Saudi Arabia Repotedly Interested In JF-17 Thunder | Centraamic

Saudi Arabia Repotedly Interested In JF-17 Thunder | Centraamic

Saudi ArabiaJF-17 Thunder:

The Saudi Arabian Air Force (RSAF) is interested in buying "a lot" of the JF-17 Thunder's lightweight multi-role fighters, the Pakistani media News International reported.

Major-General Mohamed Saleh al-Otaibe, the commander of the RSAF, is currently in the process of an official visit to Pakistan.

On Monday, General Otabi hosted the Pakistan Air Force Academy's 117th Combat Support Program Graduation Ceremony, which included officers from the RSAF Engineering Program 83. The RSAF commander also met with the Pakistani Navy Chief of Staff and Chief of Staff of the Air Force.

Although News International was able to learn from Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Pakistan, Abdullah Mazur Zahrani, Saudi Arabia's interest in Pakistan's defense goods, its JF-17 report was attributed to General Otabi. Quwa cannot find an official claim or secondary source to validate the report. JF-17 Thunder JF-17 Thunder JF-17 Thunder JF-17 Thunder 


Although Saudi official interest in JF-17 cannot be verified, the fact is that PAF and Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) have been widely promoted JF-17. In August, PAF Air Chief of Staff Air Chiefs (ACM) Sohail Aman issued the official JF-17 and Super Mushshak proposals to the Kuwait Air Force. There are also some PAC marketing reports JF-17 to Qatar.

The entire RSAF main fighter fleet consists of medium to heavyweight fighters, such as the Boeing F-15, Typhoon Fighter, and Panavia Tornado. However, until recently, Saudi Arabia has also maintained a form of light fighter force, the Northrop F-5E Tiger II.

On the one hand, JF-17 can be seen as a direct successor to the F-5E. The Thunder will retain the F-5's low acquisition and low operating cost profile but will add modern air combat capability, BVRAAM compatibility, and tactical data link connectivity. The two-seater JF-17B, which will fly by the end of this year, can also be sought as a fighter convert unit or as a dedicated ground attack fighter.

Or, at the same time, Riyadh's increasingly tight austerity measures against spending and its combination of ongoing and expensive movements in Yemen could push RSAF to seek lower-cost and easier-to-obtain combat solutions.

At the China Aviation Show held last week in Zhuhai, China Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC) demonstrated a variety of ammunition. These include counterparts that are directly similar to the new US and Western air-to-ground designs, including Joint Assault Weapon (JSOW), Sulfur and Small Diameter Bombs (YJ-6, YJ-9E, and YL-14). For reference, the YJ-9E is being modularized as 15-25 km air-to-surface missiles and explorers; end users can choose to equip the YJ-9E with active radar seekers. In fact, YJ-9E can be used as a fire and forget the missile armored vehicles. In addition, the aircraft industry also provides laser and satellite-guided bombs and targeting pods.

JF-17 - in particular, JF-17B - can be used as a specialized attack platform for heavy use of Yemen, especially since the cost of delivering the platform and its ammunition is significantly lower than that of the United States and Europe. Alternatives. In addition, the extensive use of JF-17 allows RSAF to maintain flight time on other platforms and reduce maintenance costs. JF-17 Thunder JF-17 Thunder JF-17 Thunder JF-17 Thunder JF-17 Thunder

At least one JF-17 prototype is flying with Guizhou WS-13 turbofan (Aviation Week, IHS Jane), and AVIC should ensure that JF-17 is supplied to Saudi Arabia (or other export customers). The entire platform can be effectively sourced from China.

In a hypothetical JF-17 sale, RSAF may be interested in configuring JF-17 with Western European electronics. In this regard, the PAC may obtain radar, avionics and electronic warfare (EW) and electronic countermeasures (ECM) kits from Italy (ie Leonardo-Finmeccanica and Elettronica).

The low base cost of JF-17 ensures considerable vertical space for end-users of subsystem customization and configuration without significantly increasing the overall cost. Subsystems designed for Gripen NG and MiG-35, such as the Vixen 1000 (which looks the same as the Raven ES) active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar and the ELT / 568 ECM kit, respectively, reach JF-17.

If Saudi Arabia chooses to have greater ownership of the platform, they cool down with their own supplier selections and configure the JF-17 in Saudi Arabia. In fact, JF-17 may even be a relatively low-cost method for the defense industry to lay the foundation. This is in line with Riyadh's "Vision 2030" program, where 50% of the defense needs to be sourced locally.

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