Dubai Skyscrapers City – The Tower Higher Then Burj Khalifa.


Dubai Skyscraper:

To talk about Dubai Skyscraper, Apart from some ancient books, there is no conclusive evidence Hanging Gardens of Babylon (one of the seven wonders of the ancient world) actually exist.

However, the Emaar real estate is “tall tales” myth, because it is the world’s tallest skyscraper, once the Dubai skyline changed again.

In ‘Swimming Pool,’ all the colors are very warm, sunny, the pool and all that. In ‘Love Crime,’ everything is so cold, and it’s all inside skyscrapers.

Emaar companies, 2717 feet high Burj Dubai (currently the world’s tallest building) to support the developer, announced plans to establish a “tower”.

The viewing platform is representative of the ancient Dubai skyscraper sky gardens, according to Chuan has been one (about 600 BC), the highest engineering marvel of its time.

This eighth wonder of the world, after the 2018 completion, will become the majority of Dubai Creek Harbour project in 2020 and the World Expo’s core cities.

Spain – New Swiss futuristic architect Santiago Calatrava Valls design, $ 1 billion gleaming Dubai skyscrapers will have at least 20 mixed-use floor boutique hotel, a panoramic restaurant, “Emerald Hall” 360-degree panorama, reconstruction the VIP observation deck garden hanging gardensbalconies, and rotation.

Literally extend outside the building. The overall design is super scraper lilies and minarets, Islamic culture and characteristics of the building, especially on the mosque.

“This project envisaged artistic achievement in itself, by the people, and not just from Dubai and the UAE initiative, but from the entire world inspired idea,” Calatrava, who also designed the new World Trade Center transportation hub in New York, said Carl Gary peace bridge and at the Athens Olympic Sports Center. “This is an ongoing symbol of eternal faith.”

The project was approved by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al MaktoumUAE Vice PresidentPrime Minister and Ruler of Dubai seal.

Dubai Skyscrapers have risen to the floating oval taste buds will be highlighted as the observation area at night super-slim profile lighthouse.

Even disguised as Lily leaves (which is anchored on the ground floor) will demonstrate dynamic lighting, core and tension cables including dynamic lighting effectsdelicate texture.

The Burj Dubai (currently the world’s tallest Dubai skyscraper in the background) to break through the vertex Dubai. Its observation deck will be illuminated at night like a lighthouse.

Complex Tower will integrate sustainable development functions, including connecting to each square and a 2.3-square-mile Dubai Creek Harbour waterfront development (located at the airport and the famous wildlife sanctuary near) the environment-friendly tram, green corridors, and pedestrian access point services twice in Dubai city center.

“I just need a green. I need to wake up and see grass and squirrels. I don’t want to see skyscrapers.” Andre Leon Talley

The tower is expected to cost about one billio$. It will complete in 2020.

Dubai Creek Apartments, 18 Creekside, recently the housing area of Harbour Island, a vibrant young neighborhood – the “old Dubai” program in the transformation of the high-end residential construction company Emaar.

Dubai Creek Harbour also includes a marinayacht club, spacegalleriesretail shops nearby, stylish hotel Vader and river pontoon envelope area of the island is 2.8 miles. All regions will have a magnificent view of the future towers.

The final height of the tower is no official news, but it will be in the cloud game competition. Stratosphere Tower will break his brother Burj Dubai (829 m high) competition; JeddahSaudi Arabiabuilding (built 1008 m); Iraq “bride” Tower (1152 meters high); “mile” Green Outlook Park ( 1609 m), an independent concept; Tokyo sky Tati a mile (1699 meters) is expected in 2045.

Dubai Creek Harbour Tower:

In the heart of Dubai, Dubai Creek Harbour visual ecosystem surrounding the birth. Built beyond all limits, the new icon of the 21st century will be the way of your life, friendly face to guide a part of your family.

I just feel good! Premium address with the tower, Dubai Creek Harbour unique landscape you are interested in.

Emaar Company:

New Burj US $ one billionth of architects will stand behind Bidibaita high that this will represent the country, such as the Eiffel Tower.

Paris landmark was built in 1889, the Paris Expo.

Now, the real estate company in Dubai Emaar’s goal is to emulate the impact of architecture, because of the way their preparations for the World Expo 2020 in Dubai.

Emaar Properties will try at the same time providing a new link Dubai Creek Tower and a “large-scale retail area” so that they begin Expo 2020 Dubai Open.

“Without a doubt, the Eiffel Tower inspired more than 100 years,” Mr. Calatrava said. “It represents a city, an entire country. Today is still a monument. I am very proud that a team aimed at the achievement of a similar part.”

The world’s top international competition at the age of Practice elected the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, and vice president in February, Mr. Calatrava’s design.

Mr. Alabbar said the UAE has been relatively only 44 years of history, in Paris, people think this is yet unnamed similar tower landmarks.

Although the total height of the tower, which will cost about $ 1 billion to build, not to disclose, Mr. Alabbar said it was possible “, is a high-grade” Bidibaita – the tallest building in the world exists, but the offer is beyond Jeddah one kilometer high Kingdom tower in 2020.

Dubai Creek Tower building will be primarily as a tower than the construction work but will be in the hotel and restaurant, function rooms, an indoor observation deck and garden space on the floor between 18 and 20.

three Tower packages may be based on the company, to create a third alternative embodiment of the concrete core and its cable, which will be constructed in the method used in some of the longest manufacturing.

The hotel has a 4.5 km river with wooden bridge, it will also accommodate 9 lifestyle districts, 22 hotels, yacht club, marina, and harbor.

Mr. Alabbar said that the tower will become the new “super-retail area“, it is the design phase and should be released in the next two months. When asked about Emaar’s ambition is to complete the tower components at the same time. He said:

“We are working day and night, we wanted to finish it together would make more sense to drive ……”

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