Atomic Beam America Review:

Atomic beam America is considered to be highly durable while providing a 5000 LUX light, which is about 40 times brighter than a normal flashlight.

The official product site is atomicbeam . com, although buyatomicbeam . com has also been used in advertising. The screenshots below show the official website as it appeared in June 2016 when writing this article.

Claims And Characteristics:

  • Completely portable, easy to use
  • As high as 5000 LUX
  • The focus of the beam can be adjusted
  • Built-in flash function self-defense
  • Can withstand extreme conditions
  • Aluminum shell
  • Adjustable wrist strap


  • Single Quotation: 1 Flashlight $ 19.99 + Free S & H
  • Double offer: 2 flashlights for $ 29.98 + free S & H
  • Luxurious offer: 2 flashlights, 2 rechargeable batteries + charger, 2 suitcases, with 2 headbands for $ 59.97 + free S & H
  • You can also buy a battery, headband, and suitcase, respectively.

Now you can find this item in the store. We found a beam of atoms in the local bath and surpassed $ 19.99.

Atomic Beam Review:

A tactical flashlight is hot in 2016, we see more and more manufacturers rushing into mass action. The idea of a tactical flashlight is that it provides a significantly brighter light than a standard flashlight while also being lighter and more durable.

Atomic beam (also known as “atomic beam the USA”) also provides some common flashlight does not have the function (but this is common in tactical lights), such as zoom, the strobe is for self-defense, SOS mode. atomic beam America atomic beam America

The cursor with three AAA batteries, you can upgrade to its own single-cell lithium-ion battery “Deluxe Edition.” Although the site currently points out, just “5000 lux”, it was originally listed as “1200 lumens”. The reasons for this change is unclear.

Atomic beam review will be different from whoever has never used TAC light and people who are familiar with such products. If you have never had a tactical light, you can make a deep impression on the brightness and durability of the atomic beam. It is certainly a standard flashlight that performs in terms of brightness, features, and durability. In this regard, it does upset some advertising hype.

Those who are proficient with TAC lights, however, may not be impressed. Despite the durability of the atomic beam live to the harsh conditions of daily use, the light itself is only a gentle entry in this category. Using the atomic beam in its “high” brightness mode also consumes the battery quite quickly. So while nothing special is wrong with the atomic beam, there is not much that is unique about making this excellent choice the same as or less than the cost of other TAC lamps.

Overall, Atomic Light is a mild entry in Tactical Lights, but its characteristics are not attractive enough to make it worth the cost or delay in transporting similar items. Now, the atomic beam is available at the store and you may want to pick it up locally to avoid shipping costs and delays. If you prefer to order online, you can find comparable cheap tactical lights on Amazon or eBay at $ 20 (or even $ 10) and will ship within a day or two.


There are dozens of highly rated tactical lights on the market, as well as hundreds of people that are cheap to get and offer a modest review. Amazon’s best-selling is 12 $ A100 Outlet which offers 900 lumens.

You may also have seen Benching Quota Light released in recent months. You can find the product here for our review as well as consumer opinions. Another recent addition to the advertised TAC light is the Mile Light, which moves the atom beam very familiar to the design.

If the cost is less concerned, you may need to move up to the MLS and check out the similar Streamlight TLR-1, which runs around $ 130, is one of the best – and highest ratings – in the same class car.

Review Your Atomic Beam The USA:

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