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Apple iPhone Sales are Surprising Drops Down.

Apple iPhone Drops Down:

The company said in the latest results, that Apple iPhone sales in the first three months of 2017 were less than a year ago.

Californian companies will launch a new smartphone later this year and said they sold 50.8 million iPhones during the period, down 1% year-on-year.

Apple boss Tim Cook accused the client of waiting for the next iPhone to “pause”.Shares in the after-hours trading fell nearly 2%, and had expected the performance to rebound, to a record high.

Apple reported that the company’s revenue grew 4.6 percent to $ 52.9 billion (about $ 41 billion), slightly below analysts’ expectations.

Apple payments, iCloud and App Store, and other services were offset by iPhone sales decline, sales increased by 18% to $ 7 billion.
Mr. Cook also pointed out that Apple watches and their AirPods and Beats headset sales have increased.

Despite declining sales per unit, iPhone revenue is still up 1% to $ 33.2 billion, due to the “strong” sales of its larger, more expensive iPhone 7 Plus.

Analysis: Hope The 10th Anniversary of the iPhone:

British Broadcasting Corporation North American technical journalist David Lee Apple’s income.

Apple’s income is always the impressive year, which is the year after Christmas.

But due to the expected strong earnings in early Tuesday issued record-high stock prices, iPhone sales decline so investors are slightly dissatisfied.

Tim Cook told investors that he was also happy with the continued development of the service sector, which was like Apple iPhone, Apple TV, iTunesApple stock, etc., but Apple’s health was only successful with a versatile smartphone measured.

That’s why the rest of the time will be exciting to watch.

With the iPhone on our 10th anniversary, the expectations for the next device are high.

For an investor who conducts banking on the next iPhone, a major improvement will be disturbing, not incremental.

Analysts at GlobalData Retail noted that Apple iPhone revenue was $ 7 billion lower than two years ago.

“Neil Saunders, a general manager of global data retail, wrote in a note:” We emphasize that these facts will not be too harsh for Apple, but rather that the company only part of the recession from the previous fiscal year out.

“We believe that the company’s ripe product lineup does not have any important new devices,” he added. “It means that it has been trying to recover all the lost places.”

Last year, China’s economic slowdown is part of the reasons, China is once again difficult for Apple. China’s income fell by 14%, although Mr. Cook partially blamed the decline in currency volatility.

Canalys senior analyst Tim Coulling said that China’s smartphone market has a strong competitive edge, compared with the specifications of Apple. The price is cheap.

He said “it’s hard to come up with something revolutionary,” but he expects their new equipment to have a bigger screen.

apple support quarterly profit in the world reached 11 billion US dollars, an increase of 4.9%.

The company also announced that it would return an additional $ 50 billion to its shareholders.

apple id cash holdings have reached a record $ 265.8 billion. and the company is under increasing pressure to disclose its plans.

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