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MacBook Pro 13-inch 1.4GHz 128GB Touch Bar.

MacBook Pro 13-inch:

These are the prices of the MacBook Pro 13-inch worldwide, ordered from the cheapest to the most expensive MacBook, currently available for purchase on the Apple Store and Online Store. Prices have been calculated as an estimate of tax refunds or sales taxes applicable when buying as a tourist, depending on nationality. There are six products under Mac, which are MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Air, iMac Pro, and Mac Pro.

MacBook Pro Prices Worldwide:

(List Price/Total USD Price/ Current Price)
1🇦🇺 Australia, 10% GST -10%US$1,360/US$1,236/A$1,999
2🇯🇵 Japan, 10% VAT -10%US$1,286/¥139,800
3🇲🇾 Malaysia, No tax dataUS$1,324/RM5,499
4🇸🇬 Singapore, 7% GST -5%US$1,395/US$1,326/S$1,899
5🇭🇰 Hong Kong, No tax dataUS$1,329/HK$10,399
6🇹🇭 Thailand, 7% VAT -7%US$1,419/US$1,327/฿42,900
7🇹🇼 Taiwan, 5% VAT -5%US$1,406/US$1,339/NT$42,900
8🇰🇷 South Korea, 10% VAT -10%US$1,494/US$1,358/₩1,740,000
9🇨🇳 China, 13% VAT -9%US$1,426/US$1,426/¥9,999
10🇺🇸 The United States, 10% Sales taxUS$1,299/US$1,422/US$1,299
11🇳🇴 Norway, 25% VAT -15%US$1,648/US$1,451/14.990 NOK
12🇨🇭 Switzerland, 9% VAT & fees -5%US$1,514/US$1,450/CHF1,499
13🇦🇪 UAE, 5% VAT -4%US$1,508/US$1,447/5,539 د.إ
14🇳🇿 New Zealand, 15% GSTUS$1,470/NZ$2,299
15🇱🇺 Luxembourg, 17% VAT -10%US$1,599/US$1,465/€1.449,44
16🇪🇸 Spain, 21% VAT -13%US$1,654/US$1,478/€1.499
17🇦🇹 Austria, 20% VAT -13%US$1,654/US$1,482/€1.499
18🇨🇦 Canada, 15% Sales taxUS$1,283/US$1,476/C$1,699
19🇬🇧 United Kingdom, 20% VAT -12%US$1,673/US$1,503/£1,299
20🇫🇷 France, 20% VAT -12%US$1,654/US$1,489/€1.499
21🇧🇪 Belgium, 21% VAT -12%US$1,654/US$1,493/€1.499
22🇩🇪 Germany, 19% VAT -11%US$1,654/US$1,496/€1.499
23🇳🇱 The Netherlands, 21% VAT -11%US$1,654/US$1,501/€1.499
24🇭🇺 Hungary, 27% VAT -16%US$1,681/US$1,474/509 990 Ft
25🇵🇭 The Philippines, No tax dataUS$1,541/₱77,990
26🇨🇿 Czech Republic, 20% VAT -12%US$1,682/US$1,512/38 990 Kč
27🇵🇹 Portugal, 23% VAT -14%US$1,709/US$1,516/€1.549
28🇮🇪 Ireland, 23% VAT -14%US$1,709/US$1,516/€1.549
29🇫🇮 Finland, 24% VAT -14%US$1,709/US$1,523/€1.549
30🇵🇱 Poland, 23% VAT -11%US$1,676/US$1,526/6 499 zł
31🇮🇹 Italy, 22% VAT -13%US$1,709/US$1,528/€1.549
32🇸🇪 Sweden, 25% VAT -14%US$1,741/US$1,54816 795 /kr 16 803 SEK
33🇲🇽 Mexico, 16% VAT -9%US$1,664/US$1,536/MEX$31,999
34🇷🇺 Russia, 20% VAT -12%US$1,724/US$1,552/109.990 ₽
35🇩🇰 Denmark, 25% VAT -14%US$1,742/US$1,554/11.799 DKK
36🇮🇳 India, Submitted 29 Nov US$1,603/₹114,990
37🇳🇵 Nepal, Submitted 4 Sep US$1,596/NPR183,000
38🇹🇷 Turkey, 18% VAT -5%US$1,791/US$1,723/₺10.299
39🇧🇷 Brazil, No tax dataUS$2,860/R$11.999

Declaration Of Non-Responsibility:

All the information presented is purely indicative, based on information available to the public, on the most recent exchange rates and on the metadata of the Apple website. Before deciding to buy from abroad you just need to check. Most models vary by country or region, depending on regulations, energy consumption or local needs. While every effort is made to ensure that the repayment rates show realistic amounts, it is still provided as a general calculation only. More information on the repayment rates on GlobalBlue and upon.io. Exchange rates from Open Exchange Rates and OpenRates. Mac laptops, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV and all product names are trademarks of Apple Inc.

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