A mud ruffle is a kind of mattress skirt that hangs down with a slight wave, giving your mattress a extra cute, frilly look. Shopping for a mud ruffle could be a ache, particularly if you wish to customise your individual. You may select your favourite material and spend the afternoon placing collectively a mud ruffle by yourself to make it excellent to your bed room.


[Edit]Measuring and Reducing the Material

  1. Measure all four sides of your mattress, then add these numbers collectively. Use a tape measure to measure the size of all four sides of your mattress. Add these numbers collectively to get the overall size that you simply’ll want to your mud ruffle.[1]
    • A median twin mattress is . Multiply every quantity by 2 and add them collectively to get of cloth.
    • Full beds are often . Multiply every quantity by 2 and add them collectively to get of cloth.
    • Queen beds are often . Multiply every quantity by 2 and add them collectively to get of cloth.
    • King beds are often . Multiply every quantity by 2 and add them collectively to get of cloth.
    • If in case you have a headboard, you don’t want to incorporate that facet in your measurement because the mud ruffle gained’t cowl that space of the mattress.
  2. Multiply your measurement by 2 to get your material size. Because you’ll be ruffling the highest of the mud ruffle, your material will shrink. With the intention to get the right size of cloth, take your size and width measurement of the mattress and multiply it by 2 earlier than you begin reducing.[2]
    Make a Dust Ruffle Step 2 Version 2.jpg
    • For instance, in case your whole measurement was , multiply that by 2 to get .
  3. Measure from the mattress to the ground and add for the width. The mud ruffle will sit proper beneath your mattress and will simply contact the highest of the ground. Use your tape measure once more to determine this distance so you understand how broad your material must be.[3]
    • Most beds are about off the ground which suggests you’d want of width for the material, but it surely’s all the time good to double examine.
  4. Reduce a strip of cloth with the size and width that you simply measured. Use the measurement from the mattress to the ground plus to determine the width of the strip, and use the size of your mattress body that you simply multiplied by 2 to get the size. Use sharp scissors to chop out your material.[4]
    • If you happen to don’t have a protracted sufficient piece of cloth, reduce out 2 to four strips of cloth with an extra on all sides. Then, create a seam allowance of on the connecting sides with the suitable sides dealing with out. You need to use a straight sew to maintain them collectively and make one lengthy strip.
    • If the gap out of your mattress to the ground is , reduce a strip of cloth that’s broad.

[Edit]Hemming and Ruffling the Material

  1. Sew a hem within the backside of your material. With the flawed facet of the material dealing with you, fold the underside of cloth up and pin it in place. Run the material by your stitching machine with a straight sew to hem the underside for a neat look.[5]
    • You can even select material that’s already hemmed on one facet to keep away from having to hem it your self, during which case you solely want so as to add to the peak of your body to the ground. Search for a drop material or a cloth curtain that already has a hem on the underside.
  2. Sew the highest edge from the sting with a protracted straight sew. Set the sew in your stitching machine to “lengthy” so it creates massive gaps in between every sew. Run the highest fringe of your material by your stitching machine, leaving tails of thread about lengthy on both facet of the material.[6]
    • If in case you have a ruffler foot in your stitching machine, you need to use that as an alternative.
  3. Sew one other line of straight sew from the sting. This line of lengthy straight stitches will run parallel to the road you’ve in place already. Attempt to depart tails of thread on both facet of this line of sewing, too.[7]
    • If you happen to used a ruffler, you don’t want so as to add one other line of sewing.
  4. Tug on the prime 2 threads to ruffle the highest edge. Utilizing mild pressure, pull on the highest 2 threads to crinkle the highest fringe of the material collectively. Transfer slowly inwards towards the middle, transferring from the left facet to the suitable facet so they’re even.[8]
    • If you happen to go too shortly, the thread may pull out or break.
    • If you happen to used a ruffler, your material will already be bunched collectively so that you don’t want to tug any thread.
  5. Tie the unfastened threads collectively, then reduce off the surplus. As soon as your material is all ruffled, tie the ends of the thread on both facet collectively in a good knot. Use scissors to chop off the hanging bits of thread so that they don’t dangle.[9] uncut. Hem the reduce edges with a straight sew to maintain them from fraying.}}
    • Your mud ruffle needs to be about 1/2 of the size that it began as. For instance, in case your material was , it ought to now be . You could need to double examine this earlier than you end your mud ruffle to ensure it suits all the way in which round your mattress.
  6. Sew hooks and loops to your sheet and the mud ruffle. Hand sew or use a stitching machine to connect one facet of a hook and loop fastener to your mattress sheet and one other facet to the mud ruffle. Add 20 to 30 of those about aside across the complete size of your mud ruffle and sheet so you possibly can connect them.[10]
    • Yow will discover hook and loop fasteners at most craft provide shops.


  • It’s higher to begin with material that’s too lengthy than material that’s too brief to offer your self some room for error.
  • Wash your mud ruffle within the washer with the remainder of your bedding.

[Edit]Issues You’ll Want

  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Material
  • Stitching machine
  • Stitching pins
  • Thread


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