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Microsoft Patches Serious Word Bug:

Microsoft said that Microsoft Patches mistake is clearly a fraudster trying to steal the bank’s login target.

Previously discovered or “zero days” vulnerabilities have been reported on weekends.
Then, on April 10, cyber-security company Proof-point announced that it had found an error e-mail activity aimed at distributing Dridex malware.

Dridex is designed to infect the victim’s computer and explore the bank login.

In 2015, it was considered a cyber attacker to steal more than £ 20 million from the UK bank account. 

According to cyber-security researchers, defects found in many versions of Microsoft Word for Windows may allow the installation of malware, including Dridex word document online.

Microsoft did not confirm whether the Mac version of Word is also affected.

Found a phishing email activity that is distributing the Microsoft Word Rich Text [Rich Text Format] document to recipients that contain Dridex.

I started racing myself and once you get bitten by that bug you really are hooked. “Nick Mason”

Microsoft Patches Serious Word Bug Fully exploited

Proofpoint researchers wrote in a blog: “During our testing period (for example, Office 2010), vulnerable systems were fully utilized.

“We plan to address this issue through an update on Thursday, April 11,” a Microsoft spokesperson said. “Enabling the updated customer will be automatically protected.”

“At the same time, we encourage our customers to perform secure computing practices online, including caution before opening unknown files and do not download content from untrusted sources to avoid this type of problem, Microsoft SharePoint.

Proofpoint also urges Microsoft Word users to quickly install security updates.

“Due to the widespread availability and rapid weaponization of this vulnerability, it is critical for users and organizations to apply the patch as soon as they are available,” the company said.

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