Multi-touch Music Software For Windows and MAC OS X | MIDI software

Multi-touch Music Software For Windows and MAC OS X | MIDI software

MIDI Music Software:

Your new favorite MIDI Music Software controller is now for WINDOWS and MAC OS X!
Experience 100% customization of any MIDI software.

Limit Customization:

Create your dream controller for any software. Emulator 2 includes all standard objects such as sliders, knobs, modulation boards, encoders, buttons, and so on. Most importantly, each component is fully customizable. The newly designed editor has a number of new features, including full-color palette, MIDI learning, OSC protocol, and standard keyboard commands. Even template images and full-color background with user-friendly navigation and more. Used as a standalone host controller or as a perfect companion to existing hardware devices.

Easy To Use:

Emulator 2 has been completely redesigned and redesigned, with flexibility and ease of use. So many new intuitive editors will let you complete the custom interface in minutes. You can create one from scratch, or choose from our built-in prebuilt templates and customize all aspects in an easy-to-use editor. Creating your own masterpiece is easier than ever and you can even add logo, image and animated GIF.

The Door:

Your software and touch controller are on the same interface. Our patented technology supports and merges any software native interface with your own touch controller. By creating "holes", you can migrate and fluidize some elements of the underlying software to resize and move. This allows you to customize the touch template without affecting the performance of these elements. You will be in your own way at a glance to master all the power of performance tools.

Template Shop:

Users who created their own touch templates using the emulator 2 now have the opportunity to sell their creative work in our template store. You can now select templates from dozens of user-created templates that suit your needs. The template store will allow you to access, purchase and upload your familiar and liking hardware templates as well as never seen templates that must be fun and visually stunning. Share your creative work from our template store and start seeing the profits automatically paid to your template store seller account.



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