England Rugby Women’s Squad:

Rugby Women’s Squad. When they went down 52-17 in Canada England women caught in the Salt Lake City women’s football Super Series first match cold.

Canadians burst out of the blocks and led 39-0 before the break with England Katie Mason, Miller Bianca Blake Wood in the premiere and try to fight back.

This is from Canada, a brilliant start only after three minutes thanks to the avant-garde who lead Chelsea Guthrie pass attempts, Andre Burke, who not long after adding a penalty conversion.

Greater ball movement led to Canada’s second attempt Barbara Lamezia text, quickly followed by a close-Mary-Jane Kirby effort, they led 24-0.

Emily Belchos got the fourth place, the first two attempts from either side of half-time, but after the introduction of Alex Matthews, England responded.

Mason ended the first possession of the right of the target a good time from the timber before the completion of a fine center. Blake then the day to try one of the ends, take the ball from Mathews then shows the power and determination to run from halfway.

Canada does have a say, although there is a fast hand in sending Lee one last attempt of the day.

In a repeat of the 2014 World Cup finals, which is the Canadian who took the spoils, and they have three threat who looks back is equal – currently the responsibility of sevens. Zussman scored two very dangerous, every time she got the ball. She will be a key figure in the whole game.

England Fight Back:

Trailing 44-0 early in the second half, England could easily have collapsed, but the world champion is a tough thing, in the second half of three fine test run. Katie Mason first showed her poacher’s instinct, soon followed by the debut Millie wood. And Bianca Blackburn’s efforts can be said is a big challenge, because she left the game midway, brush off a couple of tackles along the way.

Debut Promise:

This is not the easiest in the England side, found himself back foot early on the first appearance, wood is Millie, but Litchfield centers adhere task ahead. She showed why she tries to give the opportunity of a brilliant second half, she spotted the Canadian defense and racing around the upper left corner of the arc to score.


Lead coach Scott Bemand said: “Today we ran into a very strong side with some excellent Canadian athletes.

“We did not adapt to the environment is not good enough, competitive Canadians played flesh and strength, we do not have to match at the start of the race began.

“We are disappointed, but we have four days regroup and handle things well, we have some exciting games to come, at least not against the French who we know well.”

He added: “There are some positive today Alex Mathews, upon her return from the lineup sevens program, has made a huge impact off the bench to win their own game player only. after 35 minutes on the pitch, and Millie wood celebrated her first hat a try. “

What’s Next?

England must make amends today when they take France chance. The last time the two sides met in six countries last race victory from England and France under the nose to grab the title.