Darknet Crime | ICE Investigators Expose Them To The Light

Darknet Crime | ICE Investigators Expose Them To The Light

Darknet Criminals:

The cybercrime center's white walls are in direct contradiction to what is happening inside it (Darknet Criminals). US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) Homeland Security Investigation (HSI) Cybercrime Unit Investigators submerged the world of illegal criminal activity that takes place in the shadow of the Dark Webdarknet

A dark network, a subset of dark networks, or deep web, is a place where illegal activity flourishes and criminals function in the sense of anonymity. Darknet requires specialized software and permissions to access. Patrick Lechleitner, deputy director of the Center for Cybercrime (DAD)

"The Dark Web is not a very complex or special place; it just needs specific permissions or access to get into it.
ICE HSI has played a direct role in combating illegal activities on the dark network. Their workload has increased in recent years, as criminal activity has penetrated into the network environment. As a criminal investigation unit, HSI and its agents are fighting crime on Darknet in the same way as when they were offline: one step at a time.

Darknet contains shopping sites similar to those found on the Internet. These sites are called "markets" and their size can change rapidly according to their concerns, DAD Lechleitner said: "A variety of factors can drive the popularity and size of the market; for example, proprietors will change them or move them to avoid law enforcement, The review will drive market changes.

Investigators saw the familiar crime that appeared on Darknet. Web surveys are sometimes traditionally started, and then enter the network environment. The Hang Seng Index is one of the major institutions of the Silk Road Survey, revealing large quantities of illicit drugs and contraband smuggling through the United States Postal Service. The investigation culminated in an event that took place in the Darknet market. DAD Lechleitner said: "This case, together with the black market reload, represents a new and evolving field of cyber investigation, law enforcement, and continues to this day.

Investigators found a lot of black market goods on the Silk Road. There are a variety of illegal drugs, including heroin, Ecstasy, hallucinogens, cannabis, and steroids. Also, illegal weapons, how to build bombs, counterfeit identity cards and counterfeit goods book.

Many criminals believe that they are operating anonymously when they conduct illegal business activities on the dark network. This can not be the truth. ICE, as well as its domestic and foreign partners, is actively engaged in anti-Darknet activities. DAD Lechleitner warned: "If you engage in illegal activities on the Darknet, then there will be a lot of risks, you are not completely anonymous. You should not do anything illegal in the dark network or open online. If you do any illegal activities in the dark, Consequences, federal law enforcement agencies are monitoring.

Illegal drugs are one of the most dangerous commodities on the market. The anonymous nature of Diablo contributes to the illicit traffic in regulated substances. Criminals who sell and sell illicit drugs online do not have to look for customers. Illegal drug users are attracted to the convenience and anonymity purchased on Darknet. These customers risk their lives by ordering substances from an anonymous source. That the transaction anonymity increased the risk. ICE continues to do it. "The Hang Seng Index plays an important role in combating illicit drug trafficking across the border," DAD Lechleitner explains. "We follow those substances in the dark market, just as we do in the real world.

Hang Seng Special Agent Jared DerYeghiayan, Chicago, Illinois, has a first-hand knowledge of the Silk Road survey and operating dime stores. He acted as a case agent for the surgery, analyzed the seized drugs, compiled the evidence, interviewed the suspects and participated in the arrest.

Operation Dime Store began as a survey of HSI Chicago RAC / O'Hare in the summer of 2011. The operation was in response to a small drug seizure at the Chicago mail center. Seizures are unusual, as such goods are not usually received by mail, from international sources, and are being transported throughout the United States. ICE HSI conducted a survey to study the specific source of the drug. Operation Dime Store leads the agent into the Darknet website Silk Road. Once the breadth and impact of the site has been determined, the goal of Hang Seng is to find a way to shut down the site, intercept packages to identify suppliers, identify recipients of goods and stop drug seizures. There is a lot of information to spread; in the past three years of operation, more than 1.5 million transactions occur.

Investigators use a number of different investigative techniques to track drug shipments seized in Chicago. SA DerYeghiayan explains: "We analyzed the fingerprints on the packaging, analyzed the seized drugs, searched for trends and clues that could lead us to the site and undercover, and we wanted to identify the suppliers.

With the investigation, SA DerYeghiayan undercover eventually became the Silk Road website top lieutenant. HSI investigators work led to the closure of the Silk Road and the arrest of its owner and operator Ross W. Ulbricht.

In January 2015, the case was tried in Southern District of New York and exposed many aspects of the Silk Road Web site promoting illegal drug trading around the world, and how Ulbricht manages his criminal organization. SA DerYeghiayan served as a chief witness of the Government in the Silk Road trial. Ulbricht's result was a conviction of all counts, including continuing criminal enterprises, hacking, drug smuggling, money laundering, and document fraud. He was sentenced to two concurrent life sentences.

SA DerYeghiayan said, "The most satisfying part of this survey is the closure of the site, stopping the dangerous flow of drugs and weapons around the world; it is very important that I close the site.

The Hang Seng Index is fully committed to stopping cybercrime and protecting US citizens. DAD Lechleitner warns: "The average American in many respects faces the risk from the Darknet activity. The illegal nature of the dark network itself involves unethical behavior, including the theft of personal identity cards and the presence of counterfeit drugs. What people really need to know is that You can not be sure that it is legal when you make a legitimate transaction on the Darknet, and you take a huge risk yourself.



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