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Best MacBook Pro 16-inch Review | Simply The Best Laptop Apple Has Ever Made.

Best MacBook Pro16-inch:

The latest Apple Best MacBook Pro 16-inch offers a bigger screen, more power and the end of that extremely controversial Butterfly keyboard. But is it worth spending money and you should really invest over £ 2,350 in one? has tested this laptop and here is our full review for Apple MacBook Pro.

The MacBook Pro is back to its glorious best. Apple’s latest portable PC aims to solve all the problems encountered on previous generation laptops and there is no doubt that the American company did just that.

The new 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro comes with a bigger screen, more power and an improved keyboard that puts an end to the Butterfly key trouble that has caused Apple so much pain in recent years.

There are also improvements to the thermal design that helps keep it cool under pressure and you’ll find a much larger battery hidden under the iconic aluminum housing.

Apple’s new 16-inch MacBook clearly has a lot to do, but is it worth that £ 2,300 starting price? has put the new Pro to the test since it was launched and here are our full MacBook Pro reviews.

The New Screen:

The brand new display is one of the biggest changes to the new MacBook Pro and is an extremely upgrade. Apple has increased the size of the display to squeeze a 16-inch Retina panel into the laptop and looks pretty spectacular.

Like all the latest Apple laptops, Retina technology makes pixels appear on the display and your content will appear as colorful and sharp as a newly made pin.

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Apple has also included the famous True Tone setting on this flagship machine that adapts to the lighting around you and makes the view much easier if you use it for a long time.

One of our favorite features on this new screen is that the size of the black frames has finally been reduced.

These were starting to look rather dated compared to some of its Windows 10-based rivals, as well as the Apple iPhone and iPad Pro ranges.

This not only improves the appearance of the new MacBook Pro but also means that you will get a bigger screen without the overall footprint of this machine going too far. It is worth noting that the size of the best MacBook Pro 16-inch is still slightly larger than before, so unless you were using a large laptop case or case for your current 15-inch model, you will probably have to buy a new protective case for your new bright car.

While the 16-inch display has a respectable resolution of 3072 by 1920 with a total of 5.9 million pixels, Apple has stopped offering a 4K panel. For those hoping to reproduce – or edit – Ultra HD movies on the road, this will be a bit disappointing.

However, when you turn on this device you will find a crystal clear screen that offers plenty of space to work and play.

The Keyboard:

Apple has not had the easiest time with its recent MacBook keyboards.

Its extremely problematic Butterfly keyboard design, introduced in March 2015, is now the standard on all its recent laptops. There have been numerous complaints about the tying experience on these machines with the feeling of typing – thanks to the incredibly short run of the individual keys compared to Apple’s desktop keyboards – not everyone’s tastes.

However, something more serious is that its design has been plagued by durability problems that have forced Apple to offer an extended warranty on all models.

Apple has certainly put all this behind it with the 16-inch MacBook Pro laptop that got a new set of keys inspired by the iMac.

This magical keyboard – as Apple is branding it – uses a traditional scissor mechanism with 1.0 mm stroke and a rubber dome designed by Apple that offers more responsive and satisfying key pressure while preserving more potential energy than previous projects.

Another Product from Apple is Apple iPhone 11.

There is no doubt that this is a huge improvement over the previous keyboard design. In fact, writing about this new MacBook laptop is reminiscent of the days before switching to a butterfly design. And it’s something we are immensely happy about.

The Design:

At first glance, the new Pro looks very similar to the laptops that have gone before it …but that’s no bad thing. Apple’s iconic aluminum design still oozes class and there’s very little that comes close to its premium build quality.

This latest laptop feels tough enough to survive daily life on the road and owners can expect it last many years stuffed in their rucksacks.

There’s also another bonus of the design as, with Apple pushing the new display closer to the edges, you get that bigger screen without the overall size increasing too much. Place the 15-inch and 16-inch side-by-side and you’ll only spot a very minor difference in dimensions.

Don’t get us wrong, this is a large and pretty heavy laptop that won’t suit everyone. However, it’s still perfectly portable and you won’t have any issues carrying it around town.

There are loads to love about the design but it’s worth mentioning that Apple is sticking with its USB-C ports with two on either side.

This means you will still need those annoying dongles if you want to connect your external devices and plug in your camera’s memory card.

This isn’t anything new and most Mac users are well used to this concept plus it does have one big positive.

With all those ports it means you can charge the MacBook from any side which is definitely a big bonus over the aging MagSafe connectors.

Frustratingly, Apple still refuses to pop a little charging light on the cable which means you’ll need to open the lid to check if it’s refilling or has a full tank.

Let’s hope that the update finally returns in the future.

MacBook Pro Speed:

Apple’s new MacBook Pro is now powered by the latest 6-core and 8-core Intel i9 processors. To boost things further, you can configure the machine with up to 64GB RAM to make every task appear silky smooth.

Helping performance even further is a more advanced thermal architecture. Thanks to larger impellers with more blades, new fans improve airflow by 28 percent keeping things cooler and helping to make sure the MacBook runs to its full potential more of the time.

If you’re concerned about MacBook storage then this last model should ease the stress with it now configurable to feature a whopping 8TB of internal memory – double what was available on the previous generation.

We’ve been photo editing, gaming and using this MacBook for all of the daily digital tasks and haven’t faced any issues with performance.

An amazing blockbuster smartphone Realme 5 Pro.

We’ve also spoken to other pro users who have seen big gains in performance with the best MacBook Pro 16-inch model clearly a much more capable machine than anything that has gone before it.

MacBook Pro 16-inch Battery:

Apple has boosted the new MacBook Pro battery and that means a few extra hours of life are coming to your lap. With a giant 100-Wh battery inside, users should see a boost to performance with Apple claiming the best MacBook Pro 16-inch can last for around 11 hours.

We’ve been running a video test on our model and it’s performed pretty well with over three hours of playback only making 40 percent dent in the battery – that certainly seems better than the current 15-inch model, which was by no means a battery life champ.

Along with those video tests we’ve also been pummelling it with our daily digital chores which include writing in Pages, surfing the web in Chrome and editing photos in Photoshop.

With all these applications running you will make a much bigger dent in the battery life with us getting around 5-6 hours on a single charge. That’s better than before but it’s worth remembering that you may need to find somewhere to refill it if you are a heavy user.

To power up this monster battery, Apple has had to rethink its charger but with some clever design has managed to increase the performance of the power pack without making it any bigger.

It’s not quite the same iPhone 11 Pro level of fast-charging we’ve seen on some rival laptops, but the new charger does manage to refill the hefty new battery cell to around 60 percent in an hour.


If you want a laptop to play some songs, this could be the device you’ve been waiting for. Apple has packaged a six-speaker audio system with force-canceling woofers inside this laptop and the result is incredibly impressive.

Place this new Apple laptop against some of its rivals and you will realize how good it sounds.

In fact, this Mac surpasses some dedicated audio devices we’ve tested this year and Apple clearly has a fabulous audio team at its headquarters in Cupertino.

Check Galaxy S10.

This new Mac now joins the HomePod and the latest AirPods Pro as some of the gadgets with the best sound you can buy right now.

And it’s not just listening to this Mac that has been improved since the new Pro also has studio-quality microphones for those who want to record audio on their laptop.

What Is Missing In The Best MacBook Pro 16-inch:

The new MacBook Pro is an impressive machine and solves many of the complaints about the previous generation, not to mention abandoning the terrible keyboard that has caused so many reliability headaches.

That being said, there are some things we would have expected to appear in a dramatic update of the MacBook Pro line – something that happens on this scale only a few times every decade. This includes the face recognition ID of the industry leader from the iPhone and iPad lines. Given the position of a laptop screen when you use it, the category seems perfectly suited to unlocking as soon as you open the lid and recognize your face.

Subsequently, although the battery charges quickly enough, there is no official claim for fast charging and, as we have already said, you will still have to deal with a bag full of dongles if you want to connect something to this machine. Since it is marketed by professionals, this means that you will need a cable for DSLRs, video cameras, external monitors, SD cards, the list could continue… and each of these is sold separately by Apple.

One Last Thing To Note:

you really have to make sure to specify this laptop according to needs before buying because updating something in the new MacBook Pro is not easy.

Best MacBook Pro 16-inch Price:

It’s the best MacBook Pro 16-inch, so, as you’d expect, there are no opportunities to grab.

The best MacBook Pro 16-inch price is just over £ 2,300, which is actually the same as last year’s car.

It’s not a bad value for what you’re getting, but things can go much worse if you start adding extras.

Upgrade the processor, add 64 GB of RAM and a huge 8 TB hard drive and you could face a count of well over £ 5,500ouch!

Best MacBook Pro 16-inch Verdict:

Apple is back with a very skilled laptop.

This new machine receives so many updates that Apple fans have asked for and it comes at a price that, although still expensive, has not actually been increased.

With the same money you would have spent on the previous 15-inch MacBook Pro, you will now get a bigger screen, a significantly improved keyboard, better battery life, and more processing power.

There are also those ridiculous speakers, the possibility of adding a huge 8 TB hard drive and things are cooler thanks to that advanced thermal architecture.

We have very few complaints about this machine. in fact, our only main criticism is the continuous need for a bag full of keys if you want to connect or connect something to your MacBook.

Apple is paying some attention to its best MacBook Pro 16-inch laptop users and the new MacBook will certainly not disappoint those in search of the ideal laptop.

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