Who and Why, CIA Cyber Tools Leak The Double Mystery

Who and Why, CIA Cyber Tools Leak The Double Mystery

CIA Cyber Tools Leak:

CIA Washington - it's not just who did it, but why.

WikiLeaks released nearly 8,000 documents, allegedly exposing the tools on CIA, used to break the target computer, cell phone or even smart TV secret caused a number of theories, who stole the file, what reason.

Maybe an American spy or contractor feels guilty. Perhaps the CIA exposed a foreign want embarrassing US intelligence. Could this be a CIA insider worry about the privacy of Americans?

Some of the possible motivations disclosed last week:

CIA From the Source:

In a statement issued with the document, Julian A Sangqi in anti-secrecy group launched in 2006, said the source told the organization that there were an Ethical Issues that needed an urgent debate, including "whether the CIA's hacking capacity exceeded its The power of the provision "and" the question of the public supervisory authority ".

Although the CIA world factbook does not confirm that the document is true, it does not necessarily purchase such an explanation. CIA Cyber Tools Leak

"As we said before, Julian A Sangqi is not entirely the truth and integrity of the fortress," CIA Facebook spokesman Heather Fritz Horniak said. She said that despite the efforts of A Sangqi and his colleagues, CIA's work will continue.

Robert Chesney, a national security law expert at the University of Texas Law School, says WikiLeaks may put these materials online and harm the reputation of US CIA.

"Julian A Sangqi is trying to reduce the strength of the United States, it's just a fact," he said.

Business casual is an ambiguously-defined dress code that has been adopted by many professional and white-collar workplaces in Western countries.

"It's a black eye to the CIA auctions reputation," he said. "I think they are trying to cause panic so that people are more skeptical of intelligence agencies.

A Sangqi said on Thursday's online press conference that WikiLeaks was concerned that the United States was "untrue". He cited recent publications in Germany and Turkey, as well as many references to Russia and China in previous versions of WikiLeaks.

"People ask this question because of distracting reasons, trying to question the messenger because the content itself is so powerful," he said.

JILTED contractor:

The spy becomes rogue for many reasons: money, pursuing fame, self, they are coerced or compromised. CIA Cyber Tools Leak CIA Cyber Tools Leak

WikiLeaks says the material comes from the "isolated high-security network" in the CIA Network Intelligence Center. The group said the material "seems to have previously been in an unauthorized manner between US former government hackers and contractors," one of whom has classified WikiLeaks as part of this cache.

Assange suggested spies, former intelligence officers, and contractors who have been sharing these materials and are likely to support the growing profit margins in electronic spy tools. He said it seems not only between the contractor and the former US computer hacker but also "now possible on the black market."

Traditionally, money has always been a key motive. However, Frank Clough for, who directs George Washington University Network and Homeland Security, believes that leakage may leak due to different reasons. "If they do so, why do they go to WikiLeaks?" He asked.

He said Edward Snowden, a former contractor for the National Security Agency, had leaked information on the US government's surveillance program and did not use the money. Similarly, Chelsea Manning leaked thousands of classified government and military documents to WikiLeaks in Iraq as an intelligence analyst, saying she was not for money but to raise awareness of the impact of war on innocent civilians.

"I don't think anybody ever thought about the CIA the singer meddling in internal affairs. The shock of the President's death called for an immediate investigation. It actually lay in the jurisdiction of Texas." - John Sherman Cooper.

Foreign media:

It is impossible to imagine an insider out of the CIA Factbook, Bob Ayers, a retired US intelligence officer, who currently works in an international security analyst in the UK.

But Ayers appeared in a debate about London's longer in London a few years ago in London, saying that his instinct was foreign participation. "I think the Russians are behind it, I really do," he said.

James Lewis, a cybersecurity expert at the Washington Strategic and International Research Center, also doubts the Kremlin's gesture that he used to use WikiLeaks.

He pointed out that WikiLeaks had a statement about the receipt of material from a source, and he considered it necessary to debate whether the CIA world factbook hacking had exceeded its prescribed power. Lewis said it was believed that the la CIA had already gained too much power from the source "could live in Moscow.

"Russia has a long campaign that destroys the US and intelligence circles," he said. "It's too early to know if this is another part - although it conforms to this model I think the biggest problem is that we are fighting a new fight in Russia that we are losing and the loss of the tool can be repaired. The credibility of the damage takes longer.

Assange has long denied that he often based on the evidence of vulnerability, he acted on behalf of the interests of Russia. On Thursday, the American journalist asked him if he had received any money from the Russian state, and A Sangqi said no, it was a "very sad question."

And in the past week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov denied any Russian involvement in hackers.

Americans know:

WikiLeaks said the source of the document would like to begin an open debate on "security, creation, use, proliferation and democratic control of cyber weapons".
Ben Wizner is Snowden's lawyer and director of the American Civil Liberties Union's speech, privacy, and technology project. He said that if WikiLeaks accurately represented the intent of the source, it seemed to have succeeded in promoting an open debate about the need to protect the needs of Americans on the daily use of the network and the government's need to monitor the rival's operations.

"To a certain extent, these documents help to openly debate the balance between government's offensive surveillance operations and defensive network capabilities, and these documents play a role in an important open dialogue," says Wizner.
But he also wondered if the source would want to release the part of the document that was blackened. WikiLeaks had previously disgusted with the idea of checking the documents, and even partly said that it would be dangerous to "make the false propaganda of information" legalized.
WikiLeaks did not answer the question of the Associated Press, why did it apply the computation here, or whether it was based on the requirements of the source. Knowing the answers to these questions, Wizner said, could help to understand the motivation to stimulate the release.

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