Top Ten Korean Invention of All The Time - Stay Connected | Centramic

Top Ten Korean Invention of All The Time - Stay Connected | Centramic

Korean Inventions:

There are many Korean inventions about we can talk, but here we can discuss top 10 inventions. Korea has a rich history of innovation and technological progress. Since the pre-modern era, Koreans are always looking for ways to improve their lives, both for educational purposes and for a better quality of life. They are able to create their own language Korean, as well as their own underground heating system and sauna. Their military progress is from their "turtle boat" to their time bomb revolution. Here, we will focus on their invention in modern times. Samsung has always been a key figure in technological progress in Korea, but the motive and hard work ethic of Korean spirit is an important factor in the continuous progress of Korean technology, which makes Korea the top ten in the world economy. Here are the first 10 technical inventions of all time. Korean Invention

10) Steam Mop:

The steam mop was invented by Romi Haan in 2001. The steam mop is an electric mop that uses hot steam disinfection flooring. Most Koreans do not have carpets, but hardwood floors, which makes the invention necessary in every Korean family. It uses steam to clean the floor, but the updated version can now clean the carpet as well. Unlike a conventional mop that requires a cleaning agent such as bleach or detergent, the steam mop uses only heat from the steam to disinfect the floor.

9) Kimchi Refrigerator:

Koreans like their kimchi refrigerator, but many people do not know how difficult it is to do, and more importantly, maintenance. Kimchi is only available for all types of Korean cuisine and Korean kimchi invention. Koreans can enjoy kimchi throughout the year because it is designed for kimchi and has different levels of fermentation. It combines temperature, humidity, and air control. For Koreans, it is considered the most popular home appliances.

8) Intelligent Traffic Card:

Koreans use these smart traffic cards for urban buses, subways, and even taxis. It's a great way to charge and pay for it. It was first introduced in 1995 and was held in Seoul in 1996. Every Korean has this card, which is a must for visitors to visit.

7) Nano 3D Printing:

3D printing in the technical field is huge. The future use of 3D printing technology is infinite. The Korean team of researchers first demonstrated the ability to make 3D print nanostructures made entirely of graphene. The novel 3D printing technique of the present invention can be applied to the future against micro-diseases. Korean Invention

6) 64 MB DRAM:

The world's first 64 MB DRAM created by Samsung Electronics. With the growth of computer memory capacity, the use of memory SIM card to save the motherboard space and simplify the memory expansion. Instead of inserting eight or nine single DIP chips, only one additional memory module is required to add the computer's memory. This makes the computer more and more slim and smaller and is the key to the invention of a laptop.

5) Smart Prosthetic Skin:

The smart prosthetic skin was invented by a team of Korean and American scientists. It has the ability to detect or sense pressure, heat, and moisture. It is as soft and elastic as the human skin and is developed by embedding a stretchable micro-sensor in a soft silicone rubber. Researchers at Seoul National University in Korea are attributed to the present invention and are at the forefront of this research field. This will be the first step in creating AI technology.

4) MP3 Portable Player:

MP3 Portable Player is the first portable MP3 player, which was introduced in 1997 by Saehan Information System. Which resulted in more MP3 players, and later Apple's iPod. Is the day of the tape and C.D.s as the day of music becoming the number?

3) Touch Screen Phone:

LG KE850 is the world's first full touchscreen phone, the user had to use the finger rather than the stylus. LG has always claimed that the iPhone is a copy from the LG KE850 design. It ranked third only because of the controversy who copied who had the little argument who was out of its first. Now every smartphone has a touchscreen.

2) Korean Word Processor:

Korean word processor developed by Lee Chan-jin and Kim Taek-jin in 1989. It specializes in Korean language and is widely used in Korea. Now all Microsoft Word has Korean word processing programs for making documents.

1) Samsung Electronics Galaxy Smartphone:

The greatest invention in Korean history must be Galaxy's smartphone. Samsung has helped the Korean economy by becoming a leader in the electronics sector. Samsung opponents only apples when talking about smartphones. Galaxy smartphones are considered by many to be the best smartphone on the market today. Its global recognition continues to grow every year. Compared with the S6 series, Galaxy S7 series in the opening month of the sales better performance. This is based on Counterpoint's sales results on 40 different countries' smartphones. In the United States, for example, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge sales increased by 30%, while in Western Europe, sales increased by 20%.

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