Donald Trump Plans Ambitious Agenda:

Donald Trump has already announced an ambitious agenda for his first 100 days at the office, but it is becoming increasingly clear that achieving it will be more difficult than the one he proposed during the event.

The president-elect wanted to abolish Obamacare, reform the tax code and curb immigration.

At the top of his list, he outlined in the past few months, repealing President Obama‘s signature health law, known as Obama. Trump said the plan is to make consumers spend too much, damage the economy, and on behalf of the government’s unwise violation of the health care system.

The prospect is good, the law can be set within a few weeks, Trump as president, because voters this week the White House and Congress under the control of the GOP can be repealed.

Ronald Reagan, a political scientist at Rutgers University, said that the abolition of Obamacare was one of Trump’s first days to reach a consensus with the Republican congressionalists. Senate Majority Leader Michelle McConnell said Wednesday that abolition is the top priority of the Senate Republic. The house is likely to agree.

However, there are several points, such as how an estimated 24 million Americans will lose their health insurance if Obamacare is abolished. Trump and the Republicans how to solve this problem is still unclear.

Another obvious agreement within the GOP is immigration, which is Trump’s biggest talk during the election campaign. Billionaire real estate developers have great plans, Congressional Republicans seem willing to push the necessary legislation, despite expectations of opposition from Democrats.

Trump wanted to create a wall between the United States and Mexico, and let Mexico pay the bill. Trump also wants to expel millions of illegal immigrants into the United States since their arrival since the crime. One problem, which Trump has a headache, is that the Mexican government says it will not pay for the wall. The deportation program still lacks specific details.

Trump talks about temporarily banning Muslims from entering the United States, as some of them may be terrorists. The Muslim ban, if Trump continued, may be challenged in court, the program tied for several months until the judicial sector to resolve.

Trump would like to persuade Congress to cut taxes and reform the tax system, but it also takes a few months, Democrats and Republicans are willing to accept it is uncertain.

Trump wanted to reduce federal regulation, and he could do a lot through administrative action, bypassing Congress. This could include withdrawing some of Obama’s controversial administrative actions, reversing or revising EPA’s plans, making it more difficult to build and operate coal-fired power plants. This is an effort to limit climate change, but Trump challenges the effectiveness of human-induced global warming.

Trump wants to eliminate Barack Obama’s trade deal, such as renegotiating or revoking the North American Free Trade Agreement. This seems very probable.

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