Sales v. Procurement:

I feel very lucky to have worked in the sales organization cited that Howe’s sales training and solutions. Rather than promoting a product or service and sell its features, I’ve been teaching with clients to discuss their pain points and provide can alleviate the problem, or even completely eliminate their solutions.

Of course, there are some “cunning” of the sales staff there, to the industry’s reputation. But a few bad should not insult a lot of good, hard-working professionals trying to help companies achieve their business results. We do not just your money!

Like the sales staff, there are some great purchasing professionals and some not so great. I see which organizations procurement methods they think they need a lot of services and products, but the most common way is;

To make use of internal staff/expertise to write the organization’s requirements for tender

To use a third-party organization to write to the requirements of the tender

He did not go to tender, and leverage existing relationships, on organization requirements

Existing relationship with, and continue to follow with the current product/service

So, how can things be improved it?

Here it is not necessarily a right or wrong answer, but from my experience, an organization can go a long way in the procurement process to save time, reduce costs and get more personalized solutions to make their business better ending. The key step I always encourage customers to take the …

Research – look at a product or service on the market and determine the thought leaders and innovators
“CO-operation ‘- which means watching your game and see what they do, and works well and not so good!

Ask your staff – they are all directly affected by the decisions and provide critical insight into better ways of working

Early involvement – engage with suppliers on a project even before the definition. They will most likely provide the ideas you have not considered

Set realistic time scales – a more realistic timetable, a better solution would be

Relationship – these are the key. You might collaborate with suppliers for many years, so be sure to meet the management staff, and make sure you fit and build partnerships

Meet your suppliers – the bidding process, if possible before, you can save a lot of work for both sides, but also gained valuable insights

To be fair – if the incumbent, they have the advantage, so we must ensure equitable distribution of all information

Cost – see if this is the last piece. If the supplier can win on all other elements based on the cost should not exclude them

Negotiation – not just the price, but the products, services, and support.

We strive the vertically aligned market leader, gives us the experience and knowledge to help organize a specific industry. In the purchase process and consultative approach combines early involvement allows us to meet individual business needs to build customized solutions and create their own business results. This can provide, perhaps may not initially be considered by the procurement profession is “more appropriate” solution. Sales and procurement work together rather than against each other, easier to keep abreast of the needs of employees, and provide the best solutions. Let me know your targeting sales and purchases of thinking.