The apartments of the Awami residential complex have just been launched in the city of Lahore. These villas will develop as a very low cost housing project on the main Multan Road, Lahore. It will have a limited number of studios, 1 bedroom and two bedrooms which are given at economic costs with a 5-decades installment program.

So take advantage of this opportunity!

Project developers

Awami Residential Complex is the Blue Group of company (BGC) residential project, they are the developers of the “Blue World City” residential enterprise in Islamabad.

Blue Group of Companies has formed a consortium with Imperium Group of Businesses to launch Awami Residential Complex in Lahore. The company has already been accepted by the municipal administration of Lahore Vide letter no. 241-MO Planning 20 (05-03-2020), therefore it is legally valid and acquires value.

Location of the Awami residential complex

The Awami residential complex is located on Main Multan Road, also called Canal, near the NFC Lahore Ring Road junction.

This region is close to major housing improvements and provincial region on Multan Road and immediately connected to significant areas of Lahore. All the main points of Lahore are easily accessible from here.

Floor Plans of the Awami Residential Complex Apartment

Awami Residential Complex apartments are designed to be realized in 3 different projects

  • Studio Apartment
  • Family apartment with 1 bed
  • Family apartment with 2 beds

These different types of apartments are of the following dimensions and characteristics:

Studio with an area of ​​375 sq m. Ft. Will have a bed with attached bathroom and a kitchen

  • A one bedroom family apartment has an area of ​​550 sq m. Ft. Will have a bed with attached bathroom and a kitchen
  • Family apartment with two bedrooms has an area of ​​830 sq m. Ft. It will have two beds with attached bathrooms and a kitchen

The layout plan and design of Studio Apartment are shown in the following image
The layout plan and design of a one bedroom apartment are shown in the following image
Floor plan and design of the two bedroom apartment is shown in the following image

Facilities and services

The Awami Residential Complex apartment will be an enclosed residential community where all the modern and necessary services will be offered to its precious residents. All essential elements of metropolitan life ranging from entertainment to education and from well-being to horticulture are integrated into the development enterprise. Some of the main services provided by these apartments are the following

  • Jamia and sector masjids
  • Playgrounds and parks
  • recreation centers
  • Force-owned educational institutions
  • Thematic parks
  • Joy land and attractive place for children
  • Water treatment plant
  • Health and medical centers
  • Security system
  • 24 hours of emergency services
  • Uninterrupted supply of water, electricity and gas
  • Power backup system in case of emergency

Security services will be provided by retired military personnel so that citizens can enjoy a carefree living environment locally.

Prices and payment plan Awami residential complex

The Awami residential apartments are intended for low budget families, therefore the prices of the apartments are kept very rational and the tariff plan is designed for 5 long years. Reservations start from a 5% deposit, with 5% confirmation and 5% allocation costs.

After that your apartment is reserved and the cash balance is easily payable in 5-year installments based on monthly or semi-annual plans.

Below is the payment plan for the apartments in the Awami residential complex:

Important note:

Additional costs will be applied if you select an apartment of your choice on any floor such as the ground floor, the first and second floors, as indicated in the payment plan above.

Quota policy

Awami Residential Apartments will be marketed according to the designated share. Outside the accessible apartments,

50% of the apartments will be assigned to state employees,

40% of the apartments will be assigned to the public

10% apartments will be awarded to pensioners and widows.

How to book an apartment

Reservations for Awami Residential Complex Lahore have already started on April 24, 2020 and are available until each unit is booked.

If you are interested in booking your apartment, you can proceed manually or through the online booking process.

Manual procedure

If you can reach the chosen UBL bank and you wish to manually submit an application, you can proceed through the following procedure:

  • First download the booking form or find the UBL branches selected in Pakistan to receive the application form.
  • Fill in the required details and send along with the necessary files and deposit.
  • The down payment can be offset in the form of cash and a payment order for “Awami Residential Complex Lahore Down Payment”

You can submit the form and deposit your payment in almost all designated local UBL branches

Online procedure

If you are not in Pakistan and reside abroad or cannot come personally to any UBL branch, then there is another method for you. You can also book your apartment online.

  • Open the official website of Awami Residential Complex Apartments
  • Visit this official website to complete the form
  • Pay for online payment by debit or credit card
  • Submit your form on the Internet to confirm your booking

Documents required when booking the apartment

The required documents are as follows

  • 2 passport sizes Pictures
  • 2 copies of your national identity card
  • 2 copies of your next Kin’s ID card
  • For foreign customers
  • 2 copies of the overseas national identity card together with the above documents

Awami Residential Complex Apartments is a measure of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision of creating low-cost housing units for low-income families in Pakistan. People who lived in rented houses can take advantage of the golden opportunity to buy their apartment at very low costs in Lahore.

There is a limited number of apartments within this housing project, and reservations are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so it’s a good idea to opt for booking as soon as possible, so you should miss out on this golden opportunity.

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