Apple’s New Stereo Speakers Plus Headphone Jack | iPhone7S And 7 Splus.


Stereo Speakers Plus Headphone Jack:

According to reports, Apple plans to get rid of the headphone jack, so that more specifications some space. The new Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus addition, appeared in August next year will not have a headphone jack, but will give classical stereo output through two speakers, the other one is put in place the headphone jack.


We have been hearing about the new iPhone 7 release for a long period of time, potential buyers now, many features are fascinated. However, I heard rumors of its latest iPhone 7S mobile, Apple is about to remove the provisions of the earphone jack to plug in headphones.

We also get the message, it will be through additional speakers, which will provide an enhanced quality output audio replaced.

Lightning Port Innovation:

Apple has now heard that the new mobile technology has been the lightning port, the technology will be able to provide dynamic sound elimination and better audio output.

Marketing Strategy:

In the leaked pictures we are very confirmed the news. After careful observation of the bottom of the housing you will not find a headphone jack.

Analysts say this has been done as a marketing strategy to sell Apple introduced the new wireless headset market compatible headset or light.

Loud, Better:

In this place the size of 3.5 mm headphone jack, there will be extra space generated by the speaker, which will provide more amplification and better sound quality, stereo output, in contrast, iPhone 6 and seniors mono output.

This will be more who like their loud music and clear users of all ages.

New Trends in Wireless Headphones:

In the absence of any provision headphone jack, users will be forced to buy a wireless headset or Bluetooth device, if they do not like it loud. Light compatible headset will soon become a new trend among iPhone users.

In addition, there is no lightning or wireless headset will work with the new iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7S is the future, consumers will have to be purchased separately.

Battery Life:

Therefore, dual speakers iPhone 7S mobile phone is expected in 2017, a new generation phone is thinner than the Apple iPhone 6, and the first Apple phone to provide protection from the water. In addition, iPhone 7S smartphone presumed to have active noise cancellation, this will not be added for the iPhone 7.

Speaker needs to improve battery life, it is expected that iPhone will finally be resolved battery life problems and to provide a new and improved battery for us.

We can say that iPhone in this new feature will be an interesting lot, but, on the other hand too many problems for the conclusions. Further improvements to the iPhone 7S telephone also made this year’s expectations.

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