• Keap helps users acquire and manage leads. It is more expensive than other CRMs, with the basic plan starting at $ 79 a month for a user license.
  • With this CRM software, you can track sales activity and traffic on your website.
  • Keap provides automatic reminders, emails and messages to current customers.
  • This article is aimed at business owners and professionals who want a detailed breakdown of Keap, our choice as the best CRM software for ease of use.

Keap, is our best choice for the easiest to use CRM because of its reasonable prices, simple functionality and stellar sales automation features. Adding to its charm are its marketing, sales and e-commerce tools with complete functionality. To understand how we selected our best choices, you can view our methodology, as well as a complete list of CRM software solutions, on our best choices page.

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Keap offers three monthly subscriptions that vary based on the price and the features and tools included. Each plan comes with one user per license and 500 contacts; each additional user is $ 30 per month. Here is a breakdown of each plan.

  • Price: $ 79 per month per user account
  • Features: Customer management; email marketing; appointments of company telephone lines and text messages; quotes, invoices and payments
  • Price: $ 149 per month per user account
  • Features: In addition to all the Keap Grow tools, Pro has marketing and sales automation functions, recurring payments, landing page generator, intelligent forms and reports.
  • Price: $ 199 per month per user account
  • Features: It includes everything in Keap Pro, plus score, business records, advanced reporting and e-commerce.

Key takeaway: Keap offers three pricing options ranging from $ 79 to $ 199 per month.

Keap’s simple and uncluttered interface hosts a myriad of useful tools and features. Here are some tools that have stood out for us.

Through Keap’s sales automation features, users can really take the reins when it comes to quotes. They can create and share custom quotes and customers can accept and convert those quotes into orders so they can be paid for online.

Keap sends alerts when clients communicate with you, so you can respond quickly. It also offers an SMS function that allows you to instantly connect with your contacts and get them the information they need as soon as possible.

With its “pay now” button, customers can pay invoices instantly. You can set up daily, weekly or monthly payments for customers and send automatic reminders to help you pay faster. Keap offers other types of payment such as PayPal, WePay and Stripe.

It is important to read your customers and the contact management section of Keap helps you do just that. It includes client portal tools, you can record every interaction with a contact and use the data to create reports such as timing, sales activities and track traffic on your website.

Key takeaway: Keap features include integrated e-commerce, sales automation and contact management tools.

Given all it offers, Keap offers a linear system that is not disconcerting. Its customization offerings are an important part of its simple and attractive design. Users can create quality marketing strategies and personalized fields.

Keap also provides useful contact features such as data points, form submissions and a campaign and purchase log, which is of great help to the sales and marketing teams. Its automated sales correspondence messages move sales activities efficiently and eliminate pauses in communication and action.

Key takeaway: Keap has a myriad of features and tools that make it a very easygoing and easy to use program.

Keap customer support is only available from Monday to Friday, from 6:00 to 19:00. However, their chat bot service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Key takeaway: Keap phone support is not available on weekends or after 19:00 on weekdays.

When we contacted Keap, the agent we spoke to answered all our questions about the program. The representative examined each function in detail and, after the call, followed us to make sure we had a complete understanding of the software.

Keap customer service is available, Monday through Friday, from 6:00 to 19:00 PT, or you can send an email to their sales department. Their chatbot is available 24/7.

Key takeaway: Keap’s customer service representatives are very patient and take the time to explain the functionality of CRM in detail.

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Editor’s Note: Looking for the right CRM software for your business? Fill in the following questionnaire to get our supplier partners to contact you about your needs.

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