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14 years: Scratching the 7-year itch twice over

You know what? My weblog anniversary completely flew properly previous me these 12 months!

I assumed it was unhealthy final 12 months, however, boy, was these 12 months much more distinctive LOL! I’m an entire month late!

I often stay up for my weblog anniversary. It is just a little reminder of this little house I carved out for myself, and just a little marker for me to look at it, whether or not with a form or jaundiced eye, to mirror what it means to me.

So, to completely overlook it until just some days in the past, what would possibly that imply for me?

I don’t know.

When I began MWS 14 years in the past, boy, was I prolific! I used to be churning out weblog posts every day, usually twice a day. That’s 14 posts a day, for years. I do know of OG running blog buddies who nonetheless do (Musings of a Muse involves thoughts), and I take my hat off to them!

Things have modified a lot since, and in these 2-3 years, I’ve slowed down on running a blog by a lot.

I may say that it’s a result of I’m on the market dwelling life. But it isn’t fairly true for both. I’m dwelling on life. I’m operating my little canine treats empire (haha!) and I’m a slave, court docket jester, and chef to my canine. But, I nonetheless have the time to put in writing, and weblog and share opinions and views. I simply don’t have a lot of drive or inclination to.

When I do sit down to put it in writing, I need it to be about one thing I like, or that I need to share. I don’t need to waste my time on the inconsequential, or on simply telling you about what’s new only for the sake of it (I’m very a lot out of the loop anyway!). I did many issues ‘for the blog’ in the previous, and I’m previous all that.

The different factor is, that a lot feels ephemeral in the magnificence world. Not solely that, it feels superficial.

I don’t imply for it to be superficial in a nasty approach, however for it to simply skim the floor. How many people are consultants in the area? Very few. Very few of us are beauty scientists or chemists, who can perceive all the jargon and components and declare to know the way it all works.

So many individuals on the market are enthusiasts, similar to you and me. Yet, so many of those fans maintain themselves out to be consultants, after they aren’t. So many individuals tell us what to make use of, what to not use, and how we must be afraid of all the pieces on a label, even when it’s simply Aqua. So many individuals place down others. I don’t need to be that.

I’d prefer to assume that all of our work is inside our budgets and publicity. If we come throughout new info that tells us in any other case, then we must be completely satisfied to proceed to utilize a product that we love. So, they are saying perfume in skincare is unhealthy. But you take pleasure in it, what do you do?

Here’s what I say – use it. Life’s too brief to fret about whether or not others will decide for you in your skincare decisions. Some of us can use cleaning soap and water and have flawless pores and skin all our life. Some of us can use fragranced skincare and skincare with alcohol and never see hostile results. Some of us break out it doesn’t matter what we use. Who’s to inform us what to do.

I do know that being on this trade for thus lengthy, many look as much as me as some type of ‘expert’, to which I implore you to not. I’m not a professional. I am similar to dabbling in skincare and make-up, after which speaking about it. I solely share anecdotal expertise, based mostly on what I’ve tried and what works for me. I’m completely satisfied that many be just right for you too.

But I can safely say many don’t both. I like the Avene Very High Protection Mineral Cream sunscreen and have been raving about it continuously on Instagram. So lots of you bit the bullet and tried it too. So lots of you may have advised me that it doesn’t be just right for you as a result of it being too heavy. I perceive that, and I anticipated it. It’s not the most snug of textures, nevertheless, it works for me, as a result, it does the one factor I anticipate it to do – defend my pores and skin from the solar once I’m out strolling my canine. Otherwise, once I’m indoors, I take advantage of the Allie UV Perfect Gel, which many have additionally tried, and likewise love (whew!) 😀

But that’s simply it. I’m a blogger and a fanatic. I’m not a professional. I strive for a product, and I share an opinion about it. It’s what I’ve been doing for 14 years! Do you agree with me? Yay! You don’t? Well, you’re entitled to your opinion 🙂

When running a blog first took off, nearly 14 odd years in the past, many people lamented that we needed to be writers, fashions, photographers, and publishers. Today, you must be all that, AND be an actor, artist, inside designer, make-up artist, dancer, comic, producer, director, lead a glamourous life; AND be on YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok.

It’s arduous to discover a place the place I slot in anymore haha 😀

In 14 years, many unique bloggers have both gone on to make large issues of themselves, launching their very own product traces, changing into wealthy and well-known, and taking up a star persona; or they’ve quietly stopped running a blog. For me, it appears like I’m simply drifting in the circulation, taking the gradual meandering waterways, as a substitute for driving the wild rapids and pushing myself ahead.

Maybe gradual is sweet. It allows you to absorb the sights and sounds and possibly even day-dream a short time you path your fingers in the heated water 🙂

But I admire that so lots of you may have grown up with me, and nonetheless chat to me. So lots of your names and handles are so acquainted, it appears like we’re previous buddies 🙂 I admire the handful of manufacturers who nonetheless replace me with their new merchandise and releases, and put their belief in my views, regardless of my tardiness in getting the information out.

Like previous buddies, I suppose that is the way it’ll be going forth. I’ll replace once I replace, and we’ll hopefully be capable to choose up from the place we final left off, without lacking a beat 🙂

14 years. I can scarcely consider it’s been this lengthy 🙂

Thank you for speaking to me, for appreciating what I do, and for studying.

Thank you 🙂

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