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Bring you the quality of the text of excellence, with extraordinary figures and an incredible real story of history, by the charming, surprising facts to shape. Centramic.com is a magazine whose purpose is simple: bring serious articles to the wide readers. It is headquartered in Islamabad and is published monthly. We have published the world's leading scholars in various periods of history, region, and theme. Each of the contributions has been carefully edited and illustrated to make the magazine pleasurable, as well as an informative read.

A Brief History of Earth: How The Earth’s Beginning

This site contains the "Adventure News" was established in 2016, almost every article of the file. It also includes reviews most of the articles in our student journals. Understand how it shapes culture and science, and how science can get rid of it. News and articles about historical figures. Articles about historically obscure, interesting and thoroughly fascinating events, and specialties that make them happen.

Normandie, Burns, NewYork, New York, Smoke, Manhattan, 9th, February

Normandie Burns in New York Smoke Over Manhattan 9th February

Normandie: Normandie was considered by many to be the most elegant ocean liner ever built and burned during the conversion of the New York harbor into an Allied troop ship. Built in...
Helicopter, Facts, History, Types, History, Helicopter History, Connect with BRITANNICA, BRITANNICA, Autogiros, Powered Lift, Conversion Plane, Fixed Jet, Operational Principles, Flight and Operational Principles, Control Function, Design and Construction Differences, Helicopters and Aircraft, Components of a helicopter.

Helicopter History | Facts, History, & Types

Helicopter History: Helicopters, aircraft with one or more power-driven horizontal propellers or rotors capable of vertical take-off and landing, moving in any direction or remaining stationary in the air. Other vertical flight...
A Brief History of Earth, How The Earth's Beginning, Beginning of Earth

A Brief History of Earth: How The Earth’s Beginning

How The Earth's Beginning: The relatively calm space we occupy in the solar system conceals a fiery, violent past and a cold future. This series explores the geology and natural history of...
All The Time, Korean Invention, Steam Mop, Refrigerator, Traffic Card, Nano 3D Printing, DRAM. Smart Prosthetic Skin, MP3 Portable Player, Touch Screen Phone, Word Processor, Samsung Electronics, Galaxy Smartphone

All The Time The Top Ten Korean Invention – Stay Connected

Korean Invention: Korea has a rich history of innovation and technological progress. Since the pre-modern era, Koreans are always looking for ways to improve their lives, both for educational purposes and for...
Algeria, Algeria Geography, Geography, Maps, History, Government, Culture, Facts, Centramic

Algeria Geography, Maps, History, Government, Culture, Facts

Algeria Geography Algeria is four times the size of Texas and the continent's largest country, Azerbaijan bordering Morocco and Western Sahara in the west, bordering Tunisia and Libya in the east. The...
Albania, Albania Geography, Geography, Maps, History, Government, Culture, Facts

Albania Geography, Maps, History, Government, Culture, Facts

Albania Geography: Albania is located on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea, where Montenegro and Serbia go north, Macedonia to the east, and Greece south. Albania is slightly larger than Maryland...
Afghanistan, All About Afghanistan, Afghanistan Geography, Maps, History, Government, Culture, Facts

Afghanistan Geography, Maps, History, Government, Culture, Facts

Afghanistan Geography: Afghanistan, about the size of Texas, is adjacent to Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in the north, bordering Iran in the northeastern part of China, from eastern and southern Pakistan, in...
HafenCity Development, HafenCity, Facts, Figures, Special project

HafenCity Development: Facts and Figures

HafenCity Development: With the rise of the city of Hamburg, Hamburg is building new standards - at least in Europe - taking into account local needs and global demand in a successful...
Medical Technology, medical billing and coding, health care, medical systems, medical terminology

Brief History of Healthcare Medical Technology – Health IT Guide

History of Medical Technology: Medical technology is a process-directed object to combat disease hazards. The goal is the physical dimension of technology. The process is a centralized and standardized plan that guides...
History, Valentine, Valentine's Day, Facts, Origin, Meaning , Gift

History of Valentine’s Day – Facts, Origin, Meaning

Valentine's Day The history of Valentine's Day - and its patron saint - is shrouded in mystery. We know that February has been celebrated as a month of romance, and St. Valentine's...

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