There are some Americans who can see an amazing one second stimulus check deposited into their bank account this week and wondering if an error had occurred.

There was not.

The stimulus control created by Cares Act it was signed into law in March. He created a check for $ 1,200 for individual filers who earned less than $ 75,000. Joint filers who made less than $ 150,000 received $ 2,400. Those with dependents, aged 16 or under, received additional $ 500 per employee.

There was a very specific scenario that led to an underpayment of stimulus control and the IRS is working hard to do it well this week.

If you qualified for a stimulus check but were not asked to file a tax return and used the file IRS non filer: enter your payment information here to enter information before May 17, a programming error occurred that did not include dependents.

The IRS sent you a check for your Economic Impact Payment (EIP) but you did not receive $ 500 per employee qualification. The IRS explained that there was a programming mistake that they solved on May 17th, so only those people who entered the information before that day lost the $ 500 per employee.

If this describes your situation and you’re wondering why, you now know why that amount was missing. Fortunately, nothing needs to be done because the IRS is sending a second stimulus check covering the missing amounts this week.

The IRS has updated its website explain the delivery schedule and how it would be performed (question 53):

“In early August, the IRS will automatically issue an additional EIP of $ 500 per child eligible for those affected for those who have used the Non Filers tool by May 17, 2020. Direct deposit payments are expected on August 5 2020 and paper checks or debit cards are scheduled to ship on August 7, 2020. You can use Get My Payment to check the status of the EIP $ 500 per eligible child and you will receive another alert in the mail informing you that it has been issued. the EIP $ 500 per eligible child.

If you received your EIP via direct deposit, the additional $ 500 fee per eligible child will be deposited directly into the same bank account.

If you received your EIP in the mail, the additional $ 500 per eligible child eIP will be shipped to your registration address.

If you used the Non Filer tool on May 17, 2020 or after that date, your EIP included $ 500 per eligible child. “

For the most part, you will receive an additional $ 500 per employee in the same way you received your first stimulus check. It is unclear what will happen to those Americans who have received their check as a debit card.

My plausible hypothesis is that it will arrive as a paper check in the mail since debit cards were changed late in the process. You can check your debit card balance to see if the amounts have been added, but I suspect it will be sent by check.

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