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The Internet Is Like A Big Hat:

Now an internet connection to our everyday life and an important part provides us with more possibilities than 10 years ago might be imagined benefits. From Google Maps and Uber Khan Academy and Spotify, most of us struggle than without it one day.

The digital world is the new normal who never knew another young man. It presents a tremendous opportunity for our children but also contains risks. A third of children are sadly a victim of cyberbullying, four children have experienced in some upsetting social media sites.

For many parents, who have grown up in a simulated world, this fast-paced changes can be overwhelming and confusing. According to our recent studies, the most worried about their parents, their children and even bullying advance progress in school, what their kids do online.

Online child safety is one of the largest child protection issues of our generation. Each of us has a role to play. Tech giants and start-ups, government ministers, schools and families themselves need to work together to deal with together. Although many have been reminding our daily news reports, the need for more work to be done.

This is why a year ago, we, O2 and NSPCC, in a landmark collaboration combines simple, but ambitious, help and support parents combining O2 technical expertise and knowledge NSPCC child protection, to keep their kids online Safety.

Middle School provides support for many parents, but with 35% of children aged 8-11 smartphones, more help, and advice, you need to provide primary school-age children to encourage their parents to discuss online safety early.

To truly protect children online, we need to build their own digital resilience, so that they can consciously and confidence to make the right judgment calls when needed – whether in response to a message from a stranger, share a classmate implicated images or just I did not tell a trusted adult if they are worried.

This is their future and we are very important. How to teach young life online safely, they can thrive foundation for growth opportunities in the digital world. Recent evidence emphasized that nearly 90% of jobs that require digital skills and to some extent the current internet skills gap costs the British economy an annual loss of revenue of about £ 63 billion.

That is why the focus of many of our partners to work together is the right equipment and digital technology and tools given to parents so that they are comfortable discussing what their children are doing online because they will own day at school.

The First Year – Together We Have:

Take hundreds of calls from parents through our free online Safety Helpline (08085002800) – from the field to provide privacy settings to prevent cyberbullying and recommend the removal of child pornography skills support

Providing online security seminars, more than 2,000 parents through primary school, community and workplace and those who participated in conversations with their children than nearly seven-ten. In 2017, it will spread to thousands

Protect their student’s online support through school textbooks and resources

Trained staff 2600 O2 protection of children through customized online, so free advice and support for parents across the UK in nearly 500 Commercial Street.

O2 retail business through the realization of a fully integrated online security guidance at the point of a child’s first phone is bought.

Since the introduction of our partnership exactly one year ago, we have to promote 4.6million appointments. This includes our shop to view our resources and our hotline movie attendance. And we found that parents who engage their children are more likely to talk about online safety and our work, and seek advice.

Earlier this summer, we launched a new campaign, to explain why the Internet is not different from a magician’s hat. It is full of exciting possibilities but also can hold some surprises. Although children seem to know what they are doing, it is sometimes difficult for parents to track.

If you are a parent, you can do the most important thing today is to talk to your children about their online lives. It is never too early, and by talking with your child, regardless of age and opinion, it will help prepare them to cope with the internet world.

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