Paul Ryan Committee assignments & Caucus Memberships | Centramic

Paul Ryan Committee assignments & Caucus Memberships | Centramic

Paul Ryan - Committee Assignments:

As Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan does not chair any committee or is a member of any committee or subcommittee. Prior to his election, Ryan had the following committee assignments:

  • Commission of Ways and Means (President)

    • Subcommittee on Health

Caucus Memberships:

  • Republican House Caucus

  • Republican Study Committee of the Caucus of House Conservatives

  • International Conservation Caucus

  • Caucus of the Economic Association of the Middle East

  • Prayer Caucus

  • Sports Caucus (Co-Chair)

Constituent Services:

In the fiscal year 2008, Ryan earned $ 5.4 million in congressional allocations for his constituency, including $ 3.28 million for bus service in Wisconsin, $ 1.38 million for the Ice Age Trail and $ 735,000 for the transportation systemJanesville transit. In 2009, he successfully defended the Energy Department with stimulus funds for energy initiatives in his district.

Other projects from the district of origin he has supported include a runway extension at Rock County Airport, an environmental study of Kenosha Port, firefighting equipment for Janesville, road projects in Wisconsin and tram projects in Kenosha. In 2008, Ryan promised to stop looking for assignments. Prior to that, he had sought fund assignments less frequently than other representatives. Contributors to Common Sense records do not show allocations backed by Paul Davis for fiscal years 2009 and 2010. In 2012, Ryan supported a $ 3.8 million request from the Department of Transportation for a new transit center in Janesville, which municipal authorities received in July.

Paul Ryan was an active member of a task force established by Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle, who unsuccessfully tried to persuade General Motors to keep his assembly plant open in Janesville. He made personal contact with GM executives to try to convince them to save or redesign the plant, offering GM hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer-funded incentives. Following the closure of the factories in Janesville and Kenosha, voters expressed dissatisfaction with Ryan's voting record. During the summer recess of the 2011 Congress, Ryan held town hall meetings by phone with voters. The only public meetings Ryan attended in his district required an admission fee of at least $ 15.

In August 2011, voters in Kenosha and Racine protested when Ryan would not meet with them on economic and employment issues, after weeks of email requests from them. His Kenosha office closed its doors and filed a complaint with the police, who told the protesters that they could not enter Ryan's office. Ryan maintains a mobile office to serve voters in outlying areas.



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