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Best Smartphones of the year – LG, Galaxy, Note, iPhone, Xperia, Xiaomi.

Best Smartphones:

We are talking about the best smartphones because Smartphones have quickly become the most popular technology product in the world, with each new year of technological change innovations always see this.

What we have heard of the new smartphones in 2017 Each of us has a lot of expectations, because all of the big players, including AppleSamsungLGmilletHTCSonyMotorola, and many will debut again, we I do not see the innovations.

The prospects for 2017 on top of the best smartphones including expected, and some new features debut to improve the existing models of many familiar names. The new features will be treated as operating two new Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems that will enhance the best features of many mobile phones. Best Smartphones

Whether 2017 Android and Apple’s smartphones and mobile payments are expected to take security to a whole new level. Not only can easily check out when shopping but doing so with enhanced safety has become a growing trend the development concern.

It is expected that the innovations include eye sensor technology, enhanced wireless charging, a true 4K display, the concept of folding, a 30MP camera, and so much more. Some of us have heard do not see, we will see in the 2017 model is 5K connectivity, as well as real folding flagship.

All of the top smartphones in 2017 require a thorough understanding of this preview specification, features, price, and release date Apple and Android smartphones give you great insight into things to come. Next, we conducted an in-depth look at the 2017 release of the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 edge, iPhone 7S, Galaxy Note 7, LG G6, LG G Flex 4, the Xiaomi MI8, and Xperia Z7

Samsung has launched some of the most anticipated smartphones every year, and the new Galaxy S8 looks significantly better than the current model. With Sami wanting to take advantage to become the first flagship store launched in 2017, you can expect consumer interest to a high.

With the Samsung Galaxy S7 to start in early 2016, it will not take long for the S8 official specifications to be disclosed. Nevertheless, we have heard a lot of rumors that North Korea showed that Samsung is considering the launch of a new concept S8 things. Best Smartphones Best Smartphones

Success in both Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge models is expected in what most consumers expect to significantly improve. As more and more consumers are increasingly dependent on their holding in their hand, expect GS8 to hold more, and do more.

This seems to be the biggest difference in the upcoming Galaxy S8 idea because it sounds like extended memory will be seen again. It is also rumored It’s a GS8 edge and highly durable, multi-function integrated series. In addition to this, we will see Samsung’s best camera specifications do not, expandable memory, a faster processor, more efficient batteries, and more.

Below, we launched in 2017 and are expected to take a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy S8 specifications information, features, price, and release date. Best Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specifications – 30MP Rear Camera, 9MP Front Camera, 3D, And Optical Image Stabilization Plus:

Galaxy S8 camera specifications look promising according to the latest rumors about 30MP rear shooter centers. In 30MP camera looks like a beast on the market to improve one of the best smartphone cameras. It will look more impressive to 4K display to good use, which will help bring out the best still images and video playback.

We have also heard rumors that the motion in front of Turtle is 9 megapixels. When an enhanced version of the OIS, it can be called optical image stabilization plus will increase by a slight camera movement, sometimes it leads to naturally blurred.

More innovation is a true 3D photographic effect the latest rumors. This is considered as an option selected by the user who may be directed to take any 3D or 2D graphics and photography.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs – Qualcomm 820 SoC and 6GB RAM:

We would like to see two processor variants, including the highly regarded and the Exynos SoC Qualcomm 820 variants. According to where you live, all Android smartphones will see 820 processors in most high-end 2017, including the gold standard GS8 and GS8 edges.

Coupled with 6GB RAM, efficiency, speed, and processing capacity will create the fastest processor, one of which will enhance the mobile experience.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs – 5.2 “or 5.4” 4K display.

THE2 Galaxy S8 display size is rumored to come in either 5.2 “or 5.4” and exercises a real 4K display. With a resolution of 3840 × 2160, it was just a matter of time before we see something bigger. We heard rumors of a resolution up to 7680 points ¯x4320 (FUHD), but it is unlikely in the eighth generation Galaxy S smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 features – a 4200 mA battery, wireless charging, and Micro SD support double

As consumers demand more power, the battery is 4200 mA which seems likely. A non-removable battery will also support wireless charging which will compare the charger cable to provide users with more features and less time to upgrade their wireless charging of mobile phones. Add wireless charging capabilities to the handset quick charge from 0 –50% less to 25 minutes, in a wireless manner.

It sounds like Galaxy S8 will bring back support for dual Micro SD cards. This has been a long time coming, but a necessary function to consider what we need to store on our mobile phones. Expandable memory to provide users with an additional 256GB, we will be able to save our palm image, the application is almost unlimited, and all the more.

Galaxy S8 Features – waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, folding concept, retinal eye scanner

One of the things in the Galaxy S series of previous models lacks standard waterproof and shockproof features. The galaxy series offers two positive features and a rugged design together, but it is not as it would make the Galaxy S8 way.

Korea proposes leaked Samsung Galaxy S8 will move both shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof, with at least an IP68 rating. This means that in the last of a series of activities, as we have also heard GS8 and Note 7will use the same IP rating.

One of the biggest features consumers is waiting to see if Samsung has confirmed the real folding concept is on the way. And it has been implicated Sammy and leaks also signed a patent, we know that a foldable smartphone is on the way. We believe that the S8 is not foldable, but a new series will be launched in 2017.

A 3D display is also rumored on many 2017 flagships, including GS8 all variants, including to be seen GS8 edges. The three-dimensional display with 4K resolution will bring out the most dynamic and can be opened and closed by the time they watched it depends on the user to switch the display. 3D pictures, games, and videos directly to the phone are the most realistic viewing Samsung Galaxy S8 we’ve ever seen in one viewing experience.

What eye sensor technology that we know to be a long time coming, it sounds like Samsung to give it to all of the 2017 flagship projects. Reportedly equipped with a retinal eye scanner, the fingerprint scanner gives an increased next dimension and will enhance the phone’s security features. It is expected to make mobile payment solutions to provide consumers with the Android charge, charging Google and Samsung to pay a huge presence enhanced.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date And Price:

According to a new leak, the Galaxy S8 release date will be earlier than expected. It sounds like Sami is making the official launch in January at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. We hope that this, too, because could mean the worldwide launch, as in most markets, including the United States, South Korea, Britain, China, Canada, Germany, and India in early March.

S8 listing price is expected to start around $ 800 for the standard model and $ 900 up to $ 1000 for expandable memory. Those in Europe can expect to see a price tag of around 775 euros, which is equivalent to about 545 £.

Samsung Galaxy S8 edges look improved, we have seen so far the most innovative flagship. With double curved edge smartphone interests of consumers looking to make 2017 the third time is the highest level in history. Samsung did not become the top smartphone maker is not known as one of the reasons in the world, and soon we will see another reason.

The GS8 edge looks promising, if you are looking forward to the world one of the many third-generation models around, then you’ll be pleased to know that it is well worth the wait. Expected to get in more packaging will facilitate the adoption of next-generation smartphones to a new level, it includes many new features, is almost here.

Some of the biggest rumors are expected in the new Galaxy S8 edge include a slightly larger screen, stunning 4K resolution, 3D viewing, 3D camera, and more. It is believed that GS8 Edge will be unveiled next to the standard model, and a few months earlier than originally anticipated.

Ready for the next big event as GS8 Edge is one of the 2017 best smartphones, something is sure to impress.

Samsung Galaxy S8 edge specifications – 28MP rear camera, 800-megapixel front camera, and 3D functionality

At the edge of the camera specifications, S8 will start with 28MP rear and 800-megapixel front camera. Self-lovers and those looking for an amazing photography experience, you’ll love the built-in 3D capabilities.

The 3D smartphone camera is not exactly a new trend, HTC is one of the earliest, but poor performance has left much to be desired. In the standard version and S8 Edge rumors shoot 3D camera effects to a new level and talk about the whole package specifications, it would be difficult to find better.

Samsung Galaxy S8 edge specs – Qualcomm SoC 820, Exynos chipset, and 6GB RAM

There will certainly be an upgrade of the Exynos chipset and faster Qualcomm 820 SoC. Samsung Electronics is usually loaded with both their flagship chipset and based on where you live, which will depend on you.

We may see a Qualcomm processor speeds up to 3.0GHz, while the Exynos chipset is still a mystery. 5 Dao 6 GB RAM is possible, it will be performed in both the Galaxy Note 7 & S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 edge Specifications – 5.3 “4K Display:

Samsung is using all of their 2017 flagship real 4K display. UHD resolution 2017 will be the most smartphones, including the standard gold S8 edges. Double back along the way will make the concept of the edge in the market quickly become the most popular smartphone one of the concepts.

Samsung Galaxy S8 edge features – 4000 mAh battery, fast wireless charging, and expandable memory

Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile looking for an edge to enhance the battery as we have heard reports of 4000 mA when the battery will provide a sufficient amount of power. Samsung’s quick charge function will be faster, and those who look forward to wireless charging will be pleased to know that it would also be improved.

And not just one, but two Micro SD card slot is also considered expandable memory, the onboard memory will provide an additional 128GB. 64GB variant is also expected that this will provide a total memory of nearly 200GB.

Metal surroundwaterproofdustproofshockproofretinal scanners, and Fingerprint Scanner

Like the standard S8, the S8 edge will use an all-metal one-piece design. The plastic shell is finally a thing of the past, Samsung has finally moved to a more durable, and higher quality look metal composite material.

We have also heard rumors will use the S8 IP67 rating, which means it will be waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. These characteristics are becoming which Samsung retains the previous model’s AT & T’s flagship series of activities as a standard today.

As mobile payments become more popular, I would like to see two retinal eye scanners and a fingerprint scanner. A retinal eye scanner is considered to be on the screen, while the Home key will greatly improve the integration of a fingerprint scanner.

This will cause the phone almost% safe because both can be used to lock and unlock the phone. Mobile payment will be faster while providing it would be tempting expect growing trend who most excellent computer security.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge – Release Date And Price:

We fully expected the release date in early 1 CES in Las Vegas during the official. The annual scientific and technological activities are one of the most anticipated events this year, and in 2017 we expect to see GS8, GS8 Edge, and LG G Flex 4 debut.

Samsung has achieved a new production method, and ultimately speeds up the whole process, which helps launch earlier than previous models of their phones. New production methods can vary in concept throughout that makes it faster to change, which also makes the production process a much cheaper way to build the manufacturing stage.

If the latest rumors hold release date, we can see the Milky Way S8 two variants, including the edge of variability in March 2017 and is expected to the S8 edge than the starting price of about $ 900 U.S. standard model here in a little more. This is equivalent to about 820 euros and 5690 yuan, mostly with a dual Micro SD card slot variant of about $ 100.

Apple iPhone 7S – Best Smartphones 2017 Preview:

Apple’s upcoming Apple iPhone 7S release will be undeniably one of the smartphones in 2017 the most anticipated, and for good reason. iPhone brand has become comparable to all of the Android smartphone phones on the market and with each new version the peak consumer interest more than before the launch.

It sounds like a lot is in store for the iPhone 7S, which will best Android smartphone competition from Samsung, LG, HTC, and Sony in 2017. The latest trend is expected the best, packed in with other Apple peripherals and expected huge marketing. Expect Apple to observe 3, the latest product iPad AirApple paid a seamless interface.

Early rumors in the summer 2017 launch of Samsung Galaxy and iPhone 7S and S8 and a slightly larger iPhone 7S comparable competition coupled the Galaxy Note 7 flagship direct competition with 7S.

Worldwide, mainly in China, there have been many imitators, such as millet, but few can achieve what Apple on the global market to do. It will be interesting to see if Apple can maintain its nearly 50% market share in the growing competitive market with other contenders for this year’s smartphones like.

Below, we disclose the latest rumors about the 2017 launched iPhone 7S, including camera specificationsprocessorfeaturesrelease date, and price.

Apple iPhone 7S specifications – 24MP rear camera, 7MP front-facing camera, and optical image stabilization plus

It sounds more and more like Apple wants to enhance the camera’s specifications but also introduced some new features that will appeal to those who wish to get the most out of your phone. We are looking for a 24MP rear camera and a front camera of 7MP, which will be a huge improvement in the iPhone 7 smartphone.

We also expect to see an upgraded version of the optical image stabilization as well as in front of the camera lens turtle wider. This will help create some of the most vibrant photos and the recorded video will appear smooth and completely natural. OIS helps minimize typically occurs with the natural movement of the smartphone and the influence of the camera.

Apple iPhone 7S Specifications – Octa-Core A10 Processor And 4GB of Memory:

We believe that we will see both the iPhone 7S and 7S plus a new octa-core A10 processor. The grape juice faster processor will be seamless and iOS, which will make the phone run much faster, and the latest version significantly cooler. Onboard will be 4GB of memory, which will further enhance the user experience.

Users will be able to multimedia and productivity while at the same time without interrupting the operation of these two countries in transition from one program to another.

Apple iPhone 7S Specifications – 5.1 “4K Display With A Resolution of 4096 × 2160:

iPhone 7S specification behind the 5.1 “screen is a wonderful and true 4K display. The display will mean in 4K 4096 × 2160 resolution, which will enhance the Retina display. We can also see a three-dimensional touch technology built into a force display, which will help in the sensitive touch screen different effects. lightly touch or tap water will cause a response, while the squeeze will lead to a completely different reaction on the display.

Apple iPhone 7S Specifications – 3300 mAh Battery, Wireless Charging, And 320GB Total Memory:

A previous iPhone‘s biggest disappointment has been less than stellar battery power. So, 7S aims to please because we heard the 3300 mA battery will be found when the ship will be significantly improved continuous talk time and text data available. In addition, wireless charging will allow users to not only improve the ability to wirelessly charge but must be quicker than before.

Expected to be one of the biggest surprises is a total onboard memory, 320GB. Memory is considering beefing up some users have been asking for a storage device, all that capacity. There should also be two models to choose from, including local storage of 32GB and 64GB, Dual Micro SD card slots while providing 128GB each.

Apple iPhone 7S Features – Eyes Sensing Technology, Apple Charges, And Fingerprint Scanner:

Some of the most notable features include iPhone 7S whether retinal or iris eyes scanner. Eye sensor technology is expected to be in the marketing concept of the new iPhone and is expected to increase to pay huge with Apple. Apple’s mobile payment has become the largest but working with the wider acceptance of Google’s Android paying comparable.

Eye scanners will add a new dimension to the security of mobile payment and this will be internal security is evident. If the fingerprint scanner is still there, which would make it one of the most secure iPhone 7S phones. There are increased security trends that we consider all stored on our mobile phones and will only depend on growing, adding a growth trend.

7 seconds two versions will also be launching at the same time and at the same time and the new Android smartwatch Apple Watch 3. The third-generation Apple Watch will be used for those looking for independence, support for 4G is fully compatible. I want to see a package that will allow consumers to buy at the same time, at a lower price.

Apple iPhone 7S Release Date And Price:

In the latest release date, the iPhone 7S name suggests Apple will seek to launch its new flagship faster than previous models. As early as 7 note published rumors than expected, we hear the same as in 2017 launched iPhone 7S. If we hear is true, we can see the global launch as early as late August to 1 week in September.

7S and 7S are added to the price, the latest rumors suggest lower prices than the normal launch. Many consumers, especially in Asia, seeking start-ups, such as millet at a much cheaper price, which will bode well for consumers introducing a similar smartphone. This means that we can see the launch price of $ 750- $ 800 standard model, as well as the premium iPhone 7S priced at only $ 800 plus began.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review

The long-awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has finally arrived. Samsung’s Note series is designed with advanced and excellent phones one of the best series of intelligent hardware. There are now buried in this regard, the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note device 7 many leaks.
If you are planning to buy a smartphone, but expect the review, then you are we want to share with you today the right place the detailed review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Design:

Samsung has been in the smartphone it offers great design. A major redesign in the Samsung Galaxy S6 is regarded as the device that came with a one-way body design. Post Introduces Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, and Note 5 after launch, with a beautiful design of these two smartphones.

If we talk about the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you’ll get a superior design device. This smartphone is equipped with a two-glass design. You do not get any tactile home button on the device. The heart rate sensor is right next to the camera lens device is located.

One, you will get the Galaxy Note 7 interesting thing is the iris scanner on the device adds an extra layer of security.

In the C-USB charging port at the bottom between the two speakers, then the S-pen. You do not need to worry about S- the pen in Note 7, because it will not go back to the device as before in the Galaxy Note 5. SS- pen similar to last year but there are some changes in the pen, to provide a better feel.

Although Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a curved smartphone, Samsung provides a great design, which makes it very easy for one to hold the device in their hands. Since NOTE 7 comes with IP certification, it will provide additional water protection. You can even use the S Pen when you are in the water, but we do not know.

Coming to a display device, you will get a quad-core 5.7 inches HD Super AMOLED display which is a display screen. You’ll get great views and color saturation thanks because there are different AMOLED model, which comes from the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. four high-definition display, and you can change the display settings of the device, according to your preferences.

You’ll get the default screen mode in the device-adaptive mode, the screen will change as you are watching the content on the screen. You can also set the device to maintain the region and change the device’s resolution. From here you can make up to 720P HD resolution.

If you love the active display, then you will love the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 total exhibition display is always available but the Samsung Galaxy S7 customization options displays always find what you want to go to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

You can choose from a variety of manufacturing an image clock, calendar, or can. You can also personalize the display of text block activity which is a good choice.

Galaxy Note 7 Performance:

Samsung Galaxy smartphones all know, and you intend to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 also received high performance. If you like to play games, then you’ll love the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, because it is equipped with a powerful processor and GPU enormous, which will live up to your expectations.

If we talk about you get a Snapdragon processor 820,4 GB RAM and the Adreno 530 GPU hardware devices along. If you are living in the West, then you can get your hands on a variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note the Exynos 8890 processor 7. Snapdragon 820 is the best processor where it can ensure that you get the best Samsung one of the good performance of the Galaxy Note 7.

Coming to RAM, you will get 4 GB of RAM, which is a disappointment because we expect Note 7 to have 6 GB of RAM and at least reach the device. When we tested the equipment we are satisfied with the performance when we hit the asphalt 8 device is not lagging.

Galaxy Note 7 Hardware:

There is a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that provides only one storage option, which is 64 GB, but Samsung has provided a micro SD memory card slot, you can use up to 256 GB of capacity to add a Micro SD card. When we tested voice quality and reception equipment, we are pleased because there is no decline in the hardware live to our expectations.

Note 7 car speakers are not up to the mark, it could have been better. If you like music, you’ll love the Note 7 as the device you want to get the headset is simply mesmerizing.

You can note 7 This is where all the fans get a treat SoundAlive. You can Galaxy Note 7. The equalizer also has an option, that will analyze how to listen to love his songs, and adjust to your audience dial and sliders messing custom sound, according to your needs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Life:

The smartphone battery is always concerned about attention. Samsung provide a Galaxy Note smartphone battery of 3500 mA when seven made a good move. Even smartphones are rather slim, Samsung has succeeded in packaging equipment giant 3500 mAh battery, and will not influence the construction of premium. Best Smartphones Best Smartphones 
There are many Galaxy Note No. 7 battery power saving options, users can ensure the proper use of the device.

You can go to Settings, then set the device battery management and equipment to play up, but you can easily get rid of extra storage space, and change some settings on the device, if your goal is to get better battery life attention on 7 items like you can reduce your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 of the resolution, reduce processor power consumption.

An Iris Scanner:

To provide an additional layer of security in Note 7, Samsung has provided an iris scanner for the device. Infrared cameras will scan your eyes, and will only allow you to access the device.
If you are using glasses, then you need to remove them, then stared at the camera lens, once your eyes are buying, you will be able to easily access your device.

Just an iris scanner for a few days, you will be able to use it without any difficulty. Iris scanner is also fast, unlike the traditional fingerprint reader that was in most smartphones.

Note 7 Camera:

Samsung offers a Samsung Galaxy S7 camera Galaxy Note 7, which means you’ll get a 12-megapixel rear shooter with an f 1.7 aperture. Equipment double pixel technology will help you in the light conditions shooting beautiful pictures, and will also provide a fast autofocus option. Here are some pictures of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 captured.

In front is a 5-megapixel camera with a wide angle that captures stunning self-portraits.

Galaxy E7 has no webcam application of several improvements, you can easily start it. In the home button, your Galaxy Note 7 to start the camera application simply double-click.

If you find it difficult to use the camera application, you can open the settings, and minimize the interface of the application. You can easily do the 4K video recording equipment, use HDR to capture amazing shots, and do more things in your Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Prices:

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is expected in India and Rs 59,900 price tag is available. Since only a storage option in the device, you’ll get this price 64 GB variants.

Launch Date:

According to the report, there is expected to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be launched on August 22, we can not determine the launch date, but we will update as soon as we get some more information on our blog. Best Smartphones Best Smartphones 

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for the power users great smartphone. Iris scans, and IP authentication, add more value, to this high-quality smartphone. What are your views about Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Let us know using the comments section below.

LG G6 – Best Smartphone 2017 Preview:

LG G-series has long been considered one of the best smartphones of the year, and in 2017 launched the LG G6 will be another reason. The latest installment of one of the most sophisticated mobile phones that will make it the sixth-generation model has increased the attractiveness of sexy, and it will bring some new features in return.

LG has all but confirmed the launch, as it passes through LG G10 patents, so we already know that the 2017 model is moving our way. This means that the upcoming sixth-generation mobile phones, and in 2011 adopted a series of the minimum.

LG Electronics said in a statement confirmed that in the future there will be last year leading to 2017 foldable smartphones that we do not want to see is for LG G6 sports folding concept, which is rumored to be either in the Flex LG G 4 or a new series of all together. Nevertheless, the change is a huge, shop, including a fine premium look, new features, and not just LG peripherals and a better interface, but all peripherals.

Below, we detail what we know so far, the latest rumors all LG G6 specifications, features, release date, and price information. Best Smartphones Best Smartphones 

LG G6 Specifications – 24MP Rear Camera, 7MP Front-Facing Camera, And 3D Technology:

LG’s G6 specification will include a 24MP rear camera and front camera 7MP, the function and the OIS, laser autofocus, geo-tagging and face recognition, and a dual-LED box. There are rumors that the Sony consumer camcorder by Sony Mobile has created some of the most advanced we’ve seen smartphone cameras a good sign of manufacturing.

3D technology is that we all want to see the front and rear cameras are expected to play a role. This is a very long time to come, and LG G6 rumored features for viewing and shooting 3D photos and videos seamlessly support it. Preloaded find LG application will allow users to take full advantage of creativity, change, and share with others what is taken.

At the beginning of the processor, there are rumors that we will see a new Qualcomm Snapdragon 3.0GHz of a processor. It is uncertain if the new processor will be an upgraded version of Qualcomm SoC 820, or if we will see a completely new processor but would like to see if Qualcomm’s manufacturer is yes. With onboard memory 5GB of memory, it will be not seen as the fastest LG G smartphone.

LG G6 Specifications – 5.6 “4K Sapphire Screen With Gorilla Glass 4:

LG is likely to go LG G6 5.6 “sapphire screen displays crystal clear with 4K resolution, it would be like to watch TV and videos in the comfort of your own home amazing visual effect has been sufficiently improved. 4096 × 2160 is too the idea is that the resolution of smartphones in the past, thanks to the Sony Xperia Z5 accomplish.

The G6 is expected to drop from providing other types of damage to the screen and excellent protection. The new version of Gorilla Glass 4 will provide better durability and is being hailed as a virtually indestructible screen overlay. Best Smartphones Best Smartphones 

LG G6 Specifications – 4200 mA battery, fast wireless charging, as well as expandable memory of 128GB Best Smartphones Best Smartphones 

A huge 4200 mAh battery, I believe that the ship, which would be good, because the battery will not be moved to be found. In G6 design will be a one-piece metal composite. Fast Wireless charging lets you put the phone directly to the stringed pad inserted without the phone itself inches.

The new composite materials will allow mobile phones lighter and more durable, while increasing our previous models have been seen already an impressive attraction. Five color choices will also include black, blue, copper, gold, and white carrier-specific colors, and leather choices will also be available. 32 and 64GB models will offer different prices of about $ 100 and optional 128GB Micro SD cards are a more extended memory.

LG G6 Features – Retina or iris Scanner Android 7.0, waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof:

All of the 2017 top smartphones are expected to be integrated with eye sensing technologies, including LG G6. Expect one or two onboard sensors which can be a retina or iris scanner found. The premise is the same, but the iris scanner is considered to be more sensitive and less time spent. It would also be a cost, it is expected to cost more than choosing to stick with the retinal scanner smartphone. 

Android 7.0 will be the latest Google operating system at the time LG introduced G6, it is expected to be preloaded found. Time-dependent and will be different for the smartphone 7.0 is not expected to launch the Nexus device, until the end of 2016 which means that the battery support and adjustment of the new operating system to meet the needs of the device, particularly, but the operator’s Suppliers should have their finishing touches done well before, in May 2017 launch

LG G6 Release Date And Price:

LG’s G6 release date is very typical of what this means we are likely to see in mid-April 2017 was officially declared at the beginning of the end of pre-orders and may be delivered in the same month, last seen in mid-May by the consumers to buy Start.

The launch price of the Samsung S8 launched shortly before, to see the price tag attached to the 32GB model of the desired $ 750 was quite competitive. It sounds like we will not see a 32GB model for the LG G6 in the 32 or the internal memory, it will be expanded to 128GB or 64GB. 64GB model will cost slightly more, but even at $ 800- $ 850, it would still S8 and standard versions

The LG G Flex 4 – Best Smartphone 2017 Preview:

One of the most innovative mobile phones for the first time as a fourth-generation Flex LG G Flex will be launched in early 2017 LG G 4 is expected to introduce the activities during the International Consumer Electronics Show in January in Las Vegas. The G Flex 4 is expected to have a self-healing back, which we have come to appreciate in the previous model, but a new concept is being rumored

The Flex and G series has become a very popular part of the world, because of its innovative features, such as a self-healing back and bendable displays. The two sides have become synonymous with the previous version, but both are expected to make a return in the fourth-generation model.

One of the most popular LG G Flex 4 rumors of a real folding design, will have a choice, an independent center of the screen. We also heard the display itself will get some extra inches and a 4K resolution, a faster processor. It will be interesting to see if we have seen in previous models the flexible concept, with returns folding design, but we will update you in the affirmative

The following LG G Flex 4 Preview of the need for a thorough understanding of the specifications, features, release date, and price.

LG G Flex 4 specifications – 21MP rear, 7MP reception, dual-LED and 3D camera support

The current G Flex phone’s biggest disappointment is the poor camera specifications, but it is expected it will be a thing of the past. There are rumors that we will see a standard feature of a 21MP rear and front camera 7MP, including dual, LED, geotagging, face recognition, and optical image stabilization together. Best Smartphones Best Smartphones 

The biggest improvement remains to be seen, but we can see that support a full 3D camera. This means that the 3D function is likely to be taken into the user and view photos and record and watch videos in full 3D capability, the correct construction. In the 3D function on / off for those looking for 2D, it will still support the switch.

LG G Flex 4 Specifications – Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC of The 820 2.8GHz Processor And RAM 5GB:

The latest LG G Flex 4 release date rumor is that our previous models have seen a fairly consistent. It will be launched in mid-February arrival means the official said during the annual Consumer Electronics Show should be in January 2017 and on a global scale. Asian countries such as Korea, China, Thailand, and Japan are likely to see is the G Flex 4 weeks before it makes its way to the United States, Britain, India, and other global markets.

Over the years, we have seen the launch price of the Flex Series G remain relatively unchanged, we do not expect any significant change. With this, it might set you back about $ 650 more than the 32GB model and $ 750 64GB model. Although this is just speculation at this point, it should be fairly close to the actual price of LG G Flex 4 once the reservation form by the officials

All the top mobile operators will be on the reservation including Sprint, Verizon company, AT & T, and T-Mobile in the United States where all the world’s top operators to enter. LG is likely to be thrown in for those who pre-order as early as a few goodies, such as a free wireless charger or another free accessory to attract more early sales. Pricing will be based on the operator’s option, the two-year contract is different from the direct acquisition or monthly installment plan. For example, AT & T may be the next 24-month plan, with no money, ranging from only $ 25- $ 30.

Xiaomi MI7 – Best Smartphone 2017 Preview:

Xiaomi is not a high-end Android smartphone while introducing a fraction of the price, of the rest of the competition to differentiate themselves right thing. Since the original Xiaomi Mi phone is launched some time ago, we have seen throughout the series that has helped shape the smartphone industry a huge change. With the upcoming Xiaomi MI7 finding it significant to the international community, it will be interesting to see what happens next.

Despite some time until reality millet MI7 is public, numerous rumors have begun to take shape. What began as a huge success in the Asian market, it sounds like Chinese startups are considering the global market. Although it has been a long time coming, other smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, LG, and all the rest are sure to take notice.

The MI7 has been seen as one of the best smartphones in 2017, and for good reason. With excellent photo quality, high-end Qualcomm processor, expandable memory options, and prices are still significantly lower than other flagships it will be impossible not to be excited.
In this in-depth Xiaomi MI7 preview below, we take the camera, processor, screen, memory, battery closer look, and so much more. Best Smartphones Best Smartphones 

Xiaomi MI7 specifications – 25MP rear camera, 800-megapixel front camera, 3D quality, and OIS plus.

Millet looks to upgrade both the front and rear camera MI7s. After the leak came recommendations rear camera will be upgraded to 25MP, we will see an 800-megapixel front camera.

Xiaomi MI7 other camera features may include 3D quality, plus optical image stabilization, autofocus laser, and so on. 3D camera quality will be the best feature if recorded in 3D, with 3D pictures, play, and even one of the images in real 3D viewing.

Xiaomi MI7 specifications – Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processor and 4GB of memory

Most of 2017’s flagship smartphones will be able to choose to go with Qualcomm’s 830 SoC, at least during the second half of this year. If the debut during the early part of MI7 summer, we might see Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 820, but since it is expected to launch a faster, more efficient SoC 830 may be in the third quarter.

4GB of memory is the most likely scenario, which would be significantly faster than MI7 and potentially as fast as the iPhone 7S, S8, and Galaxy Galaxy Note 7.

Xiaomi MI7 Specifications – 5.3 “True 4K 4096 × 2160” Resolution:

We hope that the rumors of the Secret Intelligence Service Xiaomi on the display are true, because if so, we’ll see an amazing true 4K resolution. Sony 4K smartphone displays a pioneer, and because of the Xperia Z5, we have seen a lot of people follow suit. Glass front and back, near a small display bezel, and 3D viewing will see the creation of any smartphone 2017 for the best viewing experience.

We can see the MI7 Premium 5.10 inches around the future of a 5.3 “display. There is an enlarged version of MI7 and no official news, so that is a grain of salt.

Xiaomi MI7 Specifications – 2900 mAh Battery, Fast Charging, 32, 64, And 128GB of Memory, And Dual Micro SD:

Xiaomi MI7 date of specifications we’ve all heard, the battery is probably the biggest disappointment. Although the rumor does suggest we will see a larger battery than the MI6, it is time to see the specifications of the battery is still smaller than other flagship smartphones in 2017

We heard that a 2900 mA battery onboard with fast charging. Battery specifications should give the user more than one day there is no standard course of charging, but significantly less resource-intensive applications for those who use it. If in-vehicle wireless charging will help the burden, especially for those who live life on the move.

It is rumored that there will be three models, including 32, 64, and 128GB memory versions. For those looking for extended memory, additional possibilities may be related to the rumored 256GB dual micro SD card slot can be found. We still do not know if all three variants of the dual micro SD memory card slot, but we will update you as soon as we get more

Xiaomi MI7 Features – Android 7.0 Operating System, Eye Scanners, Wireless Charging, And 3D Display:

MI6 and some of the most significant features of the operating system MI7 enhance the charging function, of course, three-dimensional features. The latest version of Android 7.0 is pre-installed out of the box and plays a role to bring the best fourth Google material design elements. 7.0 is expected to be much faster, packed full of features, and will work seamlessly with third-party applications.

For those looking for enhanced security, an eye scanner may be on board, instead of a fingerprint scanner found. Retina or iris versions will significantly improve the locking and unlocking of MI7 and can be used for mobile payment security.

Wireless charging also allows users to not only charge the onboard, without the need of a charging cable but to do so faster than before. Fast charging characteristics are expected to be as fast as any strung than previous wireless charger fast-charging characteristics nearly 50% Yes.

Xiaomi MI7 rumors are probably the best new features of the 3D display. This will also watch, camera, video can be seen, even while playing the game. Xiaomi, not only from the interface but support for other third-party vendors will be more practical. For those looking for the standard 2D view, there should be quickly set up a switch for opening and closing.

Xiaomi MI7 Release Date And Price:

Xiaomi has some unpredictable and launching its flagship phone, but rumors hint Xiaomi MI7 release date will be in 2017 this summer to do a lot of sense, because they want to compete against Apple and Samsung, the world’s largest, including the stage here, in the United States, Britain, China, India, Japan, and other international markets.

It is believed that around MI7 will make it probably has been rumored for some time in Earth’s way. The actual launch is rumored to be in September or October 2017 in China and other Asian markets and is not expected to make its own India, UK, US, and other markets the way until the fourth quarter.

Millet MI7 price is expected to become one of the strongest selling points but is considered to be slightly more than MI6. This is due to the higher-end technologies such as 4K display and 3D camera, but will still than the iPhone 7SGalaxy S8 significantly less, and the Galaxy Note 7

Those in China can expect to pull out about 2,000 yuan to convert it to approximately $ 450 and $ 30 800 rupees. Although MI7’s listed price is yet to be confirmed, which is based on leaked China’s most consistent information. Best Smartphones Best Smartphones 

Sony Xperia Z7 – Best Smartphones 2017 Preview:

Sony Xperia Z series is one of the smartphone markets, the oldest, over the years it has seen some serious ups and downs. Earlier versions helped establish the industry as we know it, after others such as Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi have taken over, Sony hopes to climb to the top again.

The Xperia Z5 help brings some highlight to Sony’s flagship smartphone series, and we look forward to seeing more innovation and the upcoming Xperia Z7. With rumors of new features, such as a 3D visualization screen, wireless charging, and an amazing camera, it’s hard not to get excited about the next generation of models.

In addition to the Sony Xperia Z7 launch, rumors suggest that there will be three models in total. For those looking for something more compact, less expensive, but still retains some high-end features at Z7 Mini will be yours. Whether it is the standard model and Z7 premiums will share similar specifications department, and the difference lies in the definition of the scale.

Sony Xperia Z7 specifications – 28MP rear camera, 10 million pixels front camera, a three-dimensional camera, and OIS plus elements:

Gone are the days, when a phone is considered just a phone, the Xperia Z7 front, and back of the camera will be the biggest reason is Sony. Japanese high-tech manufacturer of digital camera technology and is proud that an industry leader, and will see this again in the seventh generation model.

The first word implies Z7 rear camera will have 28 megapixels, while the front camera self-timer is an amazing 10 megapixels. When using high-end technology with Sony’s other flagship smartphone comparison 2017 Z7, it would appear larger.

Other camera features include expected it would be to watch videos and still images of 3D camera elements. Plus optical image stabilization, autofocus laser, and everything you would expect from a flagship high-end configuration features will become standard in all three models.

Sony Xperia Z7 Specifications – Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor 830 and 5GB Memory:

We expect to see the Sony Xperia Z7 processor upgrade to the next generation of Snapdragon processors should be just in time to achieve mass production. We hear Qualcomm SoC 830 in the spring of 2017 which will make it the most likely candidate to be provided after the Z7 power supply. Best Smartphones Best Smartphones 

It is still uncertain if the mini will use the high-end processor or whether it will have a Qualcomm SoC 820, but either way, we should be very quick, very efficient, or better than the previous version of the processor. It is also expected to get a boost from dedicated 5GB memory expectations

Sony Xperia Z7 Specifications – 4.6 “, 5.3” and 6.0 “display with the Resolution of 4K:

Who says size does not matter is wrong, Sony will have three reasons why. Get Sony Xperia Z7 is thought to come in at 4.6 inches, and a standard cell is 5.3 inches, and the Xperia Z7 2017 Advanced will become the largest smartphone coming in at 6.0 inches.

Two larger Z7 variants will also feature a true 4K watch in the upcoming 3840 XX 2160 resolution. Smaller Mini is unlikely to support the 4K resolution and will not make a lot of sense if it does not. Mini is said to feature full HD resolution and other smaller comparable smartphones in 2017.

Sony Xperia Z7 Specifications – 3900 mA battery, fast charge, 32 and 64GB of memory, and expandable Micro SD:

As more and more processes run at the same time, there is a bigger battery will be a must which is a powerful 3900 mAh battery will start to play. Both standard fast, fast wireless charging users will be able to a couple in just 30 minutes to fully charge Z7.

The wireless charging side will herald consumers on the go, especially considering that many new cars and trucks are equipped with a wire charging technology. The standard Z7 and Premium versions are likely to be equipped with 3900 mA when the battery while the smaller Z7 Mini is likely to have a smaller battery.

Memory will not be a problem, because all three versions are expected to be available in both 32 and 64GB models. The standard and premium Xperia Z7 are rumor expanded memory capabilities, which will allow the user to another 128GB for those who love pictures and other needs. 

Sony Xperia Z7 features – Android 7.0 operating system, fast wireless charging, and the 3D visualization screen:

Sony Xperia Z7 mobile shall handset manufacturers in Japan are seeking to once again become the industry leader in one packed full of new features. One of the biggest advances will be Google’s latest Android operating system should be pre-installed. Later, it will start the summer Sony Z7 certainly have enough time to make the Android 7.0 can run effectively.

Fast wireless charging is that we should in all three variants Z7 see another feature. Wireless charging is one of the latest advances, and also a lack of something in the previous flagship of Sony Corporation. The fast element is expected to be more than the full-charge time and is reduced by up to 50% of the standard wireless charging much faster.
Three-dimensional visualization of the screen is what we will hear something Z7 squeezes, but it does not look like it will make its way to the Xperia Z7 mini. If the latest rumors are true, only the Standard Edition and Premium Edition will which can be easily opened and closed in the user wishes to select 3D technology. In some cases, 3D viewing has become a deterrent, and for other third-party manufacturers with more updated encryption technology this is a must-have.

Sony Xperia Z7 release date and price

Sony Xperia Z7 release date has been rumored in advance of the summer of 2017, certainly hit the Asian markets in the future it will make its way to Europe, India before, and here in the US is likely to launch in Japan around June. Want to see all three versions of Z7 if they become on the same day so the choice between becoming a reality, Mini, Standard, and Premium Edition will be worth considering.

Consumers want the Z7 price will launch slightly less than Z6, and we expect this to happen. As for other entrepreneurs out of Asia who is seizing much of the market, such as XiaomiSony Mobile will seek to make a bigger splash with Z7.

This is just the price we want to see the launch of the Sony Xperia Z7 price is about $ 600 which is equivalent to about ¥ 68,000 and just over 41,000 rupees mean good things for consumers. Expected to be about $ 550 and come in a little more than $ 650 which may be listed in the Z7 mini Z7 advanced slightly lower price.

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