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Apple iPhone 6:

When it was released in 2014 the Apple iPhone 6 was one of the most popular smartphones on the market. With a completely rethought design, Apple loaded the iPhone 6 mobile, with a lot of custom software and hardware features.

The combination of hardware and software makes iPhone6 one of the most creative and powerful smartphones. However, Apple rivals have been introducing independent high-end mobile phones for the past year.

iPhone 6 Competitors:

The main among these has been LG with its G4 star phoneSamsung with its Galaxy S6Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge + range of smartphones.

Each with a similar range of custom technologies that phones have made many buyers rightly asks. if the iPhone 6’s time in the sun is over and it would be better to wait for the next Apple iPhone.

However, after having used the iPhone 6 solidly since its launch, we are happy to report. even though it is starting to show its age, There is still much to be desired about the Apple flagship 2014.

iPhone 6:


The iPhone 6 design selects the smooth curve and seamless joints between the screen and the back. This is a very different aspect of the iPhone 5S, it has a bright machine side. In addition to some plastic details on the back, it is made entirely of glass and metal and looks great.

It is not as flashy as its predecessor. The angular design of the iPhone 5S smartphone made it stand out more. It’s the same with the Apple iPad, although they marry the diamond cut edges with rounded metal sides.

It may not be so instantly surprising, but the iPhone 6 looks like it has been cut from a single piece of metal and glass and fused smoothly. The effect is particularly strong in the gray space finish and with the screen off.

It is a beautiful slab of black glass and anodized aluminum. We feel that the design is safe rather than innovative, however. The white bezel in the silver version ruins the seamless effect a bit – we would go for gray space every time.

iPhone 6 Style:

As always with Apple phones, the iPhone 6 model has an excellent balance, it simply feels good in the hand. The comfortable edges are also much easier on the palm than the sharpest on the Apple iPhone 5S and the thickness of 6.9 mm makes it feel elegant and strong.

Some homeowners are claiming that it may not be as robust as Apple expects. Reports of iPhone 6 bending in the pockets have emerged. We’ve had it in the front pocket of the jeans and we have not experienced any problems during the months we’ve been using it or the iPhone 6 Plus.

We are not talking about jeans, but we’ve been on a bike, the pocket is tight and there is no curve. In fact, from the initial anger, we heard very little. We have heard about Samsung Galaxy S6 similar reports. unless you intend to use this mobile as a seesaw, otherwise we do not have to worry about.

But we suggest you have a case. Like all the same phone, if you put it down, and its maintenance is not cheap, it may lead to the screen rupture. Before purchasing, please check out the best iPhone 6 case we chose.

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