Understand The Basics of Health Information Technology | Health IT

Understand The Basics of Health Information Technology | Health IT

Health Information Technology:

The term "Health Information Technology" is a broad concept that encompasses a range of technologies for storing Health Insurance, sharing and analyzing health information.

Healthcare providers are increasingly using health IT to improve patient care. But health IT is not just for healthcare providers. You can use health information technology to better communicate with your doctor, learn and share your health information, and take action to improve your quality of life. Health IT allows you to become a key part of a men's health team.
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Health Information Technology Includes:

Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Your doctor will record your health information, such as your illness history and your medication. So far, most doctors have stored these in paper documents in the health department.

EHR (sometimes referred to as "electronic medical record") is an electronic system that stores your health information.

EHR allows physicians to more easily track your health information and may cause them to access your information when problems arise, even if their offices are closed. EHR also makes it easier for your doctor to share information with experts and others so that everyone who needs your information can provide information when needed.this is also called the united health care.

Some EHRs also allow you to log in to the portal, view your own health records, laboratory results and treatment options, and send an email to your doctor.

"Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that's very important for good health." Dalai Lama.

Personal Health Record (PHR).

PHR is like EHR, except for what information you control. benefits of electronic health records are also involved.

You can use PHR to track information about your doctor's visit, but PHR can also reflect your life outside the doctor's office as well as your health partners, such as tracking your food intake, exercise, and blood pressure. Sometimes your PHR can contact your doctor's EHR.

Electronic Prescription.

The paper prescription may be lost or misread. The electronic prescription allows your doctor to communicate directly with your pharmacy. This means that you can go to the pharmacy to pick up the medicine without having to prescribe it.

Visit our Health IT Terminology page for more information and read health information exchange and interoperability.

Other types of EMR (Electronic Medical Record).: electronic health tools

There are other "eHealth tools" that you can use for yourself if you wish, may be considered part of a broader health IT world. These include:

Personal Health Tools.

These tools can help you check your health, get feedback, and track your progress to better manage your health. Examples include smartphone "applications" that can help you set up and monitor fitness goals and mobile text reminders for timely access to drugs. this is also for the group health.

Online community.

Online communities can help people connect with each other to make the best possible health (such as during pregnancy), or to respond to concerns about poor health.

Through the online community, you can - share information with emotional support - others face similar concerns about a particular disease or disability.

These eHealth tools are designed to place you in your care center - helping to place "I" in the field of health IT.

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