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Apple iPhone 6:


If you have never heard of Retina, then it is Apple’s trademark also used in Apple iPhone 6. It refers to the resolution of the screen – that is, the display has an inch of pixels (PPI) and the usual viewing distance.

This means that even if you have perfect vision, you will not be able to find pixels in normal use.

For the iPhone 6 on the 4.7-inch monitor, that is, 326ppi, iPhone 4s before the same as each iPhone, prohibit packaging 401ppi Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

It is undeniable that if you only look at the numbers, the iPhone 6 screen will lag behind the competitor. It will not win the top Trumps. Compared to the QHD 5.5-inch display on the LG G3, the 1334 x 750-pixel resolution is poorer. But just like the number of megapixels of the camera sensor, this is just a partial story.

The screen on the iPhone 6 is great, probably only the back of the Samsung Galaxy S5, and the visual quality of the Note 4.
High color accuracy.

Whether you are watching movies or tapping the holiday button, the iPhone 6 display will show the correct color. Incredibly, when you tilt the screen, there is no color shift. It is impressive, although the benefits are controversial, you do not often cover your phone perspective.


More favorable is the peak brightness, up to 558 nits. It is enough to make it visible in bright sunlight. The screen is not reflective, which is more helpful in this regard.

So compared with the Galaxy S5, where is it? Very simple when it falls to contrast ratio. iPhone 6 LCD screen contrast is iPhone 5c twice, but still LCD. This means that it will try to show dark black. The light is flowing behind the pixels in the dark scene, which makes the black look a bit gray. More importantly, if you tilt the screen, the gray will have a big change.

We took the camera’s sensitivity and took a black room, shooting the pure black iPhone 6 (left) and the Samsung S5. Apple iPhone 6 can pass through the light, although it has nothing to do with the naked eye.

Galaxy S5 smartphone has a black scene and has excellent screen performance in low light conditions. We still like the color on the Apple iPhone 6, but AMOLED contrast is difficult to beat.

However, give us the choice between QHD LG G3 and iPhone 6 mobile, we will take the iPhone every time. It is only to show that the higher number of pixels of the game does not necessarily provide a better experience.

Sound Quality:

The speakers, where the Apple iPhone 6, Galaxy S5 and LG G3 lick is the area. It tries to be bigger and clearer than both, and if you do not have your headphones convenient, listen to movies or music is very good. The speaker grille is at the bottom, which means that you can accidentally remove the sound by hand. In addition to Apple made an impressive job – only HTC One M8 over the phone speaker sector.

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