Back To School or Uni – Your Perfect Companion, The Alcatel Plus 10.


Alcatel Plus 10:

Something new has reached in the tablet market that is Alcatel Plus 10 

Are you looking for the ideal tool to get the job done in a single school or at home, and go? The good news is that the days of carrying around a heavy old laptop has passed. Tablet PC is a choice, it is no secret that the tablet market is huge, everyone and their Nan had one of these days. Maybe you think it will be to do your homework or course the perfect tool. Sadly, there are some restrictions on what they can do: Office tablet version is more limited; it is difficult to move files among other things. So, how to solve this? Alcatel Plus 10

We need it compact and portable like 10 “tablet? Check. Lightweight, easy to move around? Check.

It is a powerful need to use the full version of Windows 10? an examination. Optional keyboard? an examination!

Alcatel plus 10 provides you with the best of both worlds; it allows you to complete the Windows 10 desktop experience, which means you can use the full version of Microsoft Office installed, you can not always run traditional programs on your tablet. It also has a keyboard can be connected to enable easy typing paper. On 10 “on the other hand and light as it is, it gives you a tablet portability, and use as you would other tablets cannot through the keyboard. How you use it is entirely up to you.

If you mainly need it to complete its work and will need to carry it has you covered.

If you mainly use it to YouTube, Facebook and Spotify, but occasionally need to do some homework, just buckle on the keyboard when you need it, go from tablet laptop – that’s it.

It gives you the benefits of 4G built-in keyboard, which means you can connect it via hotspot on tablets and phones, so you do not have to rely on slow WiFi library to download your files or wait for the cat video buffer.

With powerful processors, 32GB memory (Micro SD through extension), and up to 8 hours of battery life – you can move all day, work and play.

Alcatel plus 10, your ideal partner got something to do with the Windows 10 power supply, as well as kick back and relax with your favorite movie or music.



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