white.


A new way to achieve the character.

Admit that you always want to be a Unicorn. Using the A11 bionic chip, the TrueDepth camera captures and analyzes more than 50 different muscle movements and then mirrors your face in any of 12 different Animoji images.

Share fun

Animoji includes your voice, you can share your video in the message.


Create a video that brings you new videos.

The clip is a free application that lets you make interesting, shareable videos via text, graphics, effects, and more. The self-timer scene on the iPhone X makes the clip, even more, fun and uses the TrueDepth camera to blend you into the 360-degree animated landscape.

Dual 12MP camera

Photography Art. simplify.

Improved camera

Bigger and faster 12MP sensor. A new color filter. Deeper pixels and a new telephoto camera with OIS.

Portrait lighting

Beta version

Deep sense cameras and precise face drawing create amazing studio-quality lighting effects.

Double OIS

Both rear cameras have optical image stabilization, and even in low light can get excellent photos and video fast lens optical.


iPhone X wide-angle camera and the telephoto camera can achieve optical zoom, digital zoom up to 10 times the photos and 6 times the video.


Dual 12MP camera

Can camera shoot more than meet the eyes? In order to discover, we integrated a faster, optical image stabilized camera with advanced machine learning A11 bionic chips. The result is a photography system that sees more, learns more and does more.

Wide angle and telephoto lens
ƒ / 1.8
Wide aperture iris
ƒ / 2.4
Telephoto aperture

Dual optical image stabilization

Wide angle camera

ƒ / 1.8 six pixel lens, optical image stabilization (OIS) and larger, faster 12MP sensors make the world's most popular camera better.

Telephoto camera

Using the most advanced seven-magnet solution, the iPhone X includes a second OIS system in a powerful ƒ / 2.4 telephoto camera. The two cameras together make the optical zoom to make you closer to your subject. And use the portrait mode to provide an amazing lens.

Portrait mode.

For more beautiful depth of field effect.

The portrait mode becomes better, the details are clearer, the background is blurred, the natural background is blurred, the performance is improved in low light, and the flash can be accessed when needed.


Portrait lighting

Real-time studio lighting effects.

Based on the core photographic lighting principle, portraiture combined with complex software and hardware, such as deep sensing cameras and facial maps, to produce true studio lighting effects.

Studio lights

A clean look, your subject's face lit.

Stage lights

Your subject's face is deep black background.

Stage montage

Like the stage, but in the classic black and white.

New advanced ISP.

Photo operation, optimization.

The intelligent Apple-designed image signal processor can detect elements in the scene, such as people, sports, and lighting conditions, in order to optimize the photo before taking pictures. It also offers advanced pixel processing, wide color capture, faster autofocus and better HDR photos.

Double OIS.

For images in low light.

One of the hardest things in photography is to take beautiful pictures and videos in low light. Two rear camera optical image stabilization function makes it easy. So when the end of the day, your creativity has just begun.

New filter. Better flash More fun.

From the moment you took the picture to the final editing, the iPhone X makes it easier for you to create spectacular shots. The next generation of HEIF compression technology allows you to shoot the same quality as the previous new photos, half the size of the file. So hurry up.

Live photo effects and new filters

Make your favorite real-time photos convert to fun video loops. Make it bounce back and forth. The fireworks into bright stripes, through the sky, the beautiful long exposure effect. And apply a new filter to get a more natural skin color, or add a classic look to the portrait.

Four-channel true-color flash with slow sync

Slow Synchro Flash combines low-speed shutter speed with short strobe. When you want a bright foreground theme and the right exposure background, it is useful in low light. While the Quad-LED True Tone flash can provide up to twice the uniform illumination, helping to reduce the hot spots.

Belong to the big screen video.

Whether you are proud of the parents, film students or work director, iPhone X can let you shoot amazing movies. Apple's designed video encoder performs real-time image processing for the best quality. With HEVC compression, you will get the same video quality as before, and also half the size of the file.
4K video
Up to 60 fps
Slow motion

1080p up to 240 fps
Over time

Stable video

Advanced Video Stabilize the use of new larger sensors and powerful ISPs to stabilize everything you shoot. And optical image stabilization is designed to reduce motion blur and handshake in low light video. So your movie looks very stable, even if your hand is not.

A photo was taken with iPhone X.

We asked amateur photographers and professional photographers around the world to shoot iPhone X and shoot to inspire their content. The images they take are beautiful examples of cameras that can be made on the iPhone X.

A11 bionic

Superman wisdom

Nerve engine

Introduce A11 bionic Smartphones in the most powerful, most intelligent chip, with up to 600 billion times per second operating capacity of the nerve engine.

Faster CPU

The four CPUs in the new CPU are 70% faster than A10 Fusion. The speed of the two performance kernels has increased by 25%.

Adaptive identification

Machine learning allows Face ID to adapt to your physical changes over time.

Power efficiency

Second-generation performance controller and custom battery design, up to two hours longer than the iPhone 7.

Apple designed GPU

The new Apple design of the three-core GPU faster than A10 Fusion 30%.

Augmented Reality

A11 bionic force in the game and the application of extraordinary enhance the real experience.

A11 bionic

Can you create a powerful and intelligent chip? Knowing A11 Bionic is the smartest and smartest chip in smartphones.

An unprecedented force.

A11 Bionic has six cores and 4.3 billion transistors, four efficiency cores are 70% faster than A10 Fusion chips, and two performance cores are up to 25 percent faster. When you need turbocharged, the CPU can even take advantage of all six cores at the same time.

depending on
Faster CPU efficiency core

depending on
Faster CPU performance core


What is the nerve engine

The neural engine is designed for machine learning and hardware, an artificial intelligence that allows a computer to learn from observation. It can be incredibly fast and computationally required for neural networks, while at the same time efficiency is very high.

What a neural engine does.

A11 bionic chip in the nerve engine is to identify people, places, and objects of the dual-core design. It is through the machine learning tasks, up to 600 billion operations per second, is the face of ID and Animoji innovative new features such as the driving force.

Designed for Efficiency:

A11 Bionic intelligently manages its huge functionality by directing tasks between performance and efficiency cores. So the things you do most often - such as sending text messages and browsing web pages - are happening at the same time with less energy. Add a custom battery design, what do you have? iPhone X lasts longer than Apple iPhone 7 Plus for two hours.

Silicon made for metal 2 and core ML.

Metal 2 is an Apple-designed graphics software that allows developers to build console-style games. The core ML enables developers to integrate machine learning into their applications. The A11 Bionic GPU is optimized for these new immersive 3D games and AR experiences.

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging wireless world.

Wireless Charging:

No charging cable, iPhone X is really designed for future wireless design.

Wireless World:

Encore wireless charging stations and mats at hotels, cafes, and airports around the world.


Introducing the AirPower Pad Simply place your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods anywhere on the mat, wirelessly charging.

Wireless Charging:

How to make the iPhone design for the wireless world? Through the establishment of wireless devices such as headphones and advanced networks, the introduction of easy wireless charging. Glass back, and efficient charging system, you can simply put the iPhone 8 down to charge.

Design To Be Everywhere:

We want people to enjoy the convenience of wireless charging anywhere. So the iPhone X is usually used in hotels, cafes, airports, and cars found on the use of Qi wireless charger. Belkin and Sophie have also developed two new wireless chargers for the iPhone X.

Available in 2018


Completely simplify wireless charging:

Elegant ultra-thin new AirPower pad allows you to wirelessly charge multiple devices without having to be fixed in one place. Just place three compatible devices, such as the latest iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, and can be charged at any time.

iOS 11

A groundbreaking iOS groundbreaking iPhone.

Designed for iPhone X:

All screens require a completely rethought operating system with new features and gestures.

iOS 11 new features:

Make friends in the message Let Siri be your translation. And friends with Apple music found new music.

Augmented Reality:

Experience exciting AR games and applications on the world's largest enhanced reality platform.



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