US Trying To Move Forward After Quitting Iran Nuclear Deal

US Trying To Move Forward After Quitting Iran Nuclear Deal

Iran Nuclear Deal:


  • US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo will present on Monday a new "diplomatic roadmap" for Iran.

  • The United States is drafting a new security architecture: Brian Hook.

  • It is unknown if the European powers that signed N-deal will speak again with the Trump administration.


After abandoning the nuclear deal with Iran, Washington wants to move forward by offering to offer a "coalition" to counter the multiple "threats" posed by the Tehran regime, but Europeans trying to save the 2015 agreement can thwart that effort.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will unveil a new "diplomatic roadmap" for Iran on Monday: how the United States plans to "address all of Iran's threats," according to the director of policy planning at the Department of State. America, Brian Hook.

Washington is seeking to draft a "new security architecture and a better security framework, a better deal," Hook told reporters before the speech, Pompeo's first major political speech since he became the United States' top diplomat.

"The United States will work hard to form a coalition," State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said, noting Washington's commitment to a multilateral approach after its unilateral withdrawal from the agreement.

President Donald Trump has long ruined the agreement with Iran, concluded under his predecessor Barack Obama, along with Britain, China, France, Germany, and Russia, saying he did not do enough to reduce Tehran's nuclear ambitions.

The Republican leader also said that it was not enough to restrict Iran's ballistic missile program or its intervention in regional conflicts from Yemen to Iraq and Syria. "We need a new one, a framework that addresses all of Iran's threats," Hook said.

So far, the guidelines of this new strategy are not clear.
The big question is whether the European leaders, who were bitterly disappointed by Trump's decision to abandon the agreement, would be willing to return to talks with his administration in the short term.



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