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Empire State Building:

Empire State Building than any other building in the world reflects the human construction of the sky tower ambition. Skyscrapers are probably the most famous buildings in New York and can be seen on many postcards.

The Empire State Building also has many films, most notably the 1933 classic “King Kong”. Even today, although the building has been stripped of the title of the tallest building in the world, it is a symbol of New York itself, with more than 3 million people visiting each year.

The Eighth Wonders of the World

When it was built at Fifth Avenue in the early 1930s, the Empire State Building broke all records, known as the “Eighth World Wonder.”
The building has 64 elevators (now 73) and was built only 45 days a year. Skyscrapers towering in the neighborhood, height of 381 meters (1250 feet). Since the Empire State Building was one of the last skyscrapers built before the Great Depression, breaking the property market, it will not break through until 1972, when the Twin Towers World Trade Tower destroyed the Empire State Building as the tallest building in the world.


The Empire State Building is built in a complete urban neighborhood. Most of it occupied the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, which opened in November 1897 and has 1,050 rooms as the city’s largest hotel. It is one of the most prestigious in New York, attracting an upper clientele. In the late 1920s, the hotel’s grandeur and luxury design were out of style, and Waldorf Hotel decided to build a new, larger hotel complex.

After the removal of the site, construction began on March 17, 1930. Due to the efficient design and standardization of work (similar to the assembly line), the average building will increase by about forty-five floors per week compared to any other skyscraper at the time. The building was officially opened on May 1, 1931, in the presence of Governor Franklin Roosevelt.


The Empire State Building was designed by William Frederick Lamb of Shreve, Lamb and Harmon Construction. The Lamb, influenced by Raymond Hood’s Daily News Building, presented a fairly simple design, based on requirements such as budget, time limits, and New York City 1916 zoning laws. The building will have a five-story base of classical composition, a large tower with frustrations (the city’s zoning law requires) and a huge spire. The limestone facade has little or no decoration.
What makes the design so great is that it’s all simple and sheer volume it has a perfect mix and mass that gives the building a great.


The building was crowned with a huge spire. It is designed as a mooring mast and enables spaceships such as the Led Zeppelin to be anchored at the top of the building so that passengers can board or disembark. This proved to be very unrealistic, however, due to the Instability of the Zeppelin and the idea of the Hindenburg disaster in 1937 was shelved.

Great Depression

The Empire State Building was one of the last skyscrapers completed in New York before the Great Depression hit the property market. In the weeks leading up to the 1929 stock market crash, the demolition of the site began. In 1933 – when the Rockefeller Center was built – no tall skyscrapers would be built in the city for almost two decades.

Therefore, the Empire State Building, the world’s tallest building has been the title of more than 40 years. But the Great Depression also caused the collapse of office space needs. Owners have such a difficult time to rent office space, the building is called “Empty State Building”. Until the late 1940s, the real estate market was fully restored, and in the early 1950s, the Empire State Building became the most profitable building in New York City.


Visit the observation deck of the Empire State Building on the 86th floor, where you can enjoy stunning views of New York City.

The Empire State Building is located just south of Midtown, a block away from skyscrapers in the city center and the financial district’s skyscrapers, so this is one of the few places in Manhattan where you have an open 360-degree view.

If you are looking for the best view of the Empire State Building itself, you’d better go to the Rockefeller Center Observatory.

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