Capital One 360:

Capital One 360 ​​is the new name for the old online banking brand. ING Direct. Capital One purchased ING Direct in 2012 and renamed it in 2013. If you are familiar with ING Direct, you will find many banking features and services that you are familiar with in Capital One.

The Basics of Capital One 360:

Capital One 360 ​​is a solid online bank. Banks usually have higher interest rates than physical banks or credit unions. You may not be able to find the best price on Capital One 360, but you will find competitive prices and competitiveness is usually good enough. If you have a large cash payment and deserve an additional 0.05% APY, you may be worth the time to compete for a better offer from Internet Banking. But for most of us, the Captial One 360 ​​is a very adequate account.

For those who are concerned about securing funds, the Capital One 360 ​​account is FDIC insurance.


A basic savings account may be the main attraction of Capital One Credit Card. This is an account that pays a decent return, with no minimum amount and no monthly fee. Prices are constantly changing, so you should check out the latest prices on their website, but you can earn more than any big bank.

To fund this account, you need to link it to an existing checking account at your physical bank. When you open an account, you will submit initial funds check, and Capital One will take your bank information from your check (your bank information is at the bottom of the check). Once the link is established, you can electronically transfer funds between Capital One 360 ​​and the physical bank. However, please note that you can only withdraw 6 times a month from your account (as well as other savings accounts) – if you want to withdraw more frequently, consider using a checking account.

Capital One 360 ​​Check:

If you want more access to cash (but you want it to get a little interest in the bank), you can use a Capital One 360 ​​checking account. Again, there are no fees or minimum fees for this account – but if you perform certain actions (such as returning a check), you will be charged. Other features of the checking account include:

These features are very similar to those provided by capital one online in your Electric Orange account. The main difference is that you can use a mobile device or computer for remote check deposits, and the Person2Person feature is also new. Note that if you have used Electric Orange for the remaining checks, you can continue to use these checks after changing the name.

Commercial Savings Account:

Like the old Orange for Business account, Capital One 360 ​​provides online savings account for businesses. Again, there is no charge or minimum fee for using this account. However, you must provide additional forms to set up an account in your business name. Unfortunately, commercial savings accounts are not paid as well as standard online bank accounts.

Child Savings Account:

Capital One 360 ​​also offers kids a savings account called Kids Savings Account. There are no fees or a minimum amount, and the account allows you and your child to save money in the name of the child. You (adults) don’t have to be parents – you can manage any child’s account. Capital One App will have unique login credentials so they can view their account but not your account. Adults can control deposits and withdrawals until the child reaches the age of 18 and converts the account into a standard 360 savings account.

Child savings accounts are a great way to teach children to save money from an early age.

Certificate of Deposit (CD):

If you want to earn more than 360 savings accounts, you can use CDs to increase your return. CD terms range from 6 months to 5 years, so you can find the time frame that suits your needs. Of course, if you withdraw funds early, you will have to pay a fine for early withdrawals. On Capital One 360, the penalty may exceed the interest you receive, so you can “invade the principal”.

Other Banking Products:

In addition to the above accounts, Capital One Bank ​​offers several types of home loans. If you buy or refinance a home, you can use a fixed-rate or adjustable-rate mortgage. You can also get credit lines through a variety of different repayment methods.

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