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Root bridge Cherrapunji, Meghalaya, India

world’s most unusual wonders, Extracted, Atlas Obscura, Joshua Foer, Dylan Thuras, Ella Morton

Crossing the river and pull begging friends  Pradesh state flow, northeast India, put your trust in the tree. There is no standard walkway was found: on the contrary, tangled, twisted rubber trees on the bank of aerial roots on the water stretched to form a living, growing the bridge to the other side. These organic bridging guidance and a lot of patience are the result of a little person. Casey local tribesmen by laying water or areca bamboo length guide, and then wait for the rubber tree roots along with control its growth. Because root growth, coupled with Casey vines do handrails, and fill in the blanks with dirt and stones, creating a solid way. It takes up to 20 years the bridge has become strong enough to cross.

Merry Cemetery, Săpânţa, Romania

10 of the world’s most unusual wonders – chosen by Atlas Obscura

In Cimitirul Vesel (Merry Cemetery) over 600 colorful wooden cross to bear life stories, body last-minute details and dirty lies beneath. Illustrated cross depicting beheaded Săpânţa soldiers and a townsperson hit by a truck. The inscription is frank and humorous: “Below this heavy cross that my mother in law … so as not to wake her because if she returned home, she would bite my head..” The cemetery style by Stan Ioan Patras, who started carving crosses dead and about painting their portraits clever satire of the last century created during the 1930s. Patras died in 1977, inscribed with his own cross, left his house and business to his most talented apprentice, Dumitru Pop. Although black humor – or simply dark – crosses tone, a popular saying, never complained of work.

Star City, Moscow Region, Russia

10 of the world’s most unusual wonders – chosen by Atlas Obscura

In the development of the Soviet space program, in the woods, a secret Air Force facility northeast of Moscow into a settlement called Star City. Concentrated in the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, where quasi-astronauts will conduct space flight areas of the body, technical and psychological preparation. Following the Soviet Union in 1991, the veil of mystery is canceled, and the center opened its doors to the public. Today, a handful of facilities provided by the company, in the meantime, visitors can don spacesuits simulation, take a ride in a centrifuge, or a zero-gravity flight aboard simulated weightlessness journey through a parabolic trajectory. Space travel and exploration of the museum include a re-entry into the atmosphere burned old spacesuits and capsules impressive collection.

Fingal’s Cave, Scotland

10 of the world’s most unusual wonders – chosen by Atlas Obscura

, Fingal’s Cave in Scotland’s Inner Hebrides is a huge (82 × 22 m) sea cave walls and hexagonal basalt columns like a fantasy novel. Celtic legend that the cave was a bridge across the sea, built by giants fight each other part. Science said that it is the masses of lava cooled slowly rupture broke long hexagonal columns in the sun, like the formation of mud. When the naturalist Sir Joseph Banks in 1772 rediscovered the cave, it attracts a lot of people’s imagination and inspired artists, writers and musicians work. Composer Mendelssohn wrote an overture on the cave in 1830, the same year the painter Turner described it on the canvas. Thus was born a romantic era of travel sites, but today fascinated.

Damanhur, Italy underground temple

10 of the world’s most unusual wonders – chosen by Atlas Obscura

Under the base of the mountain commune Damanhur, ecological society founded in the 1970s, the five-level underground temple in surprising glorious new era covered. Damanhur, 30 miles north of Turin, is based on the belief that neo-paganism emphasis on creative expression, meditation and spiritual healing and new age. From 1978 to 1992, its citizens around the clock in shifts 8500 m3 soil excavation. Each halls and corridors and was decorated in a different theme, murals, stained glass windows, mirrors and mosaics. 1970s-style work depicts a lot of things, from the history of the universe endangered animals in the forest, the International Space Station. Circle surrounding a room filled with sculptures, this is because every member of society must be engraved in his portrait statue of instruction.

Firefly Squid in Toyama Bay, Japan

10 of the world’s most unusual wonders – chosen by Atlas Obscura

Firefly Squid emits bright blue, usually live in deep, dark waters around Japan cephalopods. However, every year from March to May, millions of Toyama Bay spawning surface. This time of year is the most popular fishing season. Nets trawl the waters before dawn, pulling the motility, bioluminescent creatures and transshipment pile beacon. Beach bathed in the blue glow of adult squid – who has a year of life – spawning, and prepare for his funeral. Japanese government to show the “Special Natural Monument” each year. Although firefly squid has been highly recognized by their magical visual effects, they also cherish its delicious organs. After basking in brilliant bioluminescent bay, to sushi and sashimi festival squid, boiled, or become tempura.

Kane Gui carpentry workshop, Accra, Ghana

10 of the world’s most unusual wonders – chosen by Atlas Obscura

Ghana teacher once buried in a ballpoint pen, a microphone the singer laid to rest, and the worker in a hammer buried. These “fantasy coffins” was built in behalf of the deceased’s occupation, shape emotions, desire or articles by Kane Gui carpentry workshop craftsmen. The studio was founded by the Guangxi Seth Kane, a member of the coastal Ga ethnic group in Ghana in the 1950s. Ga believe that when people died, they moved to another life, and continue to affect the lives of their ancestors. Thus, family members must honor the dead and the stage involving hundreds of guests and ensure their burial procession from the worst reputation.

Paronella Park, Queensland, Australia

10 of the world’s most unusual wonders – chosen by Atlas Obscura

Since childhood, Jose Paronella baker had dreamed of establishing a Moorish castle. In 1913, the then 26-year-old adventure left the village in Catalonia, moved to the tropical north of Australia. There, he finally found a wealth of sugarcane farmers, and to pursue their dreams. 1929, Paronella buy rainforest in Queensland conspiracy and began hand-build their own castle, sand, clay, old train tracks, gravel from the nearby river, and take wood from abandoned houses. By 1935, the structure has been expanded to include a swimming pool, cafes, cinemas and discos, as well as a tennis court and a garden villas with grand staircase – all open to the public. Paronella 1948 after the death, the building suffered decades of neglect, but the meaning is the protection of the castle came alive again. Lush tropical plants have invaded and handmade Paronella build stairs, fountains interwoven to make them look like they sprouted from the natural environment.

Great Stalacpipe organs, Luray, Virginia, United States

10 of the world’s most unusual wonders – chosen by Atlas Obscura

Luray deep limestone cave is an unusual instrument called Leland W¯¯ by an artisan shed design. With four keyboard console, it looks like a standard variety of church organ, but there is a crucial difference: there is no pipeline. In contrast, the “pipeline” is the stalactites and the instrument is a white barium – that by hitting rock generating music sounds different means. Sprinkle in the Pentagon a mathematician and electronic scientist, came up with the idea for “Stalacpipe organ” After the tour in 1954, the cave, he spent three years is needed to find the corresponding notes stalactites, sanding down It is pitch – perfect and run the console and rubber mallet, strike the wire between each stalactites five miles. When first installed the organ, sprinkled onto the keys to their own guests. These days the cave organ entertain tourists and other classic Moonlight Sonata automation extradition.

Eternal lightning storm, Catatumbo, Venezuela

10 of the world’s most unusual wonders – chosen by Atlas Obscura

There’s something in the Catatumbo river Ruma La Lake Taupo open air strange. 260 nights a year, often up to 10 hours at a time, over the river of lightning pierced, producing up to 280 strikes per hour. Known as relampago del Catatumbo (Catatumbo lightning), this timeless lightning storm has been raging for as long as people can remember. Lightning, from 25 miles outside the visible, is often the case, it was used as a navigation aid ships and sailors Maracaibo lighthouse is known. Recent scientific studies have identified the concentrate may be caused by lightning sweep moisture from the Caribbean and drive it above the lake of air flow. Current climate research scientists are using the Catatumbo lightning as a testing ground for trial forecasting system.

Extracted from Atlas Obscura by Joshua Foer, Dylan Thuras and Ella Morton

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