Update n. 2 7/26: the flyGarmin service is operational again, with the reconstruction of databases and the possibility of making calls to some of its departments. It has not been confirmed, however, if this is proof that Garmin is managing to bring back its full online service.

Update 7/26: Garmin broke the silence to indicate TechRadar to a short question and answer, where he tries to calm fears compromised user data. Multiple outlets have talked to people who claim to have direct knowledge of the attack on Garmin systems, with strong rumors suggesting at this point that the termination is a ransomware attack that has blocked user data and requires paymrnt to unlock the files, but did not steal them.

On Wednesday, with its call to financial profits, the brand will have to respond to the fall of Garmin Connect to reassure investors and consumers.

There is nothing worse than grabbing a personal best in a race or a cycle and then discovering that you cannot boast about it in the world.

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