A mosquito web refers to a cover that hangs over your mattress to maintain mosquitos and different pests from biting you when you sleep. They’re notably useful in case you stay in a hotter local weather otherwise you get pleasure from holding your home windows open at evening. Whereas mosquito nets should not notably costly, you can also make your web for lower than $20 or so. In case you can’t grasp a web out of your ceiling, you may simply construct a easy body in your web with PVC pipes and drape uncut mosquito netting over it.


[Edit]Measuring for Netting and Rods

  1. Measure the size and width of your mattress. Seize a measuring tape and measure the size and width of your mattress and body. Jot down the size and width. The online you purchase should grasp no less than previous the perimeters of the body for optimum safety, so add to every measurement to seek out the scale of the netting you want.[1]
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    • If components of the web grasp instantly in opposition to the body, bugs might chew you thru the web in case you roll in opposition to it in your sleep.
    • The ring-style cover nets you will have seen should not as efficient as the oblong nets that cowl all sides evenly. These ring canopies have a tendency to hold erratically and are pretty distracting if you’re making an attempt to sleep.
  2. Purchase a mosquito netting that extends a bit of previous the perimeters of your mattress. Go browsing and discover a mosquito web that’s no less than larger than your mattress on all sides. Ensure that the mosquito web has sleeves for mounting it on a body. Most nets have sleeves, however simply double-check to be sure to aren’t shopping for uncut cloth.[2]
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    • The peak doesn’t matter until you might have a vaulted ceiling or a loft-style residence. The netting at all times comes with loads of top to work with.
    • You can not successfully sew a mosquito web by yourself. The holes must be extremely small and the material must be extraordinarily breathable. Plus, premade mosquito netting is comparatively cheap.
    • You’ll be able to nonetheless use uncut cloth by hanging it over the body you’re going to assemble, however you’ll must reposition the material by hand at any time when it slides to 1 aspect or one other.
    • Mosquito netting is fairly low cost. Count on to spend $5-15 on the netting itself.
  3. Decide up some skinny curtain rods and joints to make the body. Purchase 2 curtain rods that match the lengths of your mattress and decide up 2 curtain rods that match the width of your mattress. As well as, purchase four elbow joints that match the width of your curtain rod, ideally from the identical firm that made your rods, to attach them collectively.[3]
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    • The thickness of the rods doesn’t matter as long as they match within the sleeve openings on the web. Typically, rods which can be thick are excellent for this. The netting isn’t very heavy, so that you don’t want a ton of help.
    • In case you can’t discover curtain rods that match the scale you want, purchase some longer curtain rods and minimize them to measurement with a handsaw. Measure every size or width you want and mark the cuts off with a everlasting marker. Gently minimize every junction on the spots you mark.[4]

[Edit]Putting in the Hooks

  1. Discover four studs on the ceiling above the corners of your mattress. To discover a stud, flip a stud finder on and run it over your ceiling above every nook. When it beeps, mark the spot with a small pencil mark. Alternatively, you may knock on the drywall together with your knuckle. Studs will sound agency and arduous, whereas hole drywall will echo a bit of bit.[5]
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    • You do not want to measure the gap between your hooks. You’re going to hold the body from wires or cords and the body doesn’t want to hold instantly underneath the hooks for this to work. As long as they’re inside of the nook, you’ll be effective.
  2. Drill four pilot holes within the studs and twist your screw hooks in. Get four screw hooks and seize a pilot drill bit that’s barely thinner than the width of your screw hooks. Insert the pilot drill bit right into a drill and bore a gap for every hook within the ceiling, simply exterior the corners of your mattress. Place every gap in a stud to maintain the body from ripping the drywall out. Then, twist the screw hooks into the holes you drilled.[6]
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  3. Dangle some fishing line or twine round every hook to hold your body. You’ll be able to grasp your body with heavy-duty fishing line, or any sort of twine. Lower off a size of fishing line or twine and drape a bit over every hook you’ve drilled into the ceiling.[7]
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    • The precise size of the twine or line doesn’t matter. You’re going to chop the surplus off later, however the extra twine or fishing line you must work with, the higher.
  4. Tie a loop off on the finish of the road or twine and slide the opposite finish by. At one finish of every size of line or twine, create a small loop and wrap the top of the working finish by it. Tie a good, massive knot on the finish you slid by the loop and pull the loop tight. The knot will catch on the opening and go away you with a small loop. Let the fishing line or cords grasp out of your hooks.[8]
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    • Simply to make clear, you aren’t putting the loops you simply made on the hooks. You simply want these hoops to hold your body and alter the size earlier than tying it up.

[Edit]Assembling Your Body

  1. Unfold the netting out on the mattress to line the corners up with the hooks. Take your mosquito web and unfold it out on prime of your sheets. Modify the corners of the highest of the web to line up with the corners of your mattress body.[9]
    Make a Mosquito Net Step 8 Version 2.jpg
  2. Slide a protracted rod by the primary sleeve on the aspect of the web. Seize considered one of your longer rods and feed it by the sleeve on a protracted aspect of the web. Run the rod by all the way in which till it stands out a bit of bit previous the top of the web on all sides.[10]
    Make a Mosquito Net Step 9 Version 2.jpg
    • The sleeve for the mosquito web could also be sequence of loops and it could be situated on the within or exterior of the web.
    • In case you discover it arduous to feed the rod by the sleeve, you may crumple the web up as you’re employed the rod by to maintain the web from catching on the top.
  3. Seize a shorter rod and slide it by the sleeve on the shorter aspect. Seize considered one of your shorter curtain rods. Run it by the sleeve on the shorter aspect of the mosquito web. Feed every portion of the rod by the sleeve of the mosquito web till the ends stick out on both aspect.[11]
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  4. Join the two rods utilizing an elbow joint. Some elbow joints screw into the curtain rod, whereas others simply slide into the hole opening of the rod. Join the primary elbow joint to the top of the lengthy rod the place it meets the shorter rod. Then, join the opposite finish of the elbow joint to the shorter rod to attach the two items of the body collectively.[12]
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  5. Repeat this course of with the two remaining rods to complete the body. Take your second longer curtain rod and feed it by the sleeve on the remaining size and join the top to the shorter rod with a second elbow joint. Then, feed the final quick rod by the remaining aspect. Use 2 elbow joints to attach the ends to the longer lengths on both aspect to complete assembling the body.[13]
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[Edit]Hanging the Web

  1. Slide the road or twine across the first joint you’re hanging. Carry the primary nook of the body up a bit of and thread the twine or fishing line across the joint. If the sleeves are on the within of the netting, there’s a small nook the place the material separates to hold the body. Run the road or twine across the joint.[14]
    Make a Mosquito Net Step 13 Version 2.jpg
  2. Elevate the nook till the bottom of the web rests gently on the bottom. Slide the unknotted finish of the fishing line or twine by the loop you made earlier. Then, pull the unknotted finish to boost the nook up. Proceed elevating the body till the underside of the mosquito web rests gently in opposition to the bottom.[15]
    Make a Mosquito Net Step 14 Version 2.jpg
  3. Tie the twine or line across the joint to safe it in place. As soon as the body is raised to the peak you like, wrap the unknotted string round itself and make a big knot on the base the place it meets the loop you made. Clip the surplus twine or fishing line off to complete hanging the primary nook.[16]
    Make a Mosquito Net Step 15.jpg
    • You may also tie the twine or fishing line to the loop you made. It doesn’t actually matter the way you safe the road or twine.
  4. Repeat this course of with the remaining three joints to complete your web. Proceed wrapping the road or twine across the joints one by one. Elevate every nook up till the nook is on the identical degree because the earlier nook. Tie the fishing line or twine off and minimize the surplus off. You now have a wonderfully safe mosquito web over your mattress![17]
    Make a Mosquito Net Step 16.jpg
    • Some mosquito nets have a Velcro strip to allow you to get inside the web. In case your web doesn’t, simply raise the bottom up and slide beneath it.


  • Mosquito nets are flammable. Don’t smoke in mattress in case you’re utilizing a mosquito web and hold candles away out of your mattress.[18]
  • Earlier than you go to mattress, push the material out away from the mattress. In case you don’t, it’s possible you’ll find yourself rolling in opposition to the web the place the mosquitos can chew you.[19]

[Edit]Issues You’ll Want

  • Drill
  • Pilot drill bit
  • Screw hooks
  • Fishing line or cords
  • Curtain rods
  • Measuring tape
  • Mosquito web
  • Scissors or utility knife
  • Handsaw (optionally available)
  • Everlasting marker (optionally available)


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