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Basics of Health Information Terminology | Health IT Terms.

Health Information Terminology:

Today, in The Health Information Terminology, your doctor may record your information in your office (sometimes called a “chart”). If you are hospitalized, your hospital will also keep a chart. Electronic Health Records (EHR) The simplest is the digital version of these paper charts.

Digital charts have several advantages, including allowing your doctor to easily understand whether you have expired for preventive screening or checking and keeping 24-hour fitness and health insurance.

Ideally, your doctor’s EHR can connect to a hospital, laboratory, pharmacy, or other doctors, so care for your people can have a better understanding of your fitness.

Today, the number of hospitals and hospitals is increasing, using EHRs, and turning to these systems every day. rogue fitness care is becoming increasingly popular in the healthcare industry, partly because they are safer and easier to use than paper, in part because the federal government is providing incentives for doctors and hospitals to improve care.

Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Health Information Exchange (HIE) is an electronic means of moving health information across multiple organizations. It is important to exchange fitness information to ensure that united healthcare provider has access to the latest information about you so that they can make a more informed decision on your care.

The HIE can improve the coordination of the care of the person who is seeing multiple providers by having the provider share important anytime fitness information.


Interoperability is the ability of two or more systems to communicate information or exchange information, as well as the use of exchanged information. Interoperability is not the same as health information exchange.

The exchange of information is only part of the image; once the information is exchanged, it must be used by the recipient. Communications using different systems may not be able to share and use information, so ONC is working to develop national standards to ensure that all fitness recording systems work seamlessly.

ONC is working with the health IT community to develop and harmonize standards, guidelines, and policies for interoperable lifetime fitness information exchange in an open and transparent process.

Developments in medical technology have long been confined to procedural or pharmaceutical advances while neglecting the most basic and essential component of medicine: patient information management. – John Doolittle

Personal Health Record (PHR)

The Personal Health Record (PHR) is another health IT term you may have heard. PHR is like EHR, except for your setup and control information. You do not have to wait for your doctor to build an electronic system in his or her practice.

One of your health care or health insurance providers may have provided PHR for your use. You can also create PHRs from other software and online services.

Similar to EHRPHR can be used as your most important la fitness information for electronic storage centers such as:

  • Emergency Contact
  • allergy
  • Disease or condition
  • drug
  • Date of immunization
  • Laboratory and test results

Your PHR may also have its own “application” – a program used on your smartphone – to help you improve your health net by linking with other devices such as the Web-enabled digital meter or pedometer in the health department.

Ideally, you should be able to link your PHR with your doctor’s EHR to make it a personal health or health partner “hub”, although most physicians may not yet be technically ready. PHRs can be maintained in a variety of formats, such as USB “Memory Stick” or password-protected Internet sites.

The advantage of PHR is that it’s about you. You decide whether to create one first and where to put it. Most of your work for group health is outside the doctor’s office, and you can use the PHR to record the information. You can include:

  • Non-prescription drugs
  • Sports habits
  • Sleep mode

You can even reflect your preferences and values on sensitive issues, such as lifecycle care. This is your record: you know more than anyone else what your records should contain.
For more information about PHR, see the video about PHR and these resources.

Electronic prescription

Have you ever seen your doctor or a person in the hospital send orders to the pharmacy through the computer? This is an electronic prescription (electronic prescription).

By electronic prescription, your doctor enters your prescription into the computer database. Then the order of the drugs is sent to your pharmacy through the network and can be filled out immediately.

The electronic prescription offers a variety of advantages over the traditional way of phone, fax, and paper.

  • First, it can save time because your pharmacist can understand if you need to fill out the prescription immediately, rather than letting you wait until you take off the prescription drug.
  • Second, it can save you money because a computer system might suggest an alternative or generic drug that is equally good but at a lower cost.
  • Third, it should be safer because it may be able to check whether the new drug is interfering with any other drug you are in or if you may be allergic to it? Your pharmacist may not mistakenly think of a graffiti prescription drug and give you the wrong medicine. However, like any other process of dealing with people, the electronic prescription is not entirely foolproof.

Some of the larger hospitals already have electronic prescriptions. Many large pharmacy chains are preparing to install the system or have the system with this ability. Electronic prescription requires your doctor and pharmacy to be electronically linked. Your doctor may not be able to do this today – but it is becoming more and more common…

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