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LG G6 Rumors, Specs, Features, Concept, Price, Preorders, and Release Date Info.

LG G6:

LG G6 will be an increasingly popular premium LG smartphone. and the sixth edition would be the best. Every year, LG has done a great job to win respect in a very competitive industry. and from what we’ve heard it will be very worth looking forward to the G6.

Since the launch of the LG G4. the whole concept has changed and has helped all the big players like the series. including Samsung, HTC, and Apple to compete.

LG hopes G6 will further them into one of the best smartphones in 2017 and all are looking for it will surely be packed with innovation. Many changes in the store look enhanced onboard power, speed, accuracy, and memory. and will add something new to those looking for the best.


LG will release another flagship phone before the end of 2017 & 2018, but it would not be G6. Instead, it will be the LG V20.

It is made following last year’s dual-screen LG V10, it is expected LG will be a special event in San Francisco announced on September 6, where we will report to you all the latest as it happens.

If there is one thing LG G5 is not very boring. Two rear cameras and an accessory slot, allowing you to modify it is a mobile phone, really think outside the box of hardware.

However, despite these additional nails they are not great in all the basics, so there is enough potential to improve the G6 smartphone.
With the G5 just in the market have nothing LG may cook their next flagship without words, but we have a lot of suggestions.

Cut to The Chase:

What is it? From LG’s next flagship phone.
When is it then? April 2017 maybe.
What would it cost? It could be around £ 500 / $ 650 / AU $ 900.

LG’s G5 was announced in February, and launched in April, while LG G4 also landed in April, so in April 2017, the LG G6 phone appears to be a good choice. But there is no information yet on when it will not arrive, so now it’s just a guess.

LG G6 News and Rumors:

LG Electronics announced a new wireless charging transmission module, a few days later it reveals LG G5. The module will be installed by the end of 2016 as the future wireless charging pad.

The charging module can pump your cell phone battery up to 50% within 30 minutes, charging the same rate, we see something like phone Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 rapid charger from the edge of the Milky Way.

This may mean what we have seen in LG G6 wireless charging technology. In addition, though, rumor is quite scarce.

1, More Stylish G6 Design:

LG has finally accepted the metal, let’s look and feel it, it’s completely different and much higher than the period compared with the LG G4 phone.

But it is not the home run it probably is. Primer paint mixed in a thick layer of metal on top of the left feels a bit like plastic, the overall design is rather plain and lacks similar metal iPhone or HTC One M9’s 6S atmosphere. We, therefore, hope that LG G6 has a design that is not only high but also fashionable.

2. The Application Drawer:

LG decided to remove the drawer to make the suspicious application from the G5. But to do this, you must manually install the old UI version.

This is what we prefer not to jump through to get a function, it should be as standard, so hopefully, LG G6 will have it out of the box hoop.

3. Better Battery Life:

LG’s G5 worth cries out to be the rare flagship, has a removable battery, but unfortunately, the battery is slightly smaller than we think.
At 2800MAH It is not tiny, but it is more than the Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10, or, surprisingly, even LG G4, all of which are small 3000mAh juice packaging. And they are not even the largest battery around. S7 Samsung Galaxy edge such as having one of 3600mAh.

Unfortunately, G5 batteries are smaller in size also results in a smaller performance during the day it often requires a top-up. Next year, we hope to have a bigger one now.

4. As Much Innovation Smartphone G6:

We love talking about LG G5 One thing is how innovation is packed, and its modular add-ons from its dual cameras have a lot in here, another flagship store is not available.

LG to focus on innovation is nothing new. After all, it is put on the back button business, gives us self-healing, and is one of the first mobile phones including phone QHD display or flexible screen.

It is not even a complete list of its smartphone innovation, we hope we will see more from LG G6.

5. Pre Fingerprint Scanner:

LG joined the fingerprint scanner to the G5 but stuck it on the back. At first glance, this might not seem like a bad idea. After all, it is out of the way, and convenient, while holding a cell phone to reach.

However, if you have it on your desk phone, and you will suddenly pick it up to unlock it if you can reach the sensor in the front part of the phone, it is not necessary. Few other phones have this problem and hope that LG will not be the G6.

6. The G6 Front-Facing Stereo Speakers:

LG’s G5 is just a single speaker at the bottom edge of the phone, though it is enough that it is no match for the quality of front-facing stereo speakers.

Indeed, the audio through headphones is more important and G5 did well there, but it would be nice if LG G6 also has a powerful built-in speaker.

7. The Additional Modules of G6 Mobile:

LG G5 hardware to augment the ability, in theory, is one of its best features because it is not our project cytarabine, which has not come out like the outside ever seen.

But now I do not feel the presence of particular importance for the G5 only two plug-in modules. I hope more will come, but we hope to launch the G6 with a wider choice, so buyers can define it and make it their own.

8. The G6 Smartphone Wide-Angle Front Camera:

LG G5 in the back of the wide-angle lens is a really useful addition, especially since it is optional, more traditional 16-megapixel sensor is also included. It’s just a shame that innovation does not extend to the front of the phone.

The LG V10 with two in the front, but only one in the back for LG G6, we hope to see both the front and back cameras.

9. The Light is Always on Display:

Like the Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5 has an always-on screen, and in some ways, it tops the Samsung product because it gives you notice of all applications.

The trouble is that it is so dark in this mode, that it can be difficult to see its attempts to notify you. Making it brighter battery life will have an impact, but it is we want to see a solution to the problem of the LG G6.

10. The final layer of Poland:

Ultimately there are no great amount of errors in the LG G5. but it just did not fully come together as a whole. It needs to become a good phone into a great Poland that last one – it feels special to you to pick it up at the moment sort.

Because it represents LG G5 is a versatile, fun phone, but it feels a bit like LG everything to see what will stick, instead of it a clear vision.

We hope that LG G6 innovation and adventure at every point, but the finished product will feel the complete point.

What do you want to see LG G6? Let us know in the comments below and vote.

LG G6 Price:

We, as rumors of the launch price hearings Like LG G6 price, is considered here in the United States starting around $ 750. Other than the flagship, such as the Milky S8, iPhone 7S, and Galaxy Note early July reported much less.

Get some of the many cellular carriers may gift. and we will work with the latest carriers to update the price as long as we get it for you. Here in America, you can expect SprintVerizon companyAT & TUS Cellular, and T-Mobile to launch featuring all prices comparable on launch day.

G6 Expected Price List of The World’s Larger Market:

CountryLG G6 Price
Australia1017 Australian Dollar
Austria688 Euro
Brazil2619 Brazilian Real
Canada985 Canadian Dollar
China4657 Chinese Yuan
Denmark5130 Danish Krone
England479 British Pound Sterling
Finland688 Euro
France688 Euro
Germany688 Euro
Greece688 Euro
Hong Kong5814 Hong Kong Dollar
Hungary212,928 Hungarian Forint
India47,759 Indian Rupee
Indonesia10,134,000 Indonesian Rupiah
Italy688 Euro
Japan93,352 Japanese Yen
Nigeria149,287 Nigerian Naira
Philippines34,260 Philippine Peso
Poland2868 Polish Zloty
Russia47,066 Russian Ruble
Singapore1037 Singapore Dollar
South Africa9578 South African Rand
South Korea878,940 South Korean Won
Spain688 Euro
Switzerland734 Swiss Franc
Taiwan23,763 New Taiwan Dollar
The Netherlands688 Euro
The United StatesAmerica$750

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