Mark Zuckerberg, accused, abusing power, Facebook deletes, napalm girl

Mark Zuckerberg accused

Norway’s largest newspapers have published front-page open letter, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, lambasting the company decided to review the historical photos of the Vietnam War, and called Zuckerberg acknowledge and live up to him as “the world’s most powerful editor “role.

埃斯埃吉尔 Hansen, editor, editor in chief of Corriere della Sera and CEO of the company, accusing Zuckerberg without hesitation “abuse of your power” in social media sites, has become a news and information distribution throughout the world key, writing, “I’m upset, disappointed – well, in fact, even fear -” What do you want to do for our democratic societies pillar yes.

“I worry that the world’s most important is to limit the freedom of the media, rather than trying to extend it, and this will happen occasionally in a dictatorial way,” he added.

Including 9-year-old bare Jinfu – – argument from Facebook’s decision to delete the post by the Norwegian writer Tom Egeland functions war Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph by Nick · UT Starcom fear the performance of children from escape a napalm attack during the Vietnam war. Egeland posts discuss “Seven photographs, changed the history of war” – the “napalm girl” image which is certainly part of a group.

Egeland subsequently suspended from Facebook. Night Post reported suspension – the same picture, in his article, which was published at that time shared on a Facebook page – the newspaper received a message from Facebook asking them “to delete or pixelize” picture.

“People show nude buttocks or genitals, or any photo naked female breast will be removed,” the notification from Facebook explained.

Before Aftenposten can respond, Hansen writes, Facebook deleted the Facebook page newspaper articles and pictures.

In his open letter, Hansen pointed out, Facebook’s decision to delete the photo reveals a disturbing inability and reluctance “of child pornography and the famous battlefield photo distinction between” to “can guarantee the good judgment [and] space.” .

“While I was editor in chief, the chief of Norway’s largest newspaper, I have to realize that you are restricting my room to exercise my editorial work,” he wrote. “I think you’re abusing your power, I find it hard to believe that you’ve figured out completely.”

Hansen continues to argue that, instead of fulfilling its mission statement, to “make the world more open and connected,” this editorial decision “will only promote the stupid and failed to bring mankind closer to each other.”

The editorial in Corriere della Sera on Facebook it comes time to consider it in the dissemination of information growing dominance.

News organizations rely on Facebook troubling reach online audiences. According to the 2016 study by the Pew Research Center, 44 percent of American adults, allowing them a message on Facebook.

Facebook’s popularity means that it can play an algorithm tremendous power of public opinion.

Consists of a May 2016 report Gizmodo, trends Facebook it is deliberately suppressing articles from the conservative news website set off to see the top Zuckerberg made a personal exhibition conservative uproar.

Facebook recently fired a hot topic in management who edited part of the team, choose a fast algorithm showed the difficulty of promoting false news stories automatically update news editors judge to replace them.

In his open letter, Hansen pointed out, Facebook’s type determines what kind of content is to promote tolerance, combat – whether or not these decisions it makes the algorithm – editorials in functionality.

“The media has a responsibility to consider publishing in each case,” he wrote. “Such rights and obligations that all editors should not be destroyed by the Office of the encoding algorithm in California in the world.”

“Editing can not live with you, Mark, as a master editor.”


Last month in Rome, the Facebook Zuckerberg talked about the problem of the role of the news media, it seems to play down his editorial responsibility.

“We are a high-tech company, not a media company,” he said. “The world needs the message of the company, but also technology platform, as we do, we take our role in this very seriously.”

Hansen recommendations to improve their behavior for Facebook including the “geographical differences of the guidelines and rules published”, “distinction between editorial and other Facebook users [and]” and “a comprehensive review of your management style.”

He also called for increased accessibility from the company, wrote, “Today, if possible, are made contact with representatives of Facebook, the best one could hope was short-lived, formalism answers have universal rules and guidelines rigid references . ”

“While we recognize that this photograph is iconic, it is difficult to make an instance of a naked child photo, established a distinction between the people and not the other,” a spokesman for Facebook, said in response to a query from the Guardian .

“We tried to find people to express themselves, while maintaining the right balance between security and respect for our global community experience. Our solutions will not always be perfect, but we will continue our efforts to improve our their policies and the way we use. ”

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