Health Lottery

Health Lottery television advertising has been banned misleading hinted that it has more than a rival draw Lotto winner.

Health Lottery then ran a TV ad 5 voice overs claimed: “There has never been a better time to play the lottery and more than 100 million students … £ bonuses, there are more winners too.” It also reflects the many previous winners, one of whom said: “Too many lottery ball machine has become too expensive.”

A viewer complained to the Advertising Standards Authority that the claims “there are more winners to” make misleading and health insurance Lottery Lotto (also known as the National Lottery) between.
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Health Lottery calls “winners” claim is the fact that the launch of the following health lottery, it increases the number of drawing a week from one to two references. Later, it increased again four of them draw a week in 2018, it launched a further draw, which means that it has now been five draws a week.

It said that each additional draw to create more and more winners, and added that they have recently launched a lottery with them, which creates more winners sweepstakes promotions.

It said that the claim was not intended to show that there are more than health Lottery Lotto winner more. It said that although the hosts appear in the ad two separate times, in health department she says in the ad all: “It’s easy to play, if you do online health lottery for you to check it out … and issued more than 100 million £ prize winners also have more.”

Health Lottery said that February 25, 2016, its bonus pay £ 105629867 and since its introduction, there have been 5,803,970 winners, and this figure is growing all the time.

Bureau said it is unclear from the ad, what host claimed that “there are more winners too” short.

It added that without any further context, the viewer is likely to interpret a claim, including the word “many” is a more – in this case united healthcare, between two lotteries – and so the ad ban.

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