New Concept Smartphones:

Samsung has established a fairly good brand name, and in the past few years, the development of the smartphones market. However, with the arrival of 2017, we can see the Samsung pressure itself attracted a total of three new mobiles.

Although we preview the best things come from South Korea’s high-tech manufacturing includes three of the most anticipated phones in the coming year, while detailed description of all causes. S

Great Problem:

Samsung has planned – by the mid-2017 launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 edge with precautions 7. The bigger problem, however, is that all three of these phones is almost the same features and specifications.

It can be said, is unlike any other Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or Samsung Galaxy S8 edge 6-inch tablet phone will have a curved display, but the facts and figures claim that these smartphones 3 in this or that 80% of the match.

With so many similarities, the user may go to the cheapest option. No one would like to buy an expensive phone with slightly cheaper phones have the same functionality. 

Too Much Competition:

The smartphone industry is expected to have a sudden rise in 2017 as new companies enter the market, competition will increase rapidly. This leads to the fact that, more competition, more broadly, for the user to choose from a selection.

LG, Sony, HTCAppleBlackberry, Huawei and many others will be introduced which will have almost the same functionality, S8 or S8 edge 2017 best phone.

Inflation Rate:

And increase the general price level, the smartphone price is expected to rise. People will be more willing to spend less on the mobile phone.

So, once again led to the fact that people will buy cheaper phones. In addition, the 6-inch Galaxy Note 7 may not be so much demand, as it would be more upset. It is considered “too big to be used.”

To The Last:

To be sure conclusion is that Samsung has put its own troubles launched three new phone is almost the same release date and almost the same specifications. This will lead to the fact that the price will be the most important things to consider.

With the 2017 launch, new smartphone in the market for personal sales each phone may be to reduce by a large proportion. But who knows?

Samsung may use a lot of ads or a different style of development of these three new phones. This will ultimately benefit all three Samsung devices in high success top mobile phone category in 2017 and from these phones in Samsung.

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