How to Start Your Business Right

How to Start Your Business Right

Bob Adams is my name. I’ve begun over a dozen profitable companies. One business I started in my basement with $1500. I later purchased it for $40 million. I have mastered the art of starting an enterprise with very little capital and turning it into a highly profitable and worthwhile business. Even a Harvard MBA is my degree.

All Businesses Have The Same Key Success Factors:

What works in an enterprise is what I have discovered. The same key success factors apply to every size and type of company.

They apply for product companies, and then they apply to service companies. They apply online for companies, and then they apply offline for companies. One startup is the one they apply. They also apply for the largest companies in the world.

It’s Different From Learning How To Succeed In Business To Learn How To Start A Business:

It’s a huge difference between learning how to start an enterprise and how to succeed in it.

Understanding the basics of starting an enterprise is not enough to make it a success.

This base level of data should not be the only thing you need to understand. You also need to see what mistakes entrepreneurs make. You’ll likely make similar mistakes if you don’t.

business idea consulting bob lecture
I’ve began over a dozen companies. I’ve discovered the most typical errors entrepreneurs make and the important thing success components that can decide how profitable your corporation shall be.  

Additionally, you want to be able to access powerful information about enterprise success. These are just a few of the components that will determine how profitable your corporation is and if it succeeds.

These key success factors can be approached correctly to avoid common pitfalls and ensure that your company is built on solid foundations.

It’s not easy to do a great job with these key success components. You must first have a deep understanding of the issues. Next, you need to invest some time and be able to imagine how best to approach them. This can often mean brainstorming entirely different options.

Many Entrepreneurs Fail To Master The Key Business Success Factors:

Many business house owners don’t actually use these key success factors to their enterprises. Most entrepreneurs achieve some level of success.

Their ability to attract clients, build buyer loyalty, increase gross sales, enjoy high revenue margins and scale their businesses is severely limited if they fail to excel in these key success elements.

It is essential to be able to understand the key success factors in order to make your enterprise profitable. You will also want to make sure you apply them to your situation with the necessary power and time.

These Are The Key Success Factors:

Choose Your Business Idea Using A Disciplined Process:

Many people choose the wrong approach to their business concept. They just drift in that direction. Perhaps they were given a tip by a friend. Perhaps they saw it mentioned in a post on social media. They are not likely to be able to make an informed decision about which concept they want.

This is not the best way to do it. When selecting your corporation idea, you need to be meticulous and systematic. Each standard should be set to determine what might be a good idea for your enterprise and, equally important, what might be a good idea for your situation.


“You need to be thorough and systematic when choosing your business idea.”


Which type of business would you prefer? An online business? An online enterprise? A component-time enterprise? A small-scale business that only requires minimal funding You should choose an idea for your business that you are not only able to succeed at, but also that you enjoy working with.

There are many great enterprise ideas on the market. Take your time and look at them carefully. It is possible to find several great enterprise ideas that meet your standards.

business idea used boat sales
Try to select a enterprise concept that you’re actually going to like. I loved working all of my companies. One of my early companies, shopping for and promoting used boats, was particularly enjoyable.

Next, you should consider and rank the best enterprise concepts candidates using the standards you have established.

Validating your corporate concept is essential before you finalize your choice. You must ensure that your corporate concept is viable in the marketplace before you spend any money on it. You will also need to consider whether there are any other obstacles that may be encountered, such as technical or authorized issues.

Turn Your Idea Into A Complete Business Model:

The first step in building a business idea is to come up with a great enterprise concept. It doesn’t matter how big or small your enterprise is, it is important to use and promptly consider the other aspects of your corporate mannequin.

These components will determine how well your corporation can compete with similar companies. The success of your corporation will depend on how well you think about and build these components.


“Coming up a great business plan is just one step in building a complete business model.”


Your target market selection, differentiation, products or services you offer, advertising message, corporate technique and more are just a few of the many points that make up your corporation mannequin.

All of these are essential components. This may seem like a lot. But imagine me. It’s worth spending a lot of time on these things in addition to what you can do when starting your company. You could spend years exhaustingly working on an enterprise that is destined to fail because of the initial selections made regarding these key components.

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I see lots of people beginning their on-line retailer or their dropshipping enterprise earlier than they’ve actually thought it by means of. I get it. It’s thrilling to put all of the items collectively… But as with all enterprise, your first want to develop a method and a plan to make it profitable. 

Try another approach. For enterprise success, hard work is key. The choices you make regarding the many vital components of starting your company are even more important.

Select An Underserved Target Market:

Many people ask, “Why do I need a target market?” “I’d be happy selling to everyone!”

Try another approach. You may not be attractive to everyone if you try to attract them all. One common mistake made by small-business house owners is failing to address a specific target market. They both find it difficult to build gross sales traction, or they feel pressured to compete for worth, and they suffer from low revenue margins.


“If your goal is to please everyone, it may not work.”


If your products or services are specifically designed for a particular market, it is more likely that they will be attracted to that market. You’ll be able to compete with value in a lower cost market. Additionally, the better a company is placed for a particular market, the more likely it will be to succeed in that market.

Another way to look at it is that the smaller your goal market, the greater your success. There are limitations to this. You must be able to serve the market in which you are focusing. Many entrepreneurs underestimate the size of smaller markets that are more focused.

Many people believed that Walmart was ludicrous to open large shops in small towns. Sam Walton, Walmart’s founder, realized that other retailers had underestimated the potential of smaller rural markets. Sam Walton, who initially focused on rural markets that were less competitive, was able to build one of the most successful household fortunes ever, currently estimated at more than $200 billion.

burgeon clothing new hampshire
My good friend Rudy Glocker launched his personal clothes model. He determined to deal with a small goal market: surroundings and group acutely aware outside fanatics. He is doing very properly!

Apart from being open to exploring smaller markets, how can you choose your target market? Many entrepreneurs find themselves in the largest market because it is easy to get into and requires the least amount of products or services specialization. It seems to take the least amount of thought and effort.

Different entrepreneurs still believe they will do the best specializing within the most expensive or premium segments of the market. They believe, but they may not always be accurate, that they will find the best market segments to make the most money.

The most underserved phase is usually the best goal market. The goal market with the least number of competitors is the best. Or, the goal market that both the current and future opponents are not serving the needs of significantly properly.

How To Differentiate Your Business From The Rest:

Many entrepreneurs believe that to be successful in business, you must compete with your competitors by offering better products or services.

This is a huge mistake! You don’t have to compete with your competitors in any way! It is important to stay away from your competitors. You can accomplish this by focusing on a specific market and catering to their needs.

You can also “differentiate your products or services” to keep your competitors away. You should make your products or services completely different from your competitors’ in an approach that is actually beneficial to your potential clients.

My belief is that entrepreneurs are making the biggest mistake of all: failing to differentiate their business. It’s much harder for them to be different from the rest of the pack and to build gross sales traction as well as a loyal customer base. They often compete primarily on value and suffer from low revenue margins.


“I believe the number one mistake made by entrepreneurs today is failing to differentiate their businesses.”


Entrepreneurs assume their products or services are better than their competitors. They are often mistaken because their clients may not value their differentiation.

My e-book publishing company was in decline when I worked there. I saw small independent bookstores being threatened by Amazon and big superstores. Each offered big options and significant reductions.

Many small independent retailer owners felt that they could be more successful if they provided personalized service. Did their customers actually care? About two-thirds (33%) of all the bookstores that were open at the time closed.

Holly Christensen made her jewellery enterprise, Dune Jewelry, extremely distinctive by making her merchandise with sand from seashores all world wide. It’s price giving a number of thought to how to differentiate your corporation. 

It will take effort to find a unique way to differentiate your company. It’s also priced. My first venture, Bob’s Rent-A-Bike, was a bicycle rental business that I started with partnerships with motels and gasoline stations.

My opponents were already in the best places. They had shiny new bikes, while I had old, rusty bikes – all that I could afford. My bicycles were not rented to anyone.

Then, I came up with a completely new idea. I did something that my competitors weren’t doing. My enterprise was different because I provided rental bikes immediately to motels and campsites. My business took off.

Make An Outstanding Selling Proposition:

You have an outstanding enterprise idea. Now you’ve carefully chosen your target market. Now you know how to differentiate your company. All that’s great. It doesn’t matter if you don’t tell anyone about it.

It may sound simple. It’s not. From the moment we wake up in the morning until the time we go to bed at night, we are all being bombarded daily with a multitude of messages promoting our products. How are you going to be different? What are you going to do to stand out?

Answer: A novel promoting proposition (or USP). What is a USP? These are just a few words that communicate quickly and succinctly why buyers should do business with you, and not with a competitor.


Fedex’s “Absolutely positively overnight” was perhaps the most well-known USP.


One standard strategy to make your differentiation stand out is to highlight it. A common strategy is to focus on your target market. There are many ways to do this, but it is possible to develop an effective USP.

Fedex’s “Absolutely positively overnight” was perhaps the most well-known USP.

Bob’s Rent-A-Bike was my bicycle rental company. I used “Bicycle rentals delivered for free.”

It is more important that your USP effectively communicates the value proposition of your company than it sounds clever or cute. The USP should be as short as a sentence and not just a few sentences.

A Great Business Deserves A Great Name:

It is a shame that many companies don’t have an identity. You may have a great identity. You may also be able to change the identity of your current enterprise. It’s done.

My ebook publishing company was originally named Bob Adams, Inc. This is a traditional error – you name the business after yourself. It was slightly modified to Adams Media Corporation.


“A classic error is to name the business after oneself.”


I divide enterprise names into three categories.

The poorest names are the first. A poor name could be Bob’s House Painters. It sounds untrained and might make people hesitant about doing business with you.

Common names could make up the second class. For example, “Boston House Painters” could be an example. This identity doesn’t seem unprofessional and won’t push me away. It doesn’t appeal or serve a purpose for me to choose your corporation.

Good names are the last class. Very few companies have beautiful names. One example is the name I used to be my small enterprise, “College Painters.” It implies that a buyer should consider doing business with you because you might offer a lower price and also provides a credible and immediate rationalization as to why you may offer a lower price.

Another example of a great name is the New Orleans-themed restaurant near me called “Buttermilk & Bourbon.” It’s a very different example! It highlights the Southern cuisine and drinks and positions it as a vacation spot. The name is catchy and cool.

Create A Distinctive And Focused Strategy:

Your company’s unique success factor is your technique. Your company’s most valuable attributes are what will set you apart from the rest. They can be the key to your success. It is not necessary to include too many elements in your strategy. In this way, you will lose focus on what is most important.

Your technique should be the basis from which you create the overall plan and manage the day-to-day operations of the corporation. It is important to stress again that every type of enterprise, regardless of its size, should have a well-articulated technique.

It is a good idea to have a unique and compelling strategy in place before you start your company. It’s possible to change your method later.


Every business, no matter its size, should have a clearly-articulated strategy.


It is important to quickly consider your market, potential clients, and competitors before you can develop your strategy. It is important to consider your strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to consider potential alternatives and possible threats.

Traditional enterprise college thinking suggests that a careful analysis of these components and your strengths and limitations should lead to your strategy, but I would caution against following this path of thought.

Instead, I would suggest that you think about creative strategic directions that might be compelling by themselves. Even if they don’t immediately take advantage of your strengths, it is worth considering. In brief, brainstorm quite a few options.

Many companies consider the target market as an integral part of their strategy. Others will need to consider how they differentiate their products and services. Other attributes may play an even more important role for different companies.

business idea resume book bob
I developed a extremely efficient technique for my e book publishing firm that led to trade main revenue margins. A particular technique performed a giant function in turning my $1,500 preliminary funding right into a $40 million sale. 

Adams Media Corporation, my ebook publishing company, developed a unique and highly profitable method. E-book publishers have traditionally relied on their authors for ideas for new books. A royalty is paid to the author for each book sold and also a cash advance. The creator is often the most important model identification, rather than the writer.

Our innovative technique was to reverse the traditional publishing process. We created e-book publishers similar to The Everything Series. We, the writers, came up with highly-seller concepts for new books. The next step was to hire writers for a flat fee to write the books.

This strategy proved to be extremely profitable. Our sales soared and our revenue margins rose, surpassing those of larger, more established publishers.

Make A Great Business Plan:

Your marketing strategy is your central road map. It combines all your methods and plans, as well as your financials, into one place. It combines all elements of corporation planning into a single document.

Every business needs a plan. It must be a good one! A marketing strategy is just as important for a sole proprietorship as it is for a large company.

A great and comprehensive marketing strategy is the foundation of your company. Execution of your plan is the rest of your corporation’s work.


Every business should have a plan. It should be a good one !”


Why is a marketing plan so important? This allows you and other stakeholders (or crew members) to quickly reference exactly where your company is heading, why it’s going there, and how it will get there. It provides a framework to make operational decisions about the company’s day-to-day operations.

Many people believe that enterprise plans are pointless and that pitch decks have more importance. Okay. A pitch deck is a great way to raise cash from angel buyers or enterprise capitalists. It’s in vogue.

However, if you plan to work with your company, make a marketing strategy. It doesn’t have to be 50 pages long. Keep it as short as possible.

Every enterprise wants a marketing strategy. Even this small dwelling based mostly pie bakery which I discovered in Portland Maine. 

You might consider a one-page marketing strategy for a small business. However, for smaller companies and larger companies, I would recommend that you create a more comprehensive plan.

Not pitch deck, not marketing strategy. But what’s more important is the thought process that goes into your strategic plan and the methods that you just presented. What did you really think of the marketplace, the buyers, and the competitors? Are you able to present a unique and compelling approach? These are the kinds of issues that matter far more than the size and scope of your plan.

Make The Most Of The Many Funding Options:

Most of my businesses I started on a shoestring budget. Some of my companies I started with very little cash. Adams Media, which I bought for $40 Million, started with just $1500.

You can start many, if not all, small businesses with very little funding. External financing can be a huge advantage for different businesses. It allows you to build a larger enterprise and help it grow faster.

In retrospect, I think it was a mistake not to get outside funding for some of my companies. They may have been able to grow them much faster with outside funding. My son, a Stanford graduate, has learned from this mistake and is not repeating it for his first venture. He just closed his third round of enterprise capital, totaling $75 million.


“You can begin aSuccessfulAlthough a small investment is possible, there are many benefits to seeking out outside financing early.


There are many sources of capital outside of the home. There are family and friends, which means that you can find anyone who is a professional investor. There are angel investors. There are VCs. SBA funding comes in many forms. A traditional financial institution can be contacted. Online lending is available. You can also get money advance loans from service providers. There are three types of crowdfunding. There are grants for college and authorities. This list goes on.

It takes time and effort to find, present to, and close exterior financing. You need sufficient cash to make the deal as smooth as possible. However, getting the cash you need, along with the other pieces in this article, can make your company very profitable.

Make Your Financials Work For You!

You don’t want to leave financial statements and projections up to your accountant. These numbers must be understood by you. You must use these numbers to manage your company and drive it forward.

A professional forma revenue assertion is a forecast of gross sales, expected bills and the resulting revenue. It’s what I usually do. I love to start with a strong goal for gross sales or earnings. This gets me excited! If I don’t like the projected revenue, I will then look at ways to improve the enterprise and increase the revenue to a happier level!

To see if there is any cash shortage, I then create a professional forma money circulation. If required by my financial institution, I create a professional forma stability spreadsheet. To assess my monetary position, I deal with the money circulation projections.


Cash flow projections are especially important for growing businesses.


Next, I compare my actual gross sales, bills and money flows with my projected gross sales every month. What are the sources of these variances? What are the reasons for these variances? How can I improve my future efficiency?

In a growing enterprise, cash circulation projections may be especially important. In my e-book publishing business, we immediately realized that there was a projected money shortage of more than $400,000 above our financial institution’s credit limit.

Because we had properly projected our money flows upfront, I was able to immediately cut our spending and avoid any money shortages.

Benchmarking Helps You Create Competitive Products And Services:

It is important to compare your products and services against the main competitors. Every product feature will need to be analyzed. You’ll also need to assume that every product profit can be applied.

You don’t necessarily have to follow the lead of your competitors. It’s more important to give your clients only one difference, as I mentioned earlier under “differentiation”.

You don’t have to match every function your clients provide, but you do need to understand where you stand. Many small business owners believe their products or services are good, even though they aren’t.


You should objectively compare your products and services with those of your primary competitors.


Third-party suggestions are welcome for your products or services. Maybe a survey would work. Maybe a spotlight group? Maybe asking a few friends for their suggestions?

My e-book publishing business allowed me to receive honest suggestions from impartial commissioned representatives who purchased our books. Sometimes the suggestions were harsh. In my early days, I thought our books were purchased properly because of their superior writing and modifying. But, wrong! They were wrong!

This was really nice information, even though I had a bruised ego. This meant that we could promote any subject into bookstores, provided they had brightly colored covers with low costs.

Marketing Is Hard So Test! Try it! Test!

I have personally purchased promoting to hundreds for a few companies that I owned in the past. It was amazing to see how open these companies were to my pitch. I bought promoting in my new publications.

It was obvious to me over time. Advertising is often not a happy medium for business owners. It can be exhausting to create advertising campaigns that work consistently. It is one of many great secrets and techniques for the enterprise. At enterprise college, the advertising campaigns that we planned on paper always looked like they would work. However, the actual world is totally different.

This exhausting process has been a challenge for me too many times. Advertising that wasn’t laboriously done was a waste of time and money.

This is a truly priceless lesson. Take a test! Test! Test! Try completely different advertising methods. Try completely different advertising messages. Test completely different affords. Try completely different advertising media. Try completely different timings. You can test it all. Take a look at the item with very little money until you are certain that it works.


“Test different ad strategies. Test different ad messages. Different offers can be tested. Test different ad media. Test different timing. It all .”


Although testing is essential, it’s important to have an advertising strategy and an advertising plan. One mistake that I see new entrepreneurs making, especially with online advertising, is to test multiple advertising options before a plan is in place.

My experience has shown me that creative, low-priced or even free advertising methods can be more effective than expensive promoting. My bicycle rental business found that posters were the most effective advertising method.

business idea car detailing sign
Sometimes low price guerilla advertising ways like this signal I noticed in my hometown can work higher than costly advertising campaigns.

They were also very efficient in selling books to students on campus for my ebook publishing business. My college students would laugh at my posters, but they work!

Advertising can be difficult at times, but there are cost-efficient ways to advertise your company.

You Gotta Know Digital Marketing:

This level of clarity is what I want.

I don’t just mean that you want to do digital marketing.

As an enterprise owner, you should also have a solid understanding of digital advertising.


“As a business owner, it is essential to have a basic understanding of digital marketing.”


Digital advertising is not just important for your company. Digital advertising offers a wide range of possibilities and is constantly changing. The type of digital advertising that works best for your company might have a significant impact on your corporation’s character.

Let’s take, for example, your company website. It needs to immediately do three things when a customer visits the website. It will immediately send your value proposition. It needs to be transparent and put things in motion. It wants to present a transparent name to motion.

Learn All You Can – Every Day:

All entrepreneurs should learn about enterprise. This is an important aspect of their success. Many successful entrepreneurs are among my acquaintances. One of the most common traits in this group is their constant study. Always.

BusinessTown was created to help individuals learn how to start and manage their own business by streaming our short programs. Even if you only have time to watch one lesson per day (around 7 minutes), you will quickly improve your company information.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are The Keys For Enterprise Success?

You may start with a solid enterprise idea that is a good match. Your competitors are not in your target market. Your corporation should be different from the rest by using a unique approach that benefits your clients. Develop a solid marketing strategy. Try different advertising methods. Keep your finances in check. Learn everything you can.

Do You Have The Potential To Start A Profitable Business From Your Home?

You can certainly start a successful business in your own home! Apple Computer, Google and Ford all started in their properties. My basement home was where I started my e-book publishing business. Later, it was purchased for $40 million. It is more important to have a solid business plan and a well-thought out strategy than the initial location.

Which Small Businesses Are The Most Valuable?

The best revenue margins are for service businesses. Service companies that employ only one person can enjoy margins up to 90%. This could net their homeowners over $100,000 or even more than $200,000 per year. Products companies typically have lower revenue margins. If your product is popular, however, sales and earnings can quickly increase, often into the hundreds of thousands.

What Are You Looking For To Start A Small Business?

  • #1. Strong enterprise concepts that could be a good match.
  • #2. A strategy to distinguish your company from its competitors.
  • #3. You must have a unique selling proposition that will make you stand out.
  • #4. A well-thought out marketing strategy.
  • #5. A projection of the price range and a forecast for gross sales.
  • #6. Plan to create aggressive products or services.
  • #7. An advertising plan for attracting clients.

How Can You Start A Business With No Money?

There are basically four ways to start an enterprise without any cash.

  • You can choose an enterprise idea that doesn’t require any cash, similar to canine walking.
  • Ask your first buyer for cash advance. I asked my client to loan me money for paint and supplies for my first home painting job.
  • You can get financing through any of the many options available for startups, including angel buyers, friends, family, and crowdfunding.
  • Bootstrap – Do all you can to avoid paying bills. As an example, I put posters on bulletin boards to promote my bicycle rental business.

How Can You Start A Business From Scratch?

Then, take the time to study everything you can. Next, choose an enterprise idea that you are certain to succeed with. Analyze your competitors, clients, and market. How your company will be different so it can compete in the market. Write your marketing strategy. Create a strong identity. Establish your advertising. Start to raise funds. Profits are possible!

What Are The Steps Required To Start A Business?

  • Step 1. Choose your corporate concept with a systematic approach.
  • Step 2. Turn your idea into an entire enterprise mannequin.
  • Step 3. Choose your finest goal market.
  • Step 4. Decide how you will be different from your competitors.
  • Step 5. Create a compelling distinctive promoting proposition.
  • Step 6. Find a great identity that attracts clients.
  • Step 7. Create a compelling marketing strategy.
  • Step 8. Take advantage of the many funding options.
  • Step 9. Create products and services that are aggressive.
  • Step 10. Create an effective online presence.


I have 17 years of experience in starting companies and cannot stress enough the importance of each of these key success factors. Although they are conceptually simple, I recognize that it takes effort and time to implement them correctly. It’s worth it! Do it!

These key success elements will help you establish your corporation on a solid foundation, allowing it to grow and prosper for many years.

Find Out More About How To Start A Business And These Success Factors.

My programs are available on BusinessTown. They include Start-a-Business 101 and How to Create a Business Plan. Also, the Complete Guide to Digital Marketing. And How to Find a Business Idea. BusinessTown is completely free to try.

Bob Adams:

Bob Adams is a Harvard MBA serial entrepreneur. Together with one company he started with $1500, he bought it for $40 million. He is the author of 17 books and 52 online programs for entrepreneurs. Bob also founded BusinessTown. This is the leading platform to learn about starting and running an enterprise.


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