How are clothes made with a purpose in a time that seems so aimless? For 20 years, Daiki Suzuki’s Engineered Garments has worked to eliminate the strain on men’s clothing, building bulletproof vests and cargo pants that do the job for the wearer through functional fabrications and a wide variety of details such as straps, pockets, press studs and hinges. Now, without a place to go, nothing to do and no need for those dozens of pockets, what kind of engineering has Suzuki done with its flagship brand?

The answer, he wrote in a press release, has less to do with the science of making garments and more to do with the joy that clothing can bring to one’s life. “A word came to mind thinking about this: décontracté, that is, casual balance while maintaining a level of comfort and relaxation. For me it meant focusing on designing more casual styles, while incorporating military-inspired details. ”

Rather than grouped and tactical, the models in Engineered Garments’ spring 2021 lookbook appear carefree, with no restrictions on their clothes. Through a global range of materials and models, ranging from Indian flowers and madras to Breton stripes, as well as light and elegant polyester twill and blends of nylon and cotton, Suzuki has created lively clothes that relieve stress. The trousers and jackets of the French army have a sloppy silhouette, with a new trousers with drawstring in a printed plaid that embodies EG’s workwear proposal this season. There were also new “pants”, think of them as even larger and larger pants that can be worn over other brand’s printed summer pants or shorts.

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