Next HTC Smart Phone:

HTC smartphone manufacturers and started very well in the production of a series of M and its annual One series smartphones. In the past year and a half, HTC has faced defeat in its huge smartphone a difficult crisis. However, Google has plans to be a doctor from the rumored HTC as HTC manufactured under a next Nexus phone.

Below, we give you heart, we hear maybe 2017 all HTC’s Nexus smartphones, including the expected glance.

What To Expect:

Although HTC does not have a good market, and now we still expect HTC to come up with excellent hardware. Rumors that the new Nexus could be a lifeline that can help HTC get back to the top. HTC may come up with their HTC One M9 like a shape of the relationship. With the metal, compact and stylish devices may only be new Nexus.

In addition, we can expect the next Nexus phone may be about 5.5 inches, the display will show a true HD resolution to the user. In addition, the new relationship is rumored to feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 830 eighteen-Bromo-core 2.5 GHz processor.

Competition At Its Peak:

Yes, the smartphone development in 2017, we can see a tough time for the HTC. SamsungAppleLGand other companies in 2017 to make up for the best smartphone so if HTC has brought its market, with higher sales with good consumer response to it should be designed and Competition the next Nexus phone rival lines.

2017 top features include wireless charging smartphones, retinal eye scanner, dual micro SD card slot, 3D cameras, etc., so that it eventually led to the fact that if HTC brings next Nexus phone and the “playing the market”, it certainly We need to do a lot of development, so as to achieve the user level.

Good News For HTC Smart Phone:

For HTC good news is that Google may be entering HTC a three-year contract and, therefore HTC through 20162017 2018 to 2019.

This is a good opportunity, HTC from its long recovery decline, annual production next Nexus phone sales trend.

HTC will be able to do it in 2017?

Google and HTC have entered a three-year contract before the thought of something. This undoubtedly means that HTC will be able to win this. In addition, this is the last chance to prove their market HTC. If HTC lost, this time, will not be recovered.

Therefore, we expect HTC in 2017. This will result in most of the market provides us with a top edge of the next HEC smartphone. Further improvements and updates are expected in the upcoming HTC’s next Nexus phone

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