The blockade doesn’t seem to cloud the unstoppable energy of the Caten twins. Back in Milan from a quarantine spent in Cyprus, they looked fit and tanned, as if they were fresh from a fun-filled holiday in St. Barth. During a presentation at the resort at their venue, it was difficult to keep up while they performed elastic in the showroom.

In addition to enjoying the sunny climate of Cyprus, the quarantine was a period of work and restoration. “It was a learning curve,” said Dean. “We acted according to ‘The Three As’: acceptance, appreciation and adaptation. You must accept the situation, appreciate what has been given to you and be grateful and adapt to a new way forward. “They worked remotely at the resort and loved it.” We will try to adopt this modus operandi in the future too, “he said.

The modification of the collection was much more targeted than usual, both for women and for men. “There were a lot of” too many. “People don’t need all those things,” Dan explained. They would also like their customers to find seasonal items in stores. “I don’t need a huge one down in July, “they said.” Say you’re going to Mykonos in the summer, what you’ll find are down jackets and no swimwear. There’s no logic. Bring back the logic! Buy it, wear it! “

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