Is Investment In Information Technology Worth The Money?


Investment In Information Technology:

This year, Information Technology investment is set to rise in the world’s $ 3.49 trillion. This is a staggering number, and the number of IT’s amazing. It is almost unthinkable. But Gartner’s, who predicted $ 3.49 trillion figure, said that “there is a need to invest in IT to support digital services is more urgent than ever.” No investment, the organization “has nothing to face in the digital world,” which means how and where the money is spent is crucial.

This is often in my coming in my role, I often review the business case for IT investment. Although to be honest, and allow only a little summary and simplify some, I get often feels more like a tick list than commercial cases. The following describes a “paint by numbers” approach. Here is what I have been accustomed to seeing –

What this technology is often the true “nuts and bolts” of the description.

The objective of the program will be addressed to solve. These issues will be addressed, otherwise, the opportunity will be realized.

Through a period of three or five of the cost of capital. Sometimes this includes upgrading allowance. But not always the case for future obsolescence.

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  • Involved in the deployment, operation, maintenance, support and training of the operating costs.
  • How it is implemented, who influence how, and risk mitigation.
  • Alternatives old, why choose to win solutions.
  • The cost of procurement activities.

Some SMART mode, involving specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely standards, the interests of the organization.

This looks thoroughly, it is. For me, though, there is a glaring omission. Where people work today to evaluate, and how successful launch of the changes proposed technique?

In my finance, I have to review each company’s situation, more can be done to put people first, and shows how the solution will bring more organization. Many people expected impact bottom-line profitability in detail, but from the increased productivity, improve efficiency, and higher business agility perspective did not specify this. How to improve working methods and changes in the proposed solution? Does it allow you to re-purpose people into new roles, or reduced resources? Without this, it’s too easy for others to review the business case for the question: “We can not do?.” Or worse: “This investment is a waste of money?.”

With the decision is more important than ever, because we all try to do “more with less”, CIO must begin to define the business value of IT, I believe it is necessary from the perspective of the completion of the first person. I was the first to accept that this is not easy. As an example, I often ask clients to launch UC solutions speak. It’s easy to quantify by replacing outdated PBX equipment savings, but far harder to quantify employee productivity or increase the value of collaboration between the better realization as the other employees to more effectively reach out.

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Every CIO must demonstrate the success of his or her IT strategy, which is not easy. But choose to participate in the demonstration and technical staff of key performance indicators, and keep them in the heart, will ensure that IT investment is not wasted. To help you understand what we offer the people-oriented, visit our website.

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