Trumps’ Thinking:

While the world is still likely to be the most shocking election result in American historyPakistan‘s main concern is what Trump’s unexpected victory means for the country and Trump’s Thinking.

The President-elect made a number of statements on Pakistan, but most of the declarations had been adopted and did not necessarily imply an adverse policy change for Pakistan. But who knows with Donald. Here is what we found so far:

Pakistan’s Blessing In Disguise?

Pakistan – India Relations:

Analysts said Wednesday that Trump’s election worries Pakistan that he could speed up what they see as a shift in US policy to shore up India’s protracted confrontation with its nuclear-armed neighbors.

Donald Trump hinted at the role of mediator or arbitrator in mediating the current tensions between India and Pakistan. “If it is necessary, I will do that, and if we can get India and Pakistan to get along, I will be honored to do so, it will be a great achievement … I think if they want me, I would like to be mediation Or an arbitrator, “Trump answered in an exclusive interview with the Hindustan Times.

Pakistan Welcomed Trump’s Proposal For Peace With India:

“If I was elected president, the Indian and Hindu communities would have a real friend in the White House, I can assure you,” Trump said in a campaign sponsored by the Hindu Union for the fund-raising of victims of terrorism. , We will defeat the radical “Islamic terrorism”. We will stand with India to share intelligence and keep our people safe.

Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons:

Donald Trump said in March, Pakistan is an important country because it has nuclear weapons.

Pakistan is a very, very important issue, a country that is really vital for us because they have nuclear weapons and they have to be kept in the situation,” he told CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.

What Impact Will US Elections Have on Pakistan?

He also told Fox News in May that he would favor the retention of nearly 10,000 US troops in Afghanistan because of its proximity to Pakistan and its proximity to nuclear weapons.

Pakistani Suspected Terrorists:

In July 2012, Trump Twitt, “When did Pakistan apologize to us for Osama bin Laden to provide a safe haven for 6 years? Some” allies. “

The tweet mentions the discovery of Osama bin Laden‘s compound that killed Al Qaeda leader in Pakistan in 2011.

Lahore After The Explosion:

After Lahore’s suicide bombings killed 74 people, Trump simply pushed him “alone can solve.”

He later explained his tweets in an interview with CNN; “When I saw them [the attacker] put it [bomb] in the park, there were most Christians, though many others were killed … I Think it’s a terrible story.

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