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‘What If You Missed The NEW 52’ BATMAN | Centramic


The rebirth of this summer makes DC change its comic book universe, its anticipation of what appears to be not only in its display of characters and concepts “core” but will combine the best present in the universe, pre-“new 52 Batman” The universe, and the film and television universe.

This means that the current universe to a certain extent, launched less than five years in the title of all DC lines within the renumbered and if the end of September 2011 – “New 52”

When we remember the highlights and dark spots of the “New 52” timeline and bid farewell to the current status quo, Newsarama is looking for a key role from the “New 52”, with a focus on our next focus on the Batman director.

If You Missed:

If you miss the “new 52”, you’ll miss Batman’s aging to take place when DC abandoned two titles in the Detective Comics and Batman High numbers in 2011 to restart.

In the early issue of both titles, the reader finds that the “New 52” Batman is quite new in his Batman role, just as dressed as a hero in five or six years. He has also been part of the Justice League for about five years when “New 52” debuted.

Although Dick Grayson filled Bruce Batman in the past for some time, Bruce Wayne returned to Batman’s role, unveiling the “New 52” that he vowed to revive Gotham City and continue to fight crime.

“I think the idea is that Bruce’s time as a devil May health care dude who owns the city outside of it is a playground without investing in the bat’s world that most of us are a little bit,” Scott Snyder Said: Who launched Batman # 1. “I think it’s now better to get him a little more civic-minded and invest in the streets of the world and invest in his responsible people who care about making it a better place both in and out of masks.”

Allied Old And New:

Batman has had four Robbins in his former “New 52:” Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and his artificial aging son Damian Wayne – Who he was with Al Ghul’s father. In the process of “New 52”, Damian has evolved from a rather spoiled boy who believes in killing the bad guys to a young man who respects the legacy of his father and Batman.

In the “new 52” timetable, Damian in Talia and her followers (including Damian’s clone) battle died. Damian’s clone, known as the infidels, killed Damian, and the boy’s death to Bruce destroyed. But – because Batman can do anything if he gives his heart to it, right? – Batman figured out a way to use Apokolips to rejuvenate children with technology. Damian’s life! (Hint cheering.)

Batman in the “New 52”, it is worth mentioning that some of the other young allies, as they may insist around: Harper, a smart girl who had saved Batman’s life, and eventually at his side the “Blue Birds “, Stephanie Brown fights a good assassination of the villain who’s good” spoiler “named Cassandra Cain (his story is constantly evolving in the weekly Batman and Robin Eternity) and Duke Thomas, Who helped Batman Batman’s first challenge to fight a maiden daughter.

Speaking of the Duke, he and several other teenagers have teamed up to form the story of Robbins’ organization in the recent comic book. Using social media and digital technology – and working with Keeping Alfred Pennyworth on his secret – Robbins fight the whole world in the streets of crime.

Other familiar bat characters are also part of the “New 52” Batman World, including Alfred Pennyworth (Batman’s Butler), Jim Gordon (Detective), Catwoman (who has been a blues lover ), The bat female (who is now Barbara Gordon, Jim Gordon) and others no longer paralyzed daughter.

Owl Court:

In Batman’s “New 52” world, there is a nasty organization called Gotham City called Owl Court. They are the old families who think they can run things (because they always have) and do not like Batman Zai’s things.

In addition, one of the court’s recruits proved to be Dick Grayson. Batman messed up this thing.

Oh yes, another member of the owl court is AAnmanmed Lincoln March who claims to be Bruce’s long-lost brother Thomas Wayne Jr. According to Lincoln’s story, he was placed in the hospital as a boy, and everyone forgets He died when Martha and Thomas Wayne died. He accused blues.

Eventually, in the recent “Robin War” storyline, it is revealed that Owls Court is much larger than Gotham City alone. And to appease the organization (and prevent any more “war”), Dick Grayson secretly agrees to fulfill the Court’s intent, and he joins the Owl Court (or at least pretends to join it).

Faceless Clown:

In the continuity of the “New 52”, the clown’s first reference comes in Detective Comics # 1, when being carved, the hi-character removes the villain’s face called Dollmaker, the skin is eventually retained and hung in the Gautama Police Bureau.

Although the clown did not look at it again for some time, it was later revealed that the vague villain had plotted against Batman’s entire time. He retrieved the skin from his face and tied it to his head, and then the system began to intimidate the members of the Bat family. It revealed that the clown had to learn the chance of Batman’s secret identity – hence the identity of his allies – that Bruce suspected but did not mention to his friends and family.

At the end of the story “The Death of the Family”, the clown seems to fall into his death, but without the body, so not only did Batman not believe it, but the comic book reader knew this guy was still alive.

Aaaaaand …. he is. It turned out he was hiding in full view, with a brand new look, working in the Arkham Asylum as an orderly called the Eric Border. This time, the villain revealed that he was immortal – or at least, he claimed to be due to the use of the chemical called radiocesium.

He once again attacked many of Bruce’s allies, this time cutting off Alfred’s hand success.

(Oh, as we should probably have mentioned, back in “New 52”, Alfred Pennyworth had no hands not to be joking.)

Clowns use airborne, the pathogen infection of all Gotham City, and villains fight Batman in a brutal hand-fight in a basement-rich liquid radiocesium.

But the room collapsed, and Batman (and the clown) was supposed to die.

That’s Right – Batman Dies. Allegedly:

Batman’s Assumption After two months of the death, Gotham City had a “new Batman” – armor-worn, bulky Jim Gordon.

However, Bruce Wayne is alive – he just does not climb out of the underground chamber, remembering things from his life.

His memory and experience of Batman are gone. Because Bruce Lee died a few hours, but then he was resurrected in the caves where he was killed dionium, and his brain was rebuilt to some extent without his past scars and experience.

But… Of course, any comic book fan would have expected (why did we mention earlier that if he gave his heart to it what Batman could do?), Bruce found a way to make his memories come back. This is complex but involves blues becoming brain dead in bat caves, and then implanting memory.

Batman’s Back:

It may be worth mentioning that, in addition to Batman’s armor-wearing Jim Gordon’s version, there have been several other versions of the character in the “new 52” DC introduced the reader to introduce Earth 2 Batman’s “New 52 “Version of Earth 2 title. There are also three versions of Earth’s Justice League characters “New 52”, including Owlman. (The Earth 3 characters are part of the current Justice League storyline “Darkseid War” and can play a role in moving the new 52 to its rebirth thinning.)

What’s Next?

By the “New 52” summary this spring, Batman will return to the fairing once more. But that has already driven many of Batman’s “new 52” story creative teams – Snyder and artist Greg Capullo Batman – will no longer be at the beginning of the title regeneration.

But there are some Snyder still signs of being beaten in Gotham City. So while the “new 52” may be coming to an end – or at least a point that is evolving into something new – we expect Batman’s future will not seem too unfamiliar to his new 52-world fans.

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