Global Warming | Data That Riled Doubters Is Confirmed

Global Warming | Data That Riled Doubters Is Confirmed

Global Warming:

WASHINGTON - A new independent study shows that Global Warming has not been suspended, confirming a set of temperature readings that are being questioned by US government scientists who reject some of the mainstream climate sciences.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration made adjustments in 2015 to take into account how changes in ocean temperatures over the past few decades have inspired a House Committee and others who claim to show a change in the temperature of the rise. The House Science Committee summoned the agency's scientists and then complained that NOAA did not respond quickly enough to its requirements.

The new international study examines satellite data, buoys and other ocean buoy readings to understand ocean temperatures. The study's lead author, Zeke Hausfather of the University of California, Berkeley, said each measurement system independently showed the same 20-year temperature rise found by NOAA: about one billionth of billionths of a degree per decade in 2000.

"Our research confirms that NOAA scientists are right," Hausfather said. "They do not cookbooks in any way.

The NOAA adjusts the past data to account for old measurements of the ship, which typically records the temperature from the engine compartment where the heat from the engine deflects the data. Buoy and satellite data do not have such artificial warming, Hausfather said.

Hausfather said that in 1990, about 90% of the ocean temperature reading was done by the ship, and now it is about 85% more accurate buoy.

Andrew Dessler of Texas A & M University and Kevin Trenberth of the National Center for Atmospheric Research. They are not part of the original study, nor are they a recent study to confirm their conclusions.

Trenberth said in an e-mail, "This paper further to make up for any possible scientific errors or any non-scientific agenda of any challenge.

Officials of the House Science Committee did not respond to repeated requests for comments.

Hausfather's research was published Wednesday in the journal Science Progress.

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