With binge-watch shows from the likes of Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy, razor-sharp dresses and bloody haircuts across the board, BBC drama Peaky Blinders grabbed us from the start. Follows the story of a gangster family who runs a criminal racket in Birmingham, immediately after the First World War. It has been one of the trendiest things on TV since 2013 but apparently, not everyone was on board with the look that Laura Schiavo, hair and makeup designer had in mind.

It took about a week to convince the cast to cut their hair for the iconic menstrual style haircut. Iddo Goldberg (who plays Freddie Thorne) says he went under the razor first, which encouraged the “Peakies” to copy it. One of the main points of reference for the look came from Peter Doyle’s book Crooks Like Us: a collection of portraits of Sydney police criminals from the 1920s, but the style is also partly inspired by military haircuts and nods to previous historical eras.

While the Peaky Blinders dresses – all herringbone coats and baker hats – have understandably become famous off the screen, Schiavo is still baffled by the popularity of the hairstyle: “It’s strange, when I did it for the first time, the boys wanted to wear hats for hide it, but now they don’t need how everyone wears it. ”

Off the screen, the charm lies in the fact that the back and hard sides show off the bone structure (or beard) and the high contrast between the style on the top of the head is a guaranteed header. More, undercut hairstyles is fade cuts of various kinds have been the barber’s favorites since before the start of Peaky Blinders.

What is Peaky Blinders haircut?

When we first meet the mafia boss, Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy), he returned to Birmingham from the hell of the trenches. Her hair is worn in a “detached, unfolded, very short and sharp” style, says Schiavo. It is also based on the styles worn by “sloggers” or hooligans of the late 1890s.

While most characters have heavily shaved backs and hips, the style at the top varies. Some wear the Peaky Blinders haircut with a simple one lateral separation, some with a structured French harvest, some with a start and some with straight hair. This versatility is probably the other reason why IRL has become popular.

The mentality of the gang was also important to overcome, as Schiavo explains: “In the post-war era when the” peak world “took place, they shaved their heads because of lice”. Yes, this hipster-fit haircut had a very practical and rather somber function of helping to prevent the spread of lice among troops and within the population affected by poverty at home.

“But the aspect I was looking for when I designed the cut for the series is that you only saw the skin when the kids wore hats,” he says. “That’s how you really see the single character when he takes off his hat.” This effect would presumably also have made it more difficult for witnesses to identify a gangster if he had been captured by the act.

What to ask

Watching the cast members should give you an indication of what looks will work best for you hair type. The series is so popular, your barber will probably be familiar with the look, but in essence, you have to ask undercut disconnected without fading.

“You have to be sure to really go short on the back and sides“, Says Joshua Gibson, principal of Academy of Sassoon in London. “Decide if you want to bring your hair away from your face or closer to your head in length and worn forward.”

Paul Anderson as Arthur Shelby on Peaky Blinders

Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson), often the most violent character, has the most extreme cut to match. Ideally you need straight and fine hair to do it, with a long left section at the top that she wears hasty. Trying to be the respectable face of a “legitimate” venture, Tommy himself wears it in a slightly softer crop, pushed forward on his face and swept to one side. Little brother John Shelby (Joe Cole) wears his uniform in short, smooth curtains.

Styling tips

Assuming you won’t hide it under a flat cap, Gibson says the best way to style it for your hair type: “If you have a straighter hair texture you may be better off dressing your hair away from your face using a ointment or wax and use a tangle to avoid comb marks for greater elegance. “Kinky hair types will benefit from a light oil like Sassoon Professional’s Illuminating Oil to keep it shiny.

Gibson also recommends a structured product such as blonde, fine or mass storage paste hair loss. With a stylistic look like this, he also recommends using Nioxin Cleanser 2 to prevent build-up from using heavier products. “Arthur” and “John” require a stylistic ointment that adds high shine and hold and “Tommy” requires a texture with a matte finish.

Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby on Peaky Blinders

Key products

Tancho Tique Stick

Do you want to style your hair using the official Peaky Blinders kit? Schiavo has used Tancho High Grade Tique, a dark hair wax that smells of lavender, for most of the series. Presumably the soft scent is more in line with the early 1920s than modern hair potions (the actors of the method take note of these details). It comes in a push-up stick and helps treat flyaway hair without adding too much shine.

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Stick, Tancho Tique (3.52 Oz)

Sachajuan Shine Serum

On the set, Schiavo mixed the Tancho with a hair serum to get the wet look put on display by Arthur and John. We like the shining serum of Sachajuan which gives the hair a high shine and at the same time protects it.

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Sachajuan Shine Serum 30ml

Reuzel Pomade

For the five series, Schiavo rocked it into a Reuzel ointment that presents itself in a handful of formulas that cover the heavy hold and the high gloss up to a matte finish, depending on preferences.

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Reuzel fiber ointment

Kent Comb

To get a really crisp parting like for John, you need to style your hair when it is wet, with a precise comb like this hand-made example from Kent.

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Kent pocket comb for men, handmade thick and fine

Tangle Teezer

Once the separation is achieved, use a Tangle Teezer to smooth out any comb marks, as suggested by Joshua Gibson.

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